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Dress up in this crisp cotton formal shirt from Shahzeb Saeed. Ideal for office & formal wear, and can be paired with our tropical dress trousers and wrinkle-free cotton pants for an elegant and dapper look.
This formal shirt is made of fine 100% Egyptian Cotton fabric with a smooth feel and finish. Comes in both Slim & Regular fit to give you the perfect combination of comfort and fit together.
Key Features:
Fabric Composition: 100% Egyptian Cotton
Collar & Cuffs with Memory Technology – No bubbles or puckering whatsoever!
All weather wearable
Customer Service:
No questions asked money back guarantee
7 Day Return & Exchange Policy
Call or Whatsapp at 0345-8906000

A Shahzeb Saeed™ shirt’s purpose is to draw compliments to you, not the shirt. Stand out and feel like a new man – this is how:

It is designed to make everyone who wears it look good. A Shahzeb Saeed™ shirt is not only for those who can flaunt a six-pack – it simply works, regardless of physical characteristics. However, that doesn’t mean that the studs need to go anywhere else; a style exclusively designed for active young professionals is undergoing final tweaks and will soon be available.
Attention to the finest details. Perfection may be impossible, but coming close isn’t. No need to fret about mismatched patterns on different areas of stitching – a Shahzeb Saeed™ shirt seems like it was carved out of a single piece of cloth, with seamless smooth fabric ensured through careful, precise tailoring.
The textured fabric makes a quality statement. One phrase says it all: micro-fine. Get a magnifier or even microscope to see for yourself – a Shahzeb Saeed™ shirt has 20 stitches per inch, at par with international standards for high quality apparel.
Never worry about a deformed collar, ever again. Shirt collars usually give away the age of your shirt as they wear out before any other part. A Shahzeb Saeed™ shirt has an extraordinarily durable collar with Memory Textile Technology™ – it will maintain its position and align perfectly even after washing, an effect achieved by diagonally cutting the shirt so that individual fibers are never stretched. The use of both an edge bone as well as collar bones further enhances the long-lasting value.

The shoulders are the key – defining great fit. This shirt simply sits perfectly on the shoulders, with the use of a split yoke. Two pieces of fabric add both elegance and solidity to the Shahzeb Saeed™ shirt.
Get buttons to be proud of. Ever had a button fall out because it wasn’t sewed on properly? It’s a thing of the past as Shahzeb Saeed™ shirts have lock-stitched buttons that will never loosen or fall down.

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