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5 Easy Ways To Revamp The Printed Shirts for Men

One of the best trends to appear from Pitti in men fashion was the printed shirt. Printed shirts are a great summer wear choice that often adds a component of style. However, printed shirts for men can be a part of a challenge. Printed shirts come in all styles and patterns, you can pair them perfectly, to achieve some of the best looks.

Types of Printed Shirts for men 

Before we go into styling a printed shirt, the important thing is to understand different varieties of these cotton shirts.

  • Floral print shirts are commonly used. They give a fresh and energetic look for all events or occasions. That is the best choice if you are a casual mood or out for the holiday.
  • Polka dots printed shirts is simple and sophisticated and quite easy for casual style. It presents a slightly formal touch.
  • Patterned prints like Mustache, sailboat, and anchors are styles of shirts. They look very trendy and smart.
  • Block prints shirts are like floral patterns. This is suiting for casual wear.
  • Geometric prints shirts are very stylish. They offer too many options with colors and shapes. You can select the perfect shirt one of them, for a casual and formal style.

Tips to revamp printed shirts for Men 

Here are a few styling tips to guide you.

1- Wear it with confidence

The problem with printed shirts is that it is not everyday wear. But when you wear it, you need to feel proud of your choice. The problem with printed shirts is that it is not everyday wear. But when you wear it, you need to feel proud of your choice. These print shirts are for making a great statement. And it does not move with the ordinary.

2- Pair it with semi-formal for a smart casual look

Printed shirts give a petty informal feeling and hence they accompaniment semi-formal quite well. You can match a smart pair of pants. And choose the pants color according to the color of print your shirt. You can tuck your shirt with a belt and pair it with a casual jacket. Your smart casual look could include a navy/white polka dot shirt, grey blazer, stone chinos, and structured loafers.

3- Pair it with neutral basic

This is the most basic and classic look that you can try with a printed shirt. Just pair your printed shirt with navy chinos, a beige Harrington and some caramel desert boots. Let them be of a neutral color so that they combine perfectly with the printed shirt.

4- Go for the streetwear look

This is quite a minimal look and it is excellent for casual wear. you just pick up a nice pair of jeans and join it with your printed shirt and a jacket with it. For footwear, you could pick a pair of sports shoes or any other casual wear.

  1. Go for the luxury look

If you want to try something luxury with your printed shirt? You can pair it with a quirky tie. These luxury ties are in trend and a plain black tie look stylish with the printed shirt. Match it with a suit that complements the overall look.

These are few styles, feel free to experiment with your own looks. How you style your printed shirt will depend on the kind of your printed shirt and the occasion.