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5 Occasions to wear dress shirts in Pakistan

5 Occasions to wear dress shirts in Pakistan, Dress shirts are the most important part of Pakistani dressing. The way you wear a dress shirt basically decides if the event is formal, semi-formal or informal. You can wear a dress shirt on almost all occasions that you come across. Some of these events are:

  1. Weddings

Weddings require formal dresses for men and women, both. So, men either wear Pakistani dresses, that is, shalwar kameez, kurtas and sherwanis or they wear formal western wear, that is a dress shirt, with a suit and tie. This is one of the most common attire for people at weddings. Mostly, plain black or white dress shirts are worn to match the limited amount of suit/tux colours that are available for men. Since the colour choice is limited, there is more focus on brands. So, men prefer to wear branded shirts in Pakistan. These usually have their own logos on the pocket or elsewhere which makes them stand out. You can find designer shirts if you do online shopping for men.

  1. Parties

There are many types of parties which require very different types of outfits. Some events like farewell parties are formal when you have to wear a proper suit. At other causal events such as birthdays, you can easily wear t-shirts or dress shirts with jeans and even dress shirts that are un-tucked. Since parties are fun and lively, it is a good idea to wear colourful, vibrant and printed dress shirts.  Another modern-day style is to wear your dress shirts with open buttons and wear a t-shirt under it. this style is done with flannel or checks shirts quite often.

  1. Offices

Dress shirts are usually part of the dress code for most offices. So, on an average day at any office in Pakistan, people tend to wear dress shirts/button-up shirts. Dull, light or dark colours are commonly preferred by employees and excitatory cheery colours are usually avoided to give a serious overall look. You can do your office shirt shopping online or manually, depending on how choosy you are about your clothes. It is always more impressive when people wear properly managed dress shirts to office meetings, seminar and other events.

  1. University

A lot of university students wear dress shirts to class. Some universities have this in their dress code to make sure everyone looks uniform and formal. Although,  it is commonly seen that students come to university dressed up in dress shirts and ties when they have a presentation. Yet, many university students and teachers wear dress shirts in their daily bases. These shirts are sometimes tucked in, sometimes they are not, all depending on the situation and the events of the day. Young designs with cartoons and other silly designs can be found for students who are not old enough to be that boring.

  1. Dinners

Formal dinners are a very formal, graceful and fancy event. At this time, most women dress up to a great extent. This is why the men are also forced to wear a dress shirt and tie to give a dinner look. It is only fair that men put at least the half amount of effort the women put in getting ready, by looking for the right kind of shirt for the event, and whether to tuck it in or not and to decided what tie to wear, if any.