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A Branded Dress Shirt For Every Occasion

A branded dress shirt is a versatile garment. You can wear it in both, formal and informal conditions. It is the most popular garment for men and the trump card for any occasion. But you have to keep your eyes open, because of wearing a shirt does not turn you into a perfect gentleman. In fact, the wide range of styles and fabrics makes the choice difficult and you should always pay attention to details, as each shirt has a perfect occasion to be worn.

  1. Formal Occasions

You can practice a long-sleeved shirt. If you love to wear a tie, always opt for a plain shirt design or crafty patterns. In any case, it is better to avoid a button-down collar, black or bright colors. If you are wearing a suit, your shirt should never be darker than this. If you do not wear a tie, it is more luxurious to leave just one button undone. In this case, you can choose thin stripes, small checks or refined textures.

  1. Informal Occasions

To wear at dinner, to have fun with your friends or for everyday life, the latest trends point to the checkered shirts. In this case, you can opt for wide squares and daring color combinations.

However, never forget to check that your branded dress shirt matches your cotton pants. It is in everyday situations that you should pay more attention to stylish men’s accessories such as pockets, cuff buttons, and type of collar.

  1. Special Occasions

During the weekend, at casual parties or simply to go out for a walk you can choose for a casual look. The denim shirt is the true menswear essential. On the other hand, the floral patterns are eye-catching this year as an alternative to checkered shirts. In situations like these, you can also wear a short-sleeve or grandad or mandarin collar shirt.

Finally, a man should always have in his wardrobe a plain black and a plain white shirt. Wearing a white shirt you will always appear well dressed and it will give you a fresh look. The result is more or less the same when you choose a black shirt: it is very easy to combine. One last tip: always iron your shirts and hang them in your wardrobe to prevent wrinkles. Our collection includes a stylish and elegant range of branded dress shirt that helps you up to the class anywhere and any occasion you wear them.