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A suited booted clad with a perfectly fitting suit never fails to cast an everlasting impression

ShahzebSaeed Menswear - The Seasons Suiting and Flavors

A gentleman adorning a perfectly fitted, crisp suit, matched-tie, and amazing fragrance is such a lethal combination that it can easily entice anyone. Formal wears are usually very tricky and a lot of people are very hesitant to adorn them because of the fact that either they don’t know how to carry them, fitting is the issue or they are not well aware of which kind of suit will suit their physique the most without making a loud statement but nevertheless suits are one of the prime choice of apparels in a professional environment. Offices, meetings, professional parties, and even wedding receptions require an individual to be dressed in such a suit which exuberates the professional, intimidating vibe and yet be in synchronization with the latest fashion trend. To be honest, such suits are firstly very difficult to find and if you are fortunate enough to find them, then they would definitely cost you a part of your body. Moreover, there are not many places especially in our setup where you have a chance to get a customized, bespoke suit because majority of the outlets offer pre-fitted suits which may or may not fit you.

In order to find the suit which is closest to being idealistic I set out on a mission like literally a mission because trust me it’s not easy to find a suit which is edgy, oozes professionalism and sass yet fits within your budget. Designers which are renowned for their suits are so expensive that they are hardly affordable for anyone except the elitist of the class, therefore I wanted to find a brand which not only is affordable but caters all my demands of fitting, quality of fabric, stitching and even the texture and style. Striped and checkered suits are still easy to find but finding a solid color suit with slim fitting can be quite a task especially if you are wanting them in formal colors. While few brands almost were able to satisfy me up to certain extent, the designer brand which caught my attention was of Shahzeb Saeed. Though I visited its official website due to a recommendation by a friend I never thought it would prove to be a number one shopping destination for me in near future and thus would make my life much simpler. For a person like me who adorns suits not only because of professional obligations or any strict dress code which I have to follow but I genuinely enjoy wearing suits as it enhances my persona and make people look at me with a more serious approach. In my personal opinion a suited individual will always have an upper hand on the ones who are casually dressed as it makes you look formal, decent yet being stylish and fashion forward, this is also the reason why people opt for it in wedding receptions and formal family gatherings. Coming back to the Shahzeb Saeed’s brand, the suits which I witnessed on their page seemed very well curated and designed keeping in consideration the norms of office wear. The elegance and sophistication of these suits were quite visible as they were in solid block hues and undertones which made them a perfect choice to wear at formal office meetings or a family wedding. The color options are numerous to choose and quite honestly I was allured by all the colors which quite a bit added to my confusion. Styles of these suits were trendy and looked straight from the current vogue. All these features along with the mind boggling price on which they are available makes them a steal. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine a fully fitted suit with amazing style and color that too of a renowned brand starting from just Rs.5999? Well its true, due to the amazing sale going on the prices of suit are just peanuts. Even without sale the suits starts from Rs.7999 which I don’t think is a bad deal at all.

My previous shopping experiences with this brand certainly make me assure everyone of you that not only are they affordable, but the quality of fabric and stitching which are the prime determinants of any suit are exceptionally good. The size and fitting of the suits stays true to the size guide and you don’t need to size up or size down while ordering these suits. Delivery and packaging were as expected quick and ensured the suit was delivered without a scratch or stain. Trust me when I say this there cannot be a better destination to shop for suits that doesn’t compromise in quality and doesn’t cost you thousands of your hard earned money. My personal shopping experience proved to be great, therefore I without any hesitation would recommend it to all the men who are required to suit up for offices, meetings or events.