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Best Branded Shirt Colors and Ideas

  1. Check it

A modern style to wear flannel shirts is by keeping the front buttons open and wearing a white designer plain shirt underneath. They have more texture than cotton shirts. This specific design is also popular in western brands and is usually imported in Pakistan. Most young people like to layer their clothing. These flannels are readily available online and there is a wide range of flannel styles and colors you have the choice of.

  1. The French tuck

A very popular style of tucking in your shirt is when you just tuck in the front middle of your dress shirt and leave the rest out. This makes you look less bulky and leaner.

  1. Pure white

White designer formal shirts are necessary for any guy’s wardrobe. There is a lot you can try with a white shirt for men. You can wear a white shirt and tie to create a formal look, or you could leave it be and pair it with jeans for a casual look. Even the color combination of the shirt and tie can really make a statement.

  1. Digital prints

Printed shirts are available in many designs. They create diversity in men’s dress shirts and make them more fun and different. The designs range from different types of stripes to digital prints to checkered shirt. Printed shirts can be worn on formal and casual gatherings, both. Mostly, colorful printed shirts are worn by the younger generation in Pakistan.

  1. Pocket x two

Most branded shirts in Karachi have a pocket on only one side of the shirt. A few, mostly informal, cotton shirts even have pockets on both sides. This makes the shirt more convenient and user-friendly. Double pocketed shirts usually have smaller equal-sized pockets on both sides, giving the outfit a modern look.

  1. Blackout

It’s a universal rule that you can never go wrong with black! Commonly a t-shirt design is black but very few people wear a black shirt dress. A great look to pull off is an all-black pant shirt combination. You can even top it off with a black jacket/coat. Stylish shirts for men are mostly the ones that are simple, basic and comfortable. It is even better if they are designer dress shirts.

  1. Light and bright

Branded formal dresses, especially in men’s wear, are more often pastel-colored to give a more formal and expensive look. There is a large variety of clothing brands that sell dress shirts in Pakistan that can be brought through online shopping.  Pastel colors like light blue, pink and green are often seen as office shirts and are worn by aged people more often.

  1. It’s too dark

Dark blue, grey, purple or green, all most liked and repeated shirt colors and make choices so hard. Dark dress shirts can be worn in any kind of setting. Whether you are going to a birthday party or a business meeting, the right kind of pant shirt pairing can create the desired look one wants.

  1. Softie

Although cotton shirts are more expensive than blend material shirts, these are the most comfortable shirts there are. They are light-weight and breathable which makes the experience so much easier going. Cotton shirts are made of pure cotton and this allows them to be thin and airy.


  1. Denim

Denim shirts are casual type dress shirts. These are similar to the jeans material but way thinner and airier. It is preferred to wear denim shirts with black jeans to avoid a “denim over denim” situation, which is hard to carry for most people. Denim shirts make you look way younger than your age, which is why a lot of older men in Pakistan like to wear them.

  1. Blends

Its always is a good idea to try different blends. They are widely appreciated because there is a large variety one can decide from. you can choose from when it comes to blending shirts as they are greatly available.  The second reason is that these are cheaper and way more durable.