Dress and Casual Shirts: How to Choose Perfect for Any Occasion

Dress and Casual Shirts: How to Choose Perfect for Any Occasion, The dressing is most important than our imagination. Our dressing gives a prominent chance about who we are and influence all kinds of impressions. People make fastener judgments about us from the clothes we wear. The most essential thing that you need to know about when picking the attire for any event that what kind of an occasion is it. An occasion can both be formal, informal, or semi-formal. Most men have a favorite shirt, the one they go to when they aren’t sure what to wear. It may be a dress shirt or a casual shirt and they may not understand which it is. So we guide that formal dress and casual shirts, which are the best for any occasion.

When to Wear Dress Shirts

Formal Dress shirts are buttoned up shirts with a collar, long sleeves with wrist cuffs. Usually, these shirts are made from cotton fabric that is woven and is stained in different traditional patterns and hues. This is very helpful for the wearer since you can pick which design and what color that could match your personality.

When you starting the selection, make sure that it fits you perfectly. There are some who have problems with finding the right and best fit for them since ready-made shirts are sold in just about anywhere. You can choose to buy a dress and casual shirts that are close to matching you correctly and have them fixed. However, if you want and if you can afford it, you can have your custom made.

The dress shirts can be worn on formal and semi-formal occasions. You can be tucked into your pants and pair it with a dark suit and a matching tie at business meetings or weddings. If you’re going to a job interview, you can reverse the suit, but the tie stays

When to Wear Casual Shirts

Casual shirts have a more relaxed and comfortable feel. These casual shirts should be a little looser across your shoulders and around your chest and waist. Polo t-shirts are versatile and easy to wear as casual.

Also, wearing a casual shirt will not want you to pair it with a suit and tie. You can leave one or two buttons open at the top. It can also wear them untucked and pair with denim jeans, pants trousers. You also have the choice of wearing either short sleeves or long sleeves. You can also roll up the long sleeves to just around your forearm for a more casual look.

 You can wear these casual button-down shirts on informal occasions like dinner with the family, walking around the mall or the park, going to school or a concert. You can wear this simply around anyplace.

Your clothes express your lifestyle. So always remember to know where you’re going and to dress pleasantly. Remaining comfortable with what you’re wearing. Dress and casual shirts can help increase your confidence.

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Men’s Dressing Style For Fall And Winter Season

Men’s Dressing Style For Fall And Winter Season, Summer coming to an end and Fall/winter is nearly here, which is very good news for men’s dressing style. Because once the cooler weather turns in, it means you don’t have to rectify for wearing as little as possible to stave off the heat. Instead, you can actually go ahead and start, you know, enjoying the process of putting a fall and winter outfit together. Whether looking for casual fall or winter outfits, formal work attire, or what to wear for a fall and winter weekend gathering.

There are many men’s clothing options today, which are lightweight, very warm, and windproof. Whether you live in Pakistan or the coolest places, it’s time to get your winter look on! Here is how:

  1. Get Dress in layers 

The most important thing to remember during the cold season is to dress in layers. Because temperatures are going to be spiking and dipping during winter day and night. Stock your wardrobe with a good mix of short- and long-sleeved T-shirts, lightweight collared shirts, heavier fleeces and flannels, sweaters of different thicknesses, and a famous sports jacket. For younger, collegiate types, a polo shirt and hoody is a good option, a more classic look would be layering a casual shirt with a sweater and/or a blazer and pair with stylish trousers depending on the temperature.

The Best colors for Fall And Winter Clothes

You can take advantage of darker, richer, solid and deeper colors: navy, charcoal, camel, eggplant purple, forest green, burgundy, and these kinds of colors. So keep the colors different, but follow them mostly solid. Once you’re wearing three or four pieces suits at once, the addition between them creates plenty of patterns on its own.

The Best Fabric For Fall And Winter Clothes

When it comes to winter fashion for men’s dressing, the fabrics you wear will be heavier and thicker, warmer and more isolated. This keeps the body heat in when you’re outside facing the colder temperatures.

For suits and sport coats, Corduroy, tweed, woolen knits, and even velvet or suede all provide you a nice, autumnal feel.

For casual men’s dressing style, you’ll probably be wearing:

  • Denim
  • Heavier-weight chinos
  • Twill and flannel shirts
  • Thicker wool, cotton, and cashmere
  • Heavier canvas and wool outerwear

Break Out the Boots

Trade-in summer sandals and light lace-ups for strong boots. Light boots like chukkas or brogue dress boots are an outstanding connection between style and practicality, particularly on days when the weather turns wet.

You’ll want lightly higher socks to go with any high-ankled boots, so make sure you’ve got a couple of pairs. Wool/synthetic compounds in plain, dark hues work well — try to match them to your trousers when you can, though the boots will apparently hide them if you can’t quite handle it.

Best Men’s Formal And Casual Shirts Under 2000

Best Men’s Formal And Casual Shirts Under 2000, When you talk about the best men’s shirts, you think of formal shirts, semi-formal shirts, or casual shirts. Well, shirts are a man’s best friend in all situations, whether it a formal dinner or a casual gathering, shirts would always attach with you at all times. Shahzeb Saeed Menswear has a wide variety of dress and casual shirts that are paramount in quality and unique in style. We offer budget-friendly the best men’s formal and casual shirts under 1999. These shirts perfectly combine comfort and functionality with the most stylish designs and smooth fabrics at amazing discounts, up to 50% off.

Men’s Striped Event

Glow-up with pure-cotton formal dress pink and white-collar shirt. It is the best choice for casual, party, and executive wear. Pair with our seasonal formal cotton pants and wrinkle-free trousers for a solemn, professional and smart look.


₨. 1,750

Translucent blue plain formal shirts

This perfect hue for this season. Wear the light blue plain formal shirt under a blazer and style with black dress trousers, it would add the right value of your personality. Its elegance and grace would give confidence in you that would help you dapper in the meeting. The slim fit shirt is made out of 100% Egyptian cotton.


Rs. ₨1,500

White crisp men’s shirt

It’s quite unique in style. The beautiful black strip is under the placket on the shirt. So that’s enough to make this white crisp shirt a dope semi-formal piece. Keep it un-tucked or tuck into chinos/trousers, as per partiality.


₨. 1,350

Audacious Navy Blue

To get together a casual menswear style with a fashionable turn, dress in a navy shirt and blue jeans. Carry a pair of black suede loafers to promote the wow factor of any ensemble.


₨. 1,299

Royal Check Casual 

Royal blue soft and stylish shirt with a full sleeve is a casual look. To keep you comfortable, graceful and chic in every situation. SS refined design shirts combination permits you to wear it with a variety of trousers or jeans. Escort into any semi-formal or casual event with Shahzeb Saeed’s online wear for men.


₨. 999

Classic Red Polo Tee


The polo is a traditionally casual shirt because of the design of the collar, the fabric, and short sleeves. Red Polo T-Shirts is crafted with a fold-over collar and two button fastening placket for a classic look. Pair with black, or blue jeans to achieve an unbreakable style.


₨. 699

Red Polo T-shirtThese are a few best men’s shirts you’d obtain at Shahzeb Saeed. Numerous stylish shirts are waiting to be found. You just need to have the precise sights for them. These casual and formal shirts would make you feel special every time when you wear them.

Latest Casual Shirts Design And Color Can Overhaul Your Vogue

Latest Casual Shirts Design And Color Can Overhaul Your Vogue, Shirts, whether casual or official give you a smart look, always. And who doesn’t want to look smart and attractive always? So, to develop your choices to select the shirts. Buy Shahzeb Saeed menswear latest casual shirts design and stylish color as casual wear. Our new arrival of men’s casual shirts is chic, comfortable, fashionable, and easy to wear for daily use.

 Men’s Shirts are important as well as women’s shirts. It is an upper-body garment made of diverse fabrics like cotton, linen, poly-cotton, etc. with either a full sleeve or a half, buttons down the front and a collar. Shirts in different shades are what make most of a man’s wardrobe. Several kinds of shades in men’s shirts are black, white and red, grey, green, and cream.

Latest Casual shirts design for men

Here is a list of our new collections of casual shirts for men. Where you can make the best choice for yourself.

Red checked casual shirt

Pure cotton shirts with dark and light color combinations. A cool shirt to be worn out for outings and other events. The blue and red checks coupled with the white buttons give a nice look. Paired with jeans or pants the casual shirt would give the best look.

Black Printed Casual Shirt

Men want casual shirts too apart from slim fit office shirts. This printed black brown casual shirt is great for semi-formal and casual events. This has a stylish look with wondrous two shade collar and the prints. These shirts are best for party wear or day time events, where you can explore with your looks.

Parrot green plain button-down casual shirt

Look breaking in this parrot green cotton shirt, that can brighten up even the most boring day! The long sleeves button-down regular fit shirt is perfect for all weather and occasions. You can wear them with denim or trousers for an impressive look. Examine to contrast this look with a stylish watch and shoes to stand apart from the crowd.

Men’s Plain Casual Cream Color Shirt

A light color cotton shirt fabric looks incredible and makes one look gorgeous for a regular office day and casual. The cream shade also suits best with any color bottom. Preferably the blue jeans highlight its shade. Moreover, light shades in cotton make one feel relaxed all the time. This shirt is perfect for hot summers.

Brown And Black Printed Check Casual Shirt:
Checks shirts for men’s looks versatile on wearing because it will always have a new color combination. This printed party wear shirt design is great for an evening office party. Black and brown checked shirt wear is a good fit for them who want to show a beautiful look between friends. The shirt can be paired with black trousers.

Our ravishing latest casual shirts design

Wearing a casual shirt with a tie, pant and leather shoes are perfect for an office look. If you don’t want to wear a tie, you can keep it. When you match a printed or checked shirt with a pair of jeans, it will become stylish casual wear. For a more informal look, you can also wear a sleeveless jacket over a shirt. Shahzeb Saeed menswear new Casual shirts collection for men has eye-catching color. And the wearer looks bright and astonishing. The check pattern will add luminosity to your face. So you can avail of our up to 72% discount offer.