To Wear a Mens Denim Shirt is a Style Trick

The mens denim shirt — also called a chambray shirt. It is one style trick you can use to create a versatile wardrobe. The fabric it’s made for a fashionable statement that belongs in every modern men’s wardrobe. Just as you can wear a pair of jeans to look more casual. A denim shirt is just as versatile for creating various looks in your life.

How to Wear a Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are a truly modern way to step up not only your casual look but also your smarter ensembles. Depending on your look, there are two essential types of denim button-downs to play with Heavyweight shirt and Lightweight slim-fit shirt.

If you’re into oversized, casual cool, then a heavyweight shirt is your best choice. you can pair with a grandad jersey, lumberjack jacket and a pair of hiking boots, heavyweight jean shirt outfits form a typical outdoor look with a distinctly strong taste.

For complete versatility, a lightweight slim-fit shirt can be worn in multiple styles, both casual and tailored. You pair unbuttoned with joggers and dressed up with a textured wool tie and blazer. it is a suitable material to be wearing in the hot weather.

What to Wear With Men’s Denim Shirt?


If you like denim on denim or double denim. Then there is a way to wear your favorite jeans with your denim shirt.  Ideally, you want different colors of denim on top and bottom. You can match black jeans and dark blue denim shirt, white jeans and a light blue denim shirt (for Summer) or dark denim jeans and a washed shade up top.


Chinos are likely the easiest pair of trousers to style with your denim shirt. Depending on the color of your denim shirt will depend on your shade of chinos, so for light denim shirts go for creams, and for darker denim look at your darker shades and colorful chinos.


Shorts are a summer closet essential. Pair your denim shirt with chinos shorts and trainers make the look casual. To improve it up, wear a pair of loafers or boat shoes instead.

How to Wear a Mens Denim Shirt Formally

So denim isn’t the number one choice for formal wear. But you can improve it up a little with the right pieces. Pair with the traditional suit and tie combination and follow your classic Oxford shirt with a long denim shirt instead. Be sure to opt for a slim-fit shirt with a cutaway collar which you can pair with a weatherly suit: tweed in winter and lightweight linen in summer.

Sherwani and Shalwar Kameez Suits are Ethnic wear for Men

It is essential to consider the event before choosing an attire. Ethnic wear for men is kameez shalwar, kurta pajama or sherwanis. They can improve the complete look by adding some other layers to the outfit too. It is important to understand that many factors like fabric, color, work, pattern, etc. Also, check the weather of the place before deciding on an outfit. Opt for a shalwar kameez or sherwani but make sure it accommodates your body type. Up your fashion game this wedding season with our styling tips. Most dresses from Pakistani need a touch of styling to improve entire the look. Here are some useful tips to enhance the look of men’s traditional wear.

Traditional taste in men’s style

Pakistan has been the place of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, it has rich and distinct cultures. The ethnic style and fashion is a kind that shows the culture in a colorful manner. Men who want to show their eastern heritage, are preferred to wear salwar kameez and sherwani suits. Pakistani and Indian men’s clothing is attractive and comfortable. Men commonly use dresses made with cotton fabric for casual use. These men’s shalwar kameez suits reflect integrity and grace and keep the traditional taste with them.

Attire for a formal occasion

There are many types of Pakistani ethnic wear for men available. The most common is salwar kameez. If you want to wear clothing for a formal event, then you can always opt for a Sherwani. This is a completely formal and elegant dress that is very suitable for a wedding or similar formal events. Pakistani sherwani is produced from superior fabrics such as Silk, Jamawar or suiting fabrics. The fabric is embellished from top to bottom with style. So that it gives a royal look to the wearer. A Kameez or kurta wear under the sherwani. And bottom wear includes pants, a shalwar, churidar or straight pajama.

Combination of elegance

On the casual party of men’s dressing, a kurta or salwar kameez has the perfect, because of being lightweight, comfortable and cool summer outfit. In summer, we should prefer light colors like white, off-white, cream, sky blue, ivory, lilac, and yellow. Another formal outfit is Prince Suit or jodhpuri. A Prince suit includes a coat with fine hand embroidery on the front portion. You can pair with straight pants. Jodhpure is a more western dress with ethnic and transitional style components. The colors, style, and embroideries ensure that these dresses are Pakistani.

Pakistani dresses for men online

Buying Pakistani ethnic wear for men online is the easiest option. One can choose various colors, sizes, and styles from Shahzeb Saeed online store. We offer made to measure clothing for men where you can choose any standard size or enter your own sizes. Our specialist tailors will stitch sherwani or shalwarkameez exclusively for you. Shahzeb Saeed menswear clothes reflect Pakistani culture and traditions. Our free shipping offer on men’s clothing will keep you coming back for more.

The Changing Trends of Male Fashion in Pakistan

There was a time in Pakistan when fashion was solely female-centric and only a few choices available for male fashion. The most traditional culture of this region, fashion was not seen as something that can be connected to men. Passage of time men’s fashion revolutionized in Pakistan and we brought new things and trends in male fashion. Today, men’s fashion has been radically from formal to casual, eastern to western and traditional to party wear.

 Revive Ethnic Wear

If we look back some few years ago, our ethnic wear was stuck with a few primary colors and plain fabrics. Even youths were more oblique to wear western-style clothes on traditional occasions. But now we have a lot of choices in our traditional wear. New designs, patterned and printed menswear available in multiple colors with custom-fit stitching. Today at our festive events like Eid or Wedding functions the classic shalwar kameez and kurta pajama considered suitable.

Introduction of Energetic Colors

For years, a few basic colors were associated with men and nobody dared to go beyond these. But now the trends in male fashion and wear is not bound by a certain color circle. In fact, some energetic colors have been inducted that were not so common before. For instance, Royal blue is the popular choice these days. Pink, green, black and purple and so many other colors are available in men’s wardrobe.

 Men’s Designers Wear Trend

Designer wear trend in Pakistan is getting popular in menswear. And so many numbers of men’s designers have been introduced in the fashion industry. So it is easy for men to make variations with their clothes according to the new trends. It also helps in elevating men’s fashion sense in Pakistan and now men are well aware of what fashion is for them.

New Brands Trends

There were only a few brands in casual, formal and ethnic wear for men and these were not budget-friendly. Now the new brands and trends have developed in men’s clothes. These are easy on pockets. They brought fashion what men desire for their everyday attire or occasional outfits

Freedom in Style

Freedom in fashion is, what always to make your own style. Today, a number of styles going resemblance with each other with little trims, cuts, and folds give all the more freedom to men. The brands are introducing these trends of male fashion in clothes. And men are wearing it with confidence that was seldom seen before.

Reliable and Affordable Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan (Part 2)


Goto is your one-stop online shopping websites in Pakistan that is selling a reliable and helpful shopping experience for your comforts. Goto intends to provide the best trouble-free shopping experience to Pakistani people. It sells electronics, fashion, beauty, lifestyle brands, and greatest collections of clothing, shalwar kameez, kurta pajama, and fashion accessories

7- is a pathfinder in online shopping websites in Pakistan. At that time, it was the only online shopping site in Pakistan. It gives a 7-days replacement warranty. It specialized in numerous technological and innovative products, which are mobiles, laptop, camera, tablet PCs, watches, mens wear, and women clothes.

8- is another best and one of the oldest shopping places in Pakistan. It has built its dominance in purchasing smartphones, computer, laptops, TV, projectors, electronics, cameras, video games, office goods, health, fitness, home devices.


When it opened its door for the local marketplace people went crazy. They made it one of their highest choices for Online Shopping websites in Pakistan. It is a new online clothing store providing a sophisticated collection for both men and women. This online shop sells a precious range of garments such as shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, and belts. It also offers customized T-shirts and stylish designs.

10- is for purchasing fashion products and accessories. It is a specified store for fashionable goods only. allows the cash-on-delivery system for all cities of Pakistan. Here the shopper can buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, beauty, bags & accessories, wallets and much more. The products accessible at are for men and women only. The delivery and payment method of is also very simple and easy.

How purchasing goods over the Internet takes place in Pakistan credit cards? 

The most popular way that is cash on delivery (COD) facility or money transfer as most of the people do not have credit cards. This is taken from the primary models of call-to-order shopping, which lets people call and place orders and pay cash on delivery. The idea of online shopping through the website, take the old model just one step further, where people can order by a click of a key.

People usually buy electronic items such as cell phones, computers, and tablet PC’s and computer accessories, laptops from online stores. With the fast increase in the trend of online shopping, a golden future of eCommerce and online marketing can be expected in Pakistan which can change the economy of Pakistan.

Reliable and Affordable Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan (Part 1)

Online shopping trend has become so prevalent that no country has left behind out of its influence. Even the country like Pakistan has recently achieved a new height in online shopping websites new trade venture. This whole new platform has established out there too waiting for customers to visit and click it to but it. Online retailing is a sort of electronic commerce ( e-commerce) which allows the consumer to buy goods directly from the seller over the Internet using the web-browser and Smartphone apps.

Online shopping in Pakistan has amazingly transformed from physical stores to online shopping platforms in the past few years. These platforms render a wide variety of stuff like Pakistani men’s shalwar kameez or kid’s wear, technology-related items at reasonable prices. Few online shopping websites serve as a platform to create communication between the seller and the customer.

Here is the list of top 10 online shopping sites of Pakistan. Almost all of them offer Cash on Delivery service.

1- is one of the best online shopping sites in Pakistan that is offering a lot of goods and products range from electronics, electrical, mobile & computing, books to beauty & fashion accessories, men’s clothing, home appliances, kids’ products, and much more. The delivery, payment and warranty policy of is also very simple and easy.

2- is one of the greatest online shopping stores in Pakistan. It offers lots of products essentially in the tech category. has also its Android and ios application. It allows the users to buy products from by taking the order right from their smartphone.

3- is distinguished for its quick delivery service because it is owned by none other TCS, the best courier service of Pakistan. is also increasing force and it will soon become one of the top three online stores in Pakistan. Here you can purchase electronic products, TV and multimedia items, sweets, fruits, books, stationery, health and beauty products, clothes.

4- Mothercare.Pk

Mothercare firstly opened its store in 1961 and since it has become the most reliable brand for online shopping for new-borns, younger kids and for mothers. The brand offers its reputation for specialization, high quality, complete safety and all services for parents.

5- is giving online shopping services in Pakistan with almost free shipping. It deals in selling video game consoles, smartphones, tablet PC, home theatres, wearable devices, media players, fashion and beauty commodities for men, women, and kids.

Find out 6 Kind Of Fabric for Men’s Shalwar Kameez

We have been dressing generations of men for over decades with stylish shalwar kameez fabrics.  We are constantly providing generation after generation with the most elegant quality of salwar kameez fabrics with a unique turn on traditions. Our Collection for men promises just that, featuring a wide variety of shalwar kameez fabrics fit to suit every occasion. The perfect styles are suitable for every occasion. And you are a must-have wardrobe essential for all men’s shalwar kameez this season. So, no matter who you are and where you’re from, satisfy in exploring the traditional side of your image with the graceful Shahzeb Saeed collection for Men.

Here we discuss the different types of men’s shalwar kameez fabrics.

Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is popular because it’s easy to care for and comfortable in hot, wet weather. Lightweight cotton is best for shalwar kameez, kurta, shirts, and dresses; medium-weight fabrics are fitting for pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, curtains, sheets, and children’s clothes. The heavier fabrics use for pants, outerwear, window treatments, and work clothes.

Silk fabric

Silk fabrics are common in every country. Its low conductivity stays one warm in the winter, while its great absorbency wicks moisture away during summer. It is a lightweight satin weave fabric. Generally, they are made with polyester fiber. The smooth touch, elegant sheen, and high ability make the silk fabric ideal for lingerie and elegant evening gowns. The silk fabric is clear, smooth and luxurious.

Poplin Fabric

Poplin fabrics plain-woven horizontally ribbed fabrics. It composed of Polyester, Cotton. And its combinations and the strips are heavy and prominent. As common weft yarns are used. Poplin fabrics use for jackets, raincoats, shirts.

Khaddar Fabric

Khaddar is a great fabric for shalwar kameez in winters that will always give timeless comfort to the wearer. This fashionable fabric is beautifully expertise. An unfashionable shalwarkameez fabric that defines a class. The fabric is known for the gentlemen of the east.  The latest khaddar trends are a must-have for every gentleman closet.

Polycotton Fabric

This is a combination of polyester and cotton, 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Ordinarily, it’s a lightweight plain-weave fabric which is very durable and crease-resistant. The downside is that it’s less breathable than cotton so can be sweaty if worn next to the skin. Uses add aprons, children’s clothes, and non-iron shirts and skirts.

Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is a combination of 55% linen and 45% cotton. it is a natural fabric with the mixed characteristics of linen and cotton.  This fabric has many attractive qualities. That linen tunics and dresses, linen shirts or clothes are really unique in summer when traveling and or in the hot and wet climate.

If we talk about top line men’s fabric in Pakistan, it is the only place where you’ll find such variety at a nominal price. From cotton to Boski, poly-cotton, jacquard, mix cotton, and a lot more. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance yourself with Shahzeb Saeed’s comfortable and classic men’s shalwar kameez collection.

Top 10 Mens Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Here I have listed most admired men’s clothing brands in Pakistan recognized for trendiest kurta shalwar kameez designs that are offering complete wardrobe solutions for man, boys, and gents equally.

Pakistan might be contemplated to be an undeveloped country.  But we are not at all backward in many fields like science to arts. The fashion industry in Pakistan is the most effective-growing industry. Fashion industry of Pakistan is the most intriguing change in today’s epoch.

Following are Top fashion clothing brands in Pakistan who have captured the bulk of Men’s clothing demand.

1- Bonanza

Bonanza is manufacturing high-quality fabrics for men like Latha and simple cotton and printed cotton. These are stylish and elegant which complete the needs of its diverse customers. Bonanza is one of the best menswear traditional brand in the market providing quality clothes.

2- Edenrobe

Edenrobe is a famous brand for men clothing that is offering highly fine quality kurta & shalwar kameez for gents. And this is providing more stylish and elegant dresses that are not only traditional yet contemporary.

3- Junaid Jamshed J.

J. Junaid Jamshed is a classic brand they are focused on all type of class. They deal of casual and formal clothes along with the groom’s wear which offers sumptuous, traditional and chic looks.

4- Khaadi

Khaadi is the most reputable clothing brands in Pakistan. It is one of the leading brands when it comes to women fashion, but their traditional menswear is something that has always be prominent.

 5- Gul Ahmed

The brand of Gul Ahmed stands compatible with quality, innovation, and reliability. ShalwarKameez is one of the innovation and quality of Gul Ahmed.

6- Alkaram

Alkaram is another stylish brand if you’re looking for heterogeneity yet simplicity in your collection of Kurta wear.

7- Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan is a famous Pakistani designer. We can find an ultimate collection of shalwar kameez, kurta, waistcoat for gents with peculiar guidance. All party wear, wedding wear can be found on Amir Adnan accumulation.

8- Sapphire

Sapphire leads something for the men and boys with a modern collection of traditional menswear. Sapphire’s Kurta collection is up for clutches on their online store and it’s a comprehensive combination of class and style.

9- IsmailFarid 

Ismail Farid brand is distinguished for its high-quality fabric and its colors and patterns since long as a leading brand.

10- Charcoal

Although Charcoal is more well-known for its western wear in recent years their kurtas have really caught the eye, their stylish collection isn’t up yet but absolutely one to look out for.

All these designers and brands are the treasure of our nation. Their services to the fashion industry are numerous and one statement does not do justice to their achievements and impact around the world.

7 Formal Wardrobe Essentials for Men Must Have

Essentials for men a formal clothing set must have in his lifetime. If you bought smartly, it can serve as a good base for building your formal wardrobe. It is said that “Clothes represents the man’s personality.” A formal occasion where the way your stylish dress can receive an appreciation from the audience.

Men’s formal wear collection has always an important matter in gent’s wardrobe. Now, there is no formula to dressing well, but following a few simple guidelines can help you stay at the top of your closet.  We list down a few basic formal wardrobe essentials for men that must have.

  1. White Dress Shirt

There’s one thing every person has in his closet. It’s a plain white dress shirt. Not only does it go with almost everything can you wear. But it’s one of the best ways to transition from work to play.

  1. A suit 

The classic ready-made suit is an essential outfit. It’s perfect for work and meetings as well as more formal events such as weddings. Grey and black are some of the stylish colors to match with a white shirt or plain tie. Light blues and pastel pinks classic formal shirts are best with a plain black suit. Choose between a three-piece and a two-piece suit depending on your comfort levels as a three-piece suit includes a vest.

  1. A Blazer

The right blazer is a super-versatile essential for men item that no man should be without. A classic staple blazer is similar to a suit jacket. Get one dark, solid-colored blazer and you can wear it with your shirt and trouser combinations, dressy, business casual, and more events.

  1. Tie or Bow Tie

The tie is essentials for men’s formal suit. Nothing compliments a formal suit as a beautiful tie or bow tie. Use these accessories to add a burst of color to a formal suit. You can change your complete look by simply changing the material or color of your tie or bow tie.

  1. Flat Front Trousers

Flat front Trousers are the standard for men’s formal wear. Most young men will rarely sport pleats in their formal wear. Flat front trousers give the wearer a sharp and young look. Though some would say pleats are more formal looking.

  1. Pocket Square

Just like the men’s tie, the pocket square is a classic formal style for a man’s suit. It is not only highly fashionable but also appends a sense of sophistication and worth to your formal attire.

  1. Black shoes

Formal essentials for men must-haves shoes that every man should own. You should have a pair of simple, and elegant looking black dress shoes. These can perfectly match most of your office wear and formal occasions.

Mens Formal Shirts Smart Ideas for Everyday of The Week

Very infrequently will you come across men who work in offices that do not require them to follow a dress code? For the rest of us, looking fresh and at your stylish best is another challenge altogether. Expanding your style can be tough, and with various options to choose from, picking the right men’s formal shirts that are also suitable for the Pakistani weather. It can be even harder to choose the right. Let our guide show you the suitable way.

If there was an upside to the Don Draper age of menswear, it’s that you didn’t have to think much about what you wore. Gray or navy suit, white or black shirt, tie, and wingtips boots during the week; chinos and an Oxford on the weekend.

The downside, of course, was that until you retire and move to the pattern shirts. Where you can exchange your suit for pastel-colored men’s pants and some fancy white shoes. You were basically stuck in a clothing routine, day-in, day-out.

Today, a much more relaxed attitude come about men’s formal shirts. Means there’s more freedom to have fun with your wardrobe. Unfortunately, with that freedom comes the difficulty of choice. But Shahzeb Saeed menswear solves your difficulties. You can select men’s formal wear shirts for your every day of the week.

Monday – Start with bright Colours:

Continuing the first day of the week, start on a bright tone. Going for a bright and eve-catching color plain formal shirt.  Pair it with a simple suit. Brighter shades of blue, pink, orange, red are the recommended choices. It expresses loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust. It is also known to have a calming effect on the personality.

Tuesday – Choose Elegance, Look, Royal:

Check prints are back in style and are generally preferred as a choice for formal wear. They are universally recognized and if paired correctly, can give your outfit a sophisticated look. A classic red and white checkered shirt will emphasize your behavior. The color Red is said to represent physical energy, passion, and desire. It signifies action, confidence, and courage.

Wednesday – Casual & Relaxed:

Striped shirts in different colors can help to make your look formal. They can pleasure to your mood and life to be relaxed. Choosing for a blue striped shirt that will make you coolly, stability, unity, and moderation.

Thursday – Offering a feeling of Calm:

If you consider the weekly stress is getting to you and want to feel calm and at peace. Opt for a white dress shirt with blue trousers. White is said to be the color of strength and encouragement, offering a feeling of peace, calm and comfort.

Friday – Drag a Pink:

The days are gone when men’s formal shirts meant sticking to dull and boring colors. Opt for a shirt made of any light or dark shade of pink. And don’t be afraid to break the myth and pull off the look with confidence by pairing your pink gents dress shirt with Khaki Trousers. Because pink-colored considered only for women’s hues

Saturday – Weekend invites for black:

If you’re looking to get a statement and stand outside the crowd then, this is your moment to shine. A black shirt with grey trousers will give you a classy look. Black is formal, elegant and distinguished. Dressing up in black will ensure you to end the week on a powerful note.

Sunday – feel free:

Opt for a light grey printed shirt pair with black trouser. It gives you a classy vintage look. This outfit can easily be worn to social events that might take place at the end of the day.

You can pick a chic men’s formal shirts from Shahzeb Saeed online store in Pakistan. A suitable shirt will not only make you look stylish it will also add elegance to your final look. So that, pairing your formal shirts with the right pants trousers and shoes is equally important. Hope our guideline will help you to pick the right choice.

A Branded Dress Shirt For Every Occasion

A branded dress shirt is a versatile garment. You can wear it in both, formal and informal conditions. It is the most popular garment for men and the trump card for any occasion. But you have to keep your eyes open, because of wearing a shirt does not turn you into a perfect gentleman. In fact, the wide range of styles and fabrics makes the choice difficult and you should always pay attention to details, as each shirt has a perfect occasion to be worn.

  1. Formal Occasions

You can practice a long-sleeved shirt. If you love to wear a tie, always opt for a plain shirt design or crafty patterns. In any case, it is better to avoid a button-down collar, black or bright colors. If you are wearing a suit, your shirt should never be darker than this. If you do not wear a tie, it is more luxurious to leave just one button undone. In this case, you can choose thin stripes, small checks or refined textures.

  1. Informal Occasions

To wear at dinner, to have fun with your friends or for everyday life, the latest trends point to the checkered shirts. In this case, you can opt for wide squares and daring color combinations.

However, never forget to check that your branded dress shirt matches your cotton pants. It is in everyday situations that you should pay more attention to stylish men’s accessories such as pockets, cuff buttons, and type of collar.

  1. Special Occasions

During the weekend, at casual parties or simply to go out for a walk you can choose for a casual look. The denim shirt is the true menswear essential. On the other hand, the floral patterns are eye-catching this year as an alternative to checkered shirts. In situations like these, you can also wear a short-sleeve or grandad or mandarin collar shirt.

Finally, a man should always have in his wardrobe a plain black and a plain white shirt. Wearing a white shirt you will always appear well dressed and it will give you a fresh look. The result is more or less the same when you choose a black shirt: it is very easy to combine. One last tip: always iron your shirts and hang them in your wardrobe to prevent wrinkles. Our collection includes a stylish and elegant range of branded dress shirt that helps you up to the class anywhere and any occasion you wear them.