Dress and Casual Shirts: How to Choose Perfect for Any Occasion

Dress and Casual Shirts: How to Choose Perfect for Any Occasion, The dressing is most important than our imagination. Our dressing gives a prominent chance about who we are and influence all kinds of impressions. People make fastener judgments about us from the clothes we wear. The most essential thing that you need to know about when picking the attire for any event that what kind of an occasion is it. An occasion can both be formal, informal, or semi-formal. Most men have a favorite shirt, the one they go to when they aren’t sure what to wear. It may be a dress shirt or a casual shirt and they may not understand which it is. So we guide that formal dress and casual shirts, which are the best for any occasion.

When to Wear Dress Shirts

Formal Dress shirts are buttoned up shirts with a collar, long sleeves with wrist cuffs. Usually, these shirts are made from cotton fabric that is woven and is stained in different traditional patterns and hues. This is very helpful for the wearer since you can pick which design and what color that could match your personality.

When you starting the selection, make sure that it fits you perfectly. There are some who have problems with finding the right and best fit for them since ready-made shirts are sold in just about anywhere. You can choose to buy a dress and casual shirts that are close to matching you correctly and have them fixed. However, if you want and if you can afford it, you can have your custom made.

The dress shirts can be worn on formal and semi-formal occasions. You can be tucked into your pants and pair it with a dark suit and a matching tie at business meetings or weddings. If you’re going to a job interview, you can reverse the suit, but the tie stays

When to Wear Casual Shirts

Casual shirts have a more relaxed and comfortable feel. These casual shirts should be a little looser across your shoulders and around your chest and waist. Polo t-shirts are versatile and easy to wear as casual.

Also, wearing a casual shirt will not want you to pair it with a suit and tie. You can leave one or two buttons open at the top. It can also wear them untucked and pair with denim jeans, pants trousers. You also have the choice of wearing either short sleeves or long sleeves. You can also roll up the long sleeves to just around your forearm for a more casual look.

 You can wear these casual button-down shirts on informal occasions like dinner with the family, walking around the mall or the park, going to school or a concert. You can wear this simply around anyplace.

Your clothes express your lifestyle. So always remember to know where you’re going and to dress pleasantly. Remaining comfortable with what you’re wearing. Dress and casual shirts can help increase your confidence.

List of Categories That You Can Make the Most at Shahzeb Saeed Menswear

List of Categories That You Can Make the Most at Shahzeb Saeed Menswear, Amongst all the preeminent business stores in Pakistan, Shahzeb Saeed Menswear holds a notable place. Since you are cognizant of the “quality products at discount prices” policy, you should also know the categories that set out to a true winner. Today, we are sharing a list of such categories that you must not miss out on. We offer all types of men’s clothing and accessories for men in Pakistan. Our online shopping store is trying best to fulfill your requirements at a reasonable price.

1- Men’s Shirts

This is the main category of Shahzeb Saeed. We offer formal dress shirts, casual shirts, checked shirts, striped shirts, polo t-shirts, semi-formal shirts. You can enhance your formal and casual look with our stylish 100% pure Egyptian cotton collections.

Grey White Striped Shirt2- Men’s Trousers

There are many different types of pants and trousers, such as dress pants, denim jeans, khakis, cotton chinos, wrinkles-free trousers. They can also be classified by fit, fabric, and other characteristics.

3- Shahzeb Saeed Men’s suiting

Coat pant for men at Shahzeb Saeed, we take for the best men’s suits tailored from premium quality fabrics, bright colors, relaxed wear, and modern designs. We offer ready-made 3-piece suit for your formal attire.

4- Men’s Eastern Wear

Shahzeb Saeed Menswear online shop renders elegant designed of men’s eastern wear.  You perceive the best ShalwarKameezKurtas, Pajama/ shalwar, and Waistcoats in Pakistan at a suitable price. We realize your fashion essentials.

5- Men’s stylish Accessories

Shahzeb Saeed offers a comprehensive collection of unique and stylish men’s accessories full of basics like Cufflinks, Key Chains, Lapel Pins Flower, Leather Belts, Men’s Brooches, Pocket Square, Socks, Suit Lapel Pins, Tie Pins, Ties, and Wallets. We have the most suitable accessories every man should own and wear to improve formal and casual occasions.

Here we explain the main categories of Shahzeb Saeed Menswear with the availability of stylish stocks. You can order Men’s Clothing and accessories from all over Pakistan’s towns, and villages. This page has 625 reviews, as last checked 30 Oct 2019.

Ours revived every day different sale and discount allows you to buy chic and fashionable men’s clothes and accessories. So you should visit our website daily for online shopping in Pakistan.  We are pledged to rendering prime quality goods and comprehensive content to our valuable shoppers.

Top 6 Pakistani Brands of Men Shalwar Kameez and Kurta

Top 6 Pakistani Brands of Men Shalwar Kameez and Kurta, In Pakistan and South Asia, men shalwar kameez is traditional ethnic dress wear. Latest Menswear Shalwar Kameez & Kurta designs are the first choice of men. A beautifully tailored kurta pajama or shalwar suit is of significant value. If you are keen to make a good impact on your colleagues, employers, business partners, wedding, and special occasions. Most people who belong to every class is trying to catch the new and latest fashion or trends. The choice is depending on the people who prefer whether they choose funky, decent and fresh patterns. By using different dresses, people reveal their personalities because fashion has always been an attractive plan for people to showcase their status.

 Menswear Shalwar Kameez & Kurta Brands

Top 6 Pakistani Brands of Men Shalwar Kameez and Kurta, There are different Pakistani brands available in the market offering the full range of special variety including clothes, shoes, and other essential accessories. That provides very beautiful and charming men’s products that touch the height of excellence. We have presented the top 6 Pakistani male shalwar kameez and kurta brands.

1- AmmarBelal 

Ammar Belal is a famous designer and he has launched his brand  ABCD. AmmarBelal’s collection includes all Menswear and Womenswear too. It also offers men casual wear, jeans, party wear, and sherwani or groom dresses, kurta shalwar kameez. It’s women wear to have a foreign fashion impact. It has got the Lux Style Award for Achievement in Design of menswear.

2-  Nishat Linen 

Nishat has become a familiar and leading brand in Pakistan. It is now not only a good brand but the first choice of many fashion lovers. Nishat has provided quality stuff and the latest fashion. Trending men wear is available on Nishat Shalwar Kameez & Kurta designs 2019 for Men’s wear.

3 –  Almirah 

If we express Almirah in three words, it will be elegant, classic, and high-Quality. It is a variety of classical and contemporary designs. Beautiful rich colors and fine fabrics of Almirah’s collection is a sign of luxurious quality. It offers formal and casual collections of both women and men.

4- Stoneage

Crescent Bahuman Ltd based first Pakistani fashion brand Stoneage was set in the year 2005. This brand offers casual wear with western style touch for both men and women dresses. It also offers an excellent variety of T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, men’sand women’s wears, and other accessories, etc. It’s fashionable and unique quality denim jeans make it distinctive from other brands. It also renders the best quality of kids’ clothes.

5-  Shahnameh

Shahnameh was founded in 1997 by SEHAS LLC as a brand whose single purpose was to provide good quality, trendy, economical, locally-sourced and stitched western and eastern clothing for the boys and girls of Pakistan. We emphasis on always providing nothing but the best in quality and style.

 6 – Munib Nawaz

Munib Nawaz is a Pakistani established brand that totally offers menswear. It was set in 2003 as a dream project to add new life to menswear style across the worldwide. It offers men’s kurta, jackets, sherwani, and bottom wear. Leading business leaders, media celebrities (Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Azmat, Noori, Sajjad Ali, Josh and Much more), vogue icons and sportspeople became of brand ambassadors.

Shahzeb Saeed Mens Shalwar Kameez Latest Designs

Shahzeb Saeed Mens Shalwar Kameez Latest Designs, Today’s a lot of Men’s fashion designers or some big clothing brands in the market. But Shahzeb Saeed is one of the best brands is introducing her stock or placing up some unique trends in Men’s clothing with modern style. You can easily select your best Men’s Shalwar Kameez and Kurta for traditional wear. All of these casual or formal wear dresses put you comfortable and stylish. Now, in the modern era, Men’s also want to select fashionable Kameez Shalwar to improve your look. So that here we have a list of the top Mens shalwar kameez design of Shahzeb Saeed in Pakistan.

Fawn Shalwar Kameez Design

A marvelous fawn color for sophisticated men with little bit work on neckline and placket. Round Kuff looking gorgeous and chic.  Fawn Shalwar Kameez at any party or formal event for a charming look and feel comfortable. Wash & wear fabric is of supreme quality. You really like this collection and want to wear or make a part of your wardrobe.

Black Shalwar Kameez Design

Black is an attractive and stylish mens shalwar kameez design for the wedding or other casual events. You can wear this suit in the winter season. Because the dark color is best in cold weather.  A light embroidery in the neckline of kameez. You look more stylish and charming in black.

White Shalwar Kameez Design

White color is the most beautiful and trendy men Shalwar Kameez designs that are ideal for summer. This is a formal, semi-formal and casual kurta design for men. Stylish embroidery is on the neckline and in the front placket of the shirt. When you wear white, look graceful among the people.

 Aqua Green Shalwar Kameez

Aqua green is a chic and charming color Kameez Shalwar. A beautiful light work around the placket. That puts a stylish impression on your personality when you wear it formal or casual.

Navy blue Shalwar Kameez

This is a simple navy blue fashionable eastern wear shalwar kameez. That gent’s color is so stylish and papular nowadays in the fashion world. You can wear it on any occasion and gathering.


Shahzeb Saeed Menswear outlets are offering some sophisticated clothing trends of Mens Shalwar Kameez. And introducing awesome collar stitching ideas using some different colors. That’s bringing Kameez Ban in various colors with exciting styles for Men Shalwar Kameez.  Shahzeb Saeed online Pakistani men’s Clothing brand makes you look extremely engaging, attractive and powerful. Its eye-catching hues shalwar kameez is as fashion-forward and stylish as other garments.

Daraz 11.11 is the Biggest Sale Day in Pakistan

Daraz 11.11 is the Biggest Sale Day in Pakistan, Forget Black FridayBig Friday and blessed Friday, because Daraz is bringing the world’s biggest sale day 11.11. On this Global Shopping Festival choose 11/11 sale day to organize a large-scale online sale with amazing discount deals. Since then, 11-11 has become an annual online shopping event where big sales are held for 24 hours. You can get online discounts on your desired products at a low price.

This November 2019, Daraz is entertaining an absurd GyaraGyara Sale event in the history of Pakistan! It is 11.11 Sale! November 11 is recognized to be China’s Single’s Day online shopping gala and is the biggest online shopping spree of the world. The one-day sale is sponsored by Unilever, L’Oreal, P&G, Nestle, Mi, PEL and Haier – as well as HBL as one of the financial partners and Telenor as the telecommunications partner. Whenever we talk about online shopping in Pakistan, Daraz.pk is apparently one of the first names that swell to our minds. Over the passage of time, it has achieved great notoriety in the field of online shopping in Pakistan. Due to Daraz online Website, now people prefer sitting back relaxed at their home and ordering their products online.

GyaraGyara (11.11) Sale Online in Pakistan

Make the 11.11 singles day a memorable one with Daraz.pk. Ready up for the most happening GyaraGyara’s biggest sale day of the year and receive your favorite products at the most reasonable rates. All latest brand offers a big deal on this special event. All latest brand offers a big deal on this special event. So Shahzeb Saeed Menswear is offering up to 75% off on men’s formal wear, casual shirts, and daily wear polo t-shirts, eastern wear, jeans, pants trousers.

Daraz is the best place for online shopping place. Choose from electronics devices & mobile accessories, mobile phones, women’s fashion accessories, home devices to health and beauty products, branded men’s clothes and all under one roof. Daraz 11.11 is the Biggest Sale Day in Pakistan, You can enjoy the amenity of quick shipping right at your doorstep with secured payment methods as well as return facilities. So, what are you waiting for? Carry out your shopping spirit for the most awaited 11.11 mega online shopping festival! Stay attached for Daraz Live GyaraGyara Gala on GEO. Play and Win throughout this Live Gala!

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Men’s Dressing Style For Fall And Winter Season

Men’s Dressing Style For Fall And Winter Season, Summer coming to an end and Fall/winter is nearly here, which is very good news for men’s dressing style. Because once the cooler weather turns in, it means you don’t have to rectify for wearing as little as possible to stave off the heat. Instead, you can actually go ahead and start, you know, enjoying the process of putting a fall and winter outfit together. Whether looking for casual fall or winter outfits, formal work attire, or what to wear for a fall and winter weekend gathering.

There are many men’s clothing options today, which are lightweight, very warm, and windproof. Whether you live in Pakistan or the coolest places, it’s time to get your winter look on! Here is how:

  1. Get Dress in layers 

The most important thing to remember during the cold season is to dress in layers. Because temperatures are going to be spiking and dipping during winter day and night. Stock your wardrobe with a good mix of short- and long-sleeved T-shirts, lightweight collared shirts, heavier fleeces and flannels, sweaters of different thicknesses, and a famous sports jacket. For younger, collegiate types, a polo shirt and hoody is a good option, a more classic look would be layering a casual shirt with a sweater and/or a blazer and pair with stylish trousers depending on the temperature.

The Best colors for Fall And Winter Clothes

You can take advantage of darker, richer, solid and deeper colors: navy, charcoal, camel, eggplant purple, forest green, burgundy, and these kinds of colors. So keep the colors different, but follow them mostly solid. Once you’re wearing three or four pieces suits at once, the addition between them creates plenty of patterns on its own.

The Best Fabric For Fall And Winter Clothes

When it comes to winter fashion for men’s dressing, the fabrics you wear will be heavier and thicker, warmer and more isolated. This keeps the body heat in when you’re outside facing the colder temperatures.

For suits and sport coats, Corduroy, tweed, woolen knits, and even velvet or suede all provide you a nice, autumnal feel.

For casual men’s dressing style, you’ll probably be wearing:

  • Denim
  • Heavier-weight chinos
  • Twill and flannel shirts
  • Thicker wool, cotton, and cashmere
  • Heavier canvas and wool outerwear

Break Out the Boots

Trade-in summer sandals and light lace-ups for strong boots. Light boots like chukkas or brogue dress boots are an outstanding connection between style and practicality, particularly on days when the weather turns wet.

You’ll want lightly higher socks to go with any high-ankled boots, so make sure you’ve got a couple of pairs. Wool/synthetic compounds in plain, dark hues work well — try to match them to your trousers when you can, though the boots will apparently hide them if you can’t quite handle it.

Top 5 Famous Pakistani Male Fashion Designers

Top 5 Famous Pakistani Male Fashion Designers, Pakistani fashion designers are leading a global platform with their unique styles. Their elaborate designs are bright and classy. Pakistan has been developing as a fashion hub of Asia in the past decade. The shalwarkameez, kurtapajama, sherwani, a lehenga or a sari are well-designed dresses by the best fashion designers. It’s no surprise that Pakistani fashion designers are valued worldwide. And our clothes are showcased all over Asia to America and around the world. Pakistani fashion has come a long way certainly.

Fashion isn’t solely about wearing clothes, but it’s the expression of your mind, body, and soul. In Pakistan, we see many silhouettes serving the fashion industry, but very few have magic in hand that is presenting a remarkable style in clothes. Various designers have a distinct method for making strategies, with unmatchable and remarkable outline alluring style and western or eastern design are added in the clothes.

Pakistani Male Designers

Here the top 5 best fashion designers of Pakistan, who offer the best quality items that perfectly match your program and style.

1- Hassan SheheryarYasin (HSY)

Hassan SheheryarYasin is ordinarily known as HSY. He is a well-known Pakistani fashion designer. HSY provides marriage wear and formal wear. Because he is known to be the wedding couture master. He is popular for his beautifully designed clothes that are traditional with a little touch of modernism. His clothes are appreciated on the international floor as well. He’s been named as the New King of Couture by Harper’s Bazaar an international best-selling magazine.

2- Deepak Perwani

He is one of the best designers our country proud to have. He is extremely respectable in the menswear dress line. And has participated in international fashion shows with his charming attire collection. Deepak perwani also has a name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest kurta.

3- Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari’s work is unparalleled and yet suit for any Pakistani festival. His mastery of craft is visible in each piece. A Nomi Ansari dress is always top-notch in quality and luxury but never tedious. His is a style in an alliance of its own.

4- AsimJofa

He is a jewel architect of the US and is amongst the best Pakistani fashion designers moving the industry these days. His signature collection includes embroidered dresses with an ultimately exquisite and elegant flow and Tilla work, embellished with double cording technique and paired with beautifully embroidered chiffon dupatta to complete your look. He is a shining star who has done an unbelievable job since he has stepped into this industry.

5- Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan is additionally amazing compared to other Pakistani form originators. He has the ability to change the personalities and impression of the general community with respect to the improved eastern man. The primary vision of Adnan was to restore the way of life of sherwani that used to have a place with the maharajas and primordial rulers.

These are the best Pakistani male fashion designers. You can buy their stylish collection through the online shopping store.

Famous Pakistani Male Fashion Designer

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Chic Men’s Striped Shirts Different Types And How To Wear

Chic Men’s Striped Shirts Different Types And How To Wear, Men’s striped shirts are that staple component of an attire. That is almost every man’s wardrobe important equipment. Stripes have been popular in mainstream fashion. And make for one of the most sought-after prints when it comes to men’s apparel. A striped tee makes for the perfect bet for those who aren’t a fan of solid tees. And which do not like the mere mention of powerful and bold prints/patterns. Regardless of the time and season, stripes have always resided classic and stylish. Most appear to think it’s the white Tee, but in fact, stripes are crucial for contemporary men’s wear. This is growing with the stripy fashionable in fall/winter.

Different Types of Striped Shirts for men

Stripes are divided into various “shapes” such as fine lines, coarse stripes, oblique stripes, vertical lines, and horizontal lines. Fashion designers are using different colors for the lines to showcase different styles and feel.


1-Vertical lines striped shirts

Thick straight lines are suitable for simple casual looks. Pair with a single color cotton trousers or jeans and you will look good. If you want to make more stylish, opt for a full ensemble of vertical stripes.

2- Horizontal line striped shirts

Men’s striped shirts whether short or long-sleeved come in a variety of colors and stripes designs. There’re also knitted shirts in horizontal stripes and stripes trousers, denim, Shorts, shoes, sports shoes, boots, etc. to create different types of looks.

How Do You Wear Stripes?

In the world of clothing, stripes can be worn in many styles, but the choice depends on your personality and how much you like heavy, bold patterns in your wardrobe.

1- Shirts

Striped shirts are usually a reliable choice. If you want something restrained that pairs easily with a tie, a standard two-tone stripe, such as a Bengal stripe, pencil stripe or hairline stripe. Moving toward formal look, smart casual or business casual, try a candy stripe with a more softened, solid tie. For completely casual, tieless looks, choose candy stripes or Regency stripes in warm weather and multitrack stripes for winter.

2- Jackets/Waistcoat/Overcoat

Wearing a striped suit jacket showcases a unique gentleman’s style and looks exceptionally elegant. Normally men who choose striped suit jackets have confidence and taste and also the courage to try a new style.

3- Striped pants

Poser the British gentlemen look with striped pants. It may not be easy to wear but it’s surely worth a try. Pick narrow-leg pants or ankle pants for a statement look.

4- Suits

Pair your pinstripe suit with a patterned shirt and thick tie or with a solid shirt and patterned tie. The pattern of the shirt shouldn’t overwhelm the suit – if the suit has bold stripes, prefer a shirt that has fine or light stripes.


Stripes are a versatile pattern vogue that can either tend toward the casual or be right at home in a more formal setting. Men’s striped shirts featured are in the wardrobes of everyone from resort-goers to bankers.  This wide range of possibilities expresses well to the versatility of stripes in your wardrobe. Overall, one thing’s for sure–if you do manage the stripes style in a good manner, it’s not hard to earn your appreciation.

Latest Casual Shirts Design And Color Can Overhaul Your Vogue

Latest Casual Shirts Design And Color Can Overhaul Your Vogue, Shirts, whether casual or official give you a smart look, always. And who doesn’t want to look smart and attractive always? So, to develop your choices to select the shirts. Buy Shahzeb Saeed menswear latest casual shirts design and stylish color as casual wear. Our new arrival of men’s casual shirts is chic, comfortable, fashionable, and easy to wear for daily use.

 Men’s Shirts are important as well as women’s shirts. It is an upper-body garment made of diverse fabrics like cotton, linen, poly-cotton, etc. with either a full sleeve or a half, buttons down the front and a collar. Shirts in different shades are what make most of a man’s wardrobe. Several kinds of shades in men’s shirts are black, white and red, grey, green, and cream.

Latest Casual shirts design for men

Here is a list of our new collections of casual shirts for men. Where you can make the best choice for yourself.

Red checked casual shirt

Pure cotton shirts with dark and light color combinations. A cool shirt to be worn out for outings and other events. The blue and red checks coupled with the white buttons give a nice look. Paired with jeans or pants the casual shirt would give the best look.

Black Printed Casual Shirt

Men want casual shirts too apart from slim fit office shirts. This printed black brown casual shirt is great for semi-formal and casual events. This has a stylish look with wondrous two shade collar and the prints. These shirts are best for party wear or day time events, where you can explore with your looks.

Parrot green plain button-down casual shirt

Look breaking in this parrot green cotton shirt, that can brighten up even the most boring day! The long sleeves button-down regular fit shirt is perfect for all weather and occasions. You can wear them with denim or trousers for an impressive look. Examine to contrast this look with a stylish watch and shoes to stand apart from the crowd.

Men’s Plain Casual Cream Color Shirt

A light color cotton shirt fabric looks incredible and makes one look gorgeous for a regular office day and casual. The cream shade also suits best with any color bottom. Preferably the blue jeans highlight its shade. Moreover, light shades in cotton make one feel relaxed all the time. This shirt is perfect for hot summers.

Brown And Black Printed Check Casual Shirt:
Checks shirts for men’s looks versatile on wearing because it will always have a new color combination. This printed party wear shirt design is great for an evening office party. Black and brown checked shirt wear is a good fit for them who want to show a beautiful look between friends. The shirt can be paired with black trousers.

Our ravishing latest casual shirts design

Wearing a casual shirt with a tie, pant and leather shoes are perfect for an office look. If you don’t want to wear a tie, you can keep it. When you match a printed or checked shirt with a pair of jeans, it will become stylish casual wear. For a more informal look, you can also wear a sleeveless jacket over a shirt. Shahzeb Saeed menswear new Casual shirts collection for men has eye-catching color. And the wearer looks bright and astonishing. The check pattern will add luminosity to your face. So you can avail of our up to 72% discount offer.

Latest Shirt Design and Color Scheme Reveals Your Formal Style

Latest Shirt Design and Color Scheme Reveals Your Formal Style, Men’s formal shirts show dressier than ever. We can’t refuse the beauty of formal shirts. They are the complements at work but sometimes also wear at the parties. The formal dress shirts make a description of their own. The latest shirt design and color make them remarkably versatile items of fashion. And you can add a lot of experimentation to formal shirts from our new arrival collection. Shahzeb Saeed menswear latest collections give the confidence to fulfill your official and professional work. Men’s dress shirts are available in an extensive range of colors and patterns. Understanding dress shirts etiquette and how it affects professional appearance. So we’ll guide you about our new design shirts for men or boys. Basically, there are always three main considerations, color, fabric, and shirt details to choose the best branded formal shirts.

The Plain White Dress Shirt

White Plain Dress Shirt

This is a solid white Egyptian cotton plain dress shirt with a medium spread collar and no chest pocket. White shirts look beautiful and great impact with a dark suit and colorful tie in any hue. The white button-down formal shirt can wear any type of dress pants.

Brown Semi-Formal Shirt 

Brown formal shirtThis is a brown formal shirt in pure cotton fabric. It has a spread collar, a full button placket, long sleeves, a curved hemline. It is a perfect match with light gray formal trousers.

Beige Formal Shirt

Our new beige dress shirt in cotton fabric with an easy-iron surface. Turn-down collar, classic pattern placket and a yoke at the back. Long sleeves, narrow cuffs with adjustable buttoning. Slim Fit or regular fit and a tapered waist for a fitted silhouette. Pair with dark grey formal cotton trousers and formal boots.

Dark Grey Semi-Formal Shirt

Dark grey formal shirt is the most loved one by men with beige, light grey or cream-colored fitted trousers. This latest shirts look outstanding on young men and is a must-have in one’s collection of shirts. This latest shirt design looks excellent for a formal presentation in the office. It has a red and white hidden panel that houses the button. Its 100% pure cotton fabric is suitable for all seasons.

Sky Blue Semi-Formal Shirt

This is a perfect sky blue-colored business shirt in a slim fit or regular fit with full sleeves. This marvelous shirt gives that confidence to decipher a business deal or a meeting. A man can never look dull or boring in a blue shade shirt. This shirt is best worn with a pair of formal trousers and a solid color tie for a complete look.

Black Formal Dress Shirt

Black is a classy color and matches never wrong with the black formal cotton shirt. Our new black colored slim fit casual shirt is a must-have for a man in his casual wear collection. This black shirt pair with denim or even with printed trousers or even military pants. You can wear this shirt for formal purposes by tucking it inside your trousers.

Improving Your Collection

Shahzeb Saeed’s new arrival of formal dress shirts solves your problem. You can improve your formal wardrobe with different stylish colors like pink, yellow, light blue, light purple, aqua green. All-new collections are available on our outlet and online shopping store. You can avail of the opportunity of our grand bachat sale on all men’s products. Those are some of the best and latest shirt design for men. Adding an extra stylish dress shirt is never a bad idea. Since some colors work with everything and will probably never go out of style.