New Style Shirt Of Formal TO Add Swag To Your Appearance

New Style Shirt Of Formal TO Add Swag To Your Appearance, If you cannot judge the difference between contrasts and color combination. And you depend on your mom or wife for your dressing shirts and codes selection every day at work. Don’t worry, rather you are not the only one in suffering. Besides, the formal outfits have gone plenty of changes and you must keep updated with them. We offer more options for formal shirts and casual shirts collections. Our new arrival of regular and slim fit formal shirts is in stylish colors and design. White cutaway button-down, light blue, grey royal blue best office wear new style shirt design can improve your formal look.
Men’s dress shirts are available in an expanded variety of colors and patterns. However, the savvy businessman will hold himself to the determined tones that symbolize refined methodology. While giving him space to apply different hues. Furthermore, the conscious businessman focuses on the formal pants trousers combination with designer dress shirt and tie. He makes himself prominent if necessary.

Solid colored dress shirts, especially white and blue, light blue, light pink, gold, and greyish, french blue, lavender, and pretty much any of these woven into an oxford peplum shirts are the bedrock of the businessman’s attire. Make certain that the stripe patterns on your dress shirt are an amazing style in comparison to some other patterns, it might be attached with the tie or suit. The striped white shirt goes well with black trousers.  A man’s checked dress shirt is the most comfortable pattern for the office and is a unique decision at the end of the week or when a guy is expecting to make a casual appearance. Checked shirts match great with plain pants.

Shahzeb Saeed menswear offers a new collection and new style shirt design for formal, semi-formal and casual occasions. You can check these new arrivals on our outlets and online shopping store. If you think that fabric has nothing to do with color trends, you are wrong. Not every color will be reflected in the same way when you choose different fabrics. We present 100% pure Egyptian cotton branded dress shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts and denim shirts for men. You can take the benefit of our dress shirts sale offer.

How To Match A Mens Dress Watches To Your Outfit

A classic mens dress watches are an important accessory. It is not just your everyday timepiece, but the sophisticated finishing touch to your outfit. Matching a watch to your clothing can be both simple and difficult at the same time. You can get swung up on refining outfit highlights while also forgetting to be practical. If you’ve freshly bought an expensive, high-quality timepiece then you might even want to match an attire according to the watch.

Also, there a huge collection and types of watches for men, therefore anyone could confuse while buying a choice. Here we are sharing an expert guide for men on how to match a watch with any outfit like a pro fashion guru.

1- Dress formal

Choosing a watch to wear with formal clothes is the most important effort because here you would need to pick the right one and it would need to combine well with the attire. Formal dresses would be a full suit with tie or bow tie and it would be appropriate to wear a men’s dress watches which would have a dial that would match the suit. A watch with a leather strap would be the best for a formal occasion. For a fully professional dress or business clothes, dress watches are a classic match. For slightly business dresses, dress & diver watches are a perfect match.

2- Dress casual

If you are wearing a complete casual dress, the best match for a watch would be any style. That’s the attraction of casual dresses that you can wear any watch type and it would match the style of your clothes. If you are a guy who likes to wear casual dresses more often, there’s not much effort you will need to do while matching a watch with your outfit. All types of casual clothes including men’s polo shirt, casual shirts, denim jeans, trousers, and pants do complement any kind of watches.

3-While wearing Shalwarkameez or kurta

Pakistani traditional attire such as men’s kurta or shalwarkameez is most popular. It is a traditional Pakistani dress for men and is highly stylish. You need to match a watch that’s super classy and gives a touch of royalty with traditional clothes and could wear on all special occasions. A good thing is that most of the watches can be easily matched with a kurta or kameezshalwar. However, take into mind the color of your dress and color of your watch.

4- Match with shoes

If you are confused about what should be the excellent match for your outfit, don’t worry we have the solution for that too. Simply match the watch with the shoes. Men Shoes in Pakistan are available in diverse styles so you can experiment out the best with your matching accessories and style. You can also match your men’s dress watches with other accessories such as a belt, outwear such as jackets or hoodies.

5- Sports Watches

Although the main contrast between a casual dress and sports watches, like a chronograph is simply a timepiece that can be used as is that one is for casual events while the other is for sport. Turning metal for a leather strap on a casual watch can, for example, make it formal event ready. This isn’t the case with sports watches.

Why Cotton Clothes Are Comfortable To Wear

100% cotton clothes are truly comfortable which is related to the natural material they are made from. Cotton is a fabric that will not only help to have you cool in the summer but also warm in the winter. These fibers are soft by nature and perfect for your skin. Cotton clothes for men and women are famous in Pakistan and all over the world. These are available in a wide range of attire such as cotton trousers, pants, jeans, shalwar kameez, and kurta pajama, different types of shirts, socks, jackets, etc.

Advantages of Wearing Cotton Made Clothing

Cotton is identified as the fabric of peoples’ lives.  It is concluded that more than 25 million tons of cotton bundles are produced each year.  Because it is a natural product, it extends all the reasons why you should pick cotton made clothing.

1- Suits for All Weather

Cotton fabric clothes are suitable for all weather. You feel relief when you are wearing cotton made dresses. It is ideal to wear for summer’s heat but can also provide a protector during cold dusks. So, cotton made clothing can resist different types of temperature. Cotton materials do not adhere to the skin, thus, can sufficiently insulate the body.

2- Moisture Control

Cotton fabric is breathable and carries moisture away from the body and is absorbent and dry liquid from the skin, like a towel. Cotton clothes for men and women remain comfy as they exercise. It keeps moisture from building up between your skin and clothing.

3- Hypo-allergenic

Most dermatologists prescribe wearing this kind of fabric in order to ward off skin allergies. Because cotton is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. It is used in medical products like bandages and gauze. Apart from this, clothes for babies are generally made of cotton because it soothes the delicate skin of infants and babies.

4- Durability 

Cotton fabric is considered as one of the most durable species.  It doesn’t tear easily and can withstand the strongest washing machine power or even frequent hand washing.  It does not have an inherent smell so you can wash it quickly.

5- Wear Cotton Anytime, Anywhere

From work to play, athletic wear to nightwear, cotton clothing is suitable. Cotton clothes are versatile to the point that they can be woven or weaved into a group of various textures like corduroy, chambray, trim and velour. So regardless of what the event as formal or casual, cotton clothes for men and women are perfect for any occasion. Shahzeb Saeed men’s clothes are completely made of cotton that could wear any season. This Fashion Hub offers online shopping opportunity so that you can pick the most appropriate attire for casual, ethnic, formal and relaxation events.

Mandarin Collar Shirts Fashionable Oriental Style

You can easily wear Mandarin collar shirts beneath your blue/gray suit jacket. Or you can match it to a pair of shorts while you’re having on the beach. It is versatile and easy to wear, with the ability to transform casual and formal dress codes. The Grandad collar shirt is a decent addition to any man’s wardrobe. If you’re taking inspiration from the east when it comes to your ensemble. These Chinese Mandarin collars are your best venture

As the name implies, the style begins its Western name from the gowns worn by Mandarins in Imperial China, but a similar style known as the Nehru collar is also found in some modern Indian men’s clothing. It’s essentially a slimmer collar band, without a collar or folds blade to the collar.

The mandarin collar shirts design popular these days. It has an ethnic touch to attract stimulus, from the countries where these shirts are worn on a daily basis, such as China, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The style of band collar shirts is normally quite casual, and modern. These men’s shirts are perfect for all occasion, where you look sober and decent. Yet elegance is accepted without paying a lot of attention to the current fashion trends

These shirts are made of lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and silk. The natural hues, such as light blue, white, pink, beige, grey, white and pastel with stripes or micro designs. The length along a Mandarin collar is upright with rounded edges at top of the center front, the edges project slightly and end just above the bottom of your neck with a simple button fastening. It’s an attractive decent option, with the ability to be worn formally or combined into more casual designs.

A simple white, denim or light blue Mandarin collar shirt just adds a mark of difference to your look if you’re going for a conventional outfit.  Linen wrinkles shirt is easy to wear. So if you’re looking for a crisp formal shirt, it might be better to attach to a cotton element instead. The ideal fabric for more casual events, where comfort and a loose modern look is key. Linen is one of the best fabric that’s just made for summer lightweight, crisp and breathable.

After that, styling is depended on you! It can be worn in the same way you’d wear a turndown collar shirt without a tie. It’s easiest to slip on a nice sport coat, choose a perfect pocket square, and walk out the door. Once you feel comfortable with wearing it, try choosing mandarin collar shirts with a pattern.

3 Types of Shirt Plackets To Improve For Men’s Style

One of the most important elements of a shirt is the placket. It holds your shirt smart and functioning well. There are three types of shirt plackets for the modern man. The placket is primarily an opening in clothes that allow easy putting on and removal It is usually used as opening in necklines, sleeve cuffs, waistbands of pants and skirts. The shirt placket is located at center-front of a men’s dress shirt.

Designing your peculiar style means paying attention to details. Have you considered the style potential of choosing between the different options for shirt placket design?

1- Standard placket

It is a visible placket, also known as American placket. You can use as everyday dress shirts and casual shirts. The shirt fabric is folded back over the front and stitched to build a visible strip of raised fabric. It is a great choice for a business wardrobe, also looks very good with a tie.

2- French placket

The French front types of shirt plackets is a popular, the material of the shirt folded towards the underside. No stitches show towards the front as they are already on the underside. This cleaner, the plain front gives shirts a very neat look that fits perfectly with the functional man’s needs. It can be slightly harder to iron than the standard Front placket. But you can wear this shirt easily in both business and casual occasion.

3- Concealed placket

A fly front shirt placket has a cover of material on the front to conceal the buttons underneath. It is also known as the covered shirt placket. It can wear for formal events that require a tuxedo. As a concealed placket leads to draw attention to the bow tie. If you are dressing for a job interview, you definitely should not be considering this.

How to style shirts placket?

These types of shirt plackets is a great way to make your custom shirt exactly the way you want it to be. Only considering where you will be wearing a shirt. Those who wear suits to the office and attends more formal celebrations and meeting. We suggested that to wear a shirt with a French placket. They characterized with or without a tie.

For men who are like the smart casual style of dressing, for them, it is wise to go for a standard placket. This placket goes with suits, trendy trousers, jeans and effortlessly paired with blazers. If you are getting a tuxedo, always go for the concealed placket for the shirt to get that elegant black-tie look. Now that you know all about plackets, have fun customizing your tailored shirts.

What’s The Difference Between Bespoke And Made To Measure

The quality of a suit or shirts is heavily inspired by its material, style, and the way that it is tailored.  Often frustrated with made-to-measure and bespoke has become an over-used term in the retail industry. Loosely driven around to indicate anything custom-made, just like the word haute-couture is used clumsily for any piece of clothing that may be expensive, it’s time we throw some light on the difference between bespoke vs. made-to-measure garb.

Made-to-Measure (MTM)

A made-to-measure suit or shirt starts with a pre-existing pattern that is then modified to fit the client’s specific measurements. A tailor or retailer will carry a size range in one or more fittings of the original garment and will try to find the closest fitting from which adjustments are made to give you the best possible fit. Most made-to-measure services permit you to select not only the fabric and style, but also the features that make the men’s shirt unique, such as collar linings, ticket pockets, button styles, and hidden cell-phone pockets. More often the whole process takes 5 to 6 weeks. But Shahzeb Seed menswear tailor requires only 2 weeks to complete your order.

A made-to-measure brand will actually use this base pattern and modify it if your measurement rests outside the range of what a 40 size shirt was made to. A little bit of sharply of patterns are all made-to-measure includes but ensures a better fit than its ready-to-wear complement. It’s considerably expensive than Bespoke, requires less fitting trials and still gives you a piece of clothing in your size.


Bespoke, as regular readers will know, involves creating a suit or shirt from the ground up. It can take any form, any shape, any material, and is normally handmade by two or three tailors. The process begins with a primary discussion as to your needs.

Drafted from scratch, every pattern of bespoke clothing is made to an individual’s precise measurements. No use of mark patterns is involved. The master cuts a unique pattern for every customer. Unlike M2M, bespoke is a reasonably lengthy process and involves a number of fittings. And this leaves scope to achieve the perfect fit. Since every pattern is individually drafted, bespoke clothing comes at with a higher price tag.


While both, bespoke and made-to-measure are customized services. They differ in the degree to which the measurements can be accommodated, leading to a difference in the costs. Now, you know why a made-to-measure brand might be able to offer a better-fit at affordable prices. While a bespoke one would charge you a premium for a perfect fit. Menswear can be any form like formal shirts, casual wear, men’s suits, trouser pants, and shalwar kameez. They all prepare on bespoke and made-to-measure rules.

5 Types of Men’s Shirt Cuffs You Must Have Known

The shirt cuffs are a small but very essential part of a gentleman’s ensemble. Like collars, cuffs are a relevant part of the men’s shirt. Every type of cuff speaks volumes about your shirt and your chosen style of dress. Men’s dress shirt cuffs recall us of what makes menswear so unique.

A wide range of men’s shirt cuffs styles means that your shirt can be fully customized to the look and purpose that works best for you. If you are as unsure about the different types of shirt cuff, how to wear them and when to wear them, then we are here to lead you through the different options with our complete shirt cuff styles.

1- French cuff / Double cuff

Our most formal cuff, perfect for dress shirts and to complement a dinner suit. The French cuff is twice as long as regular cuffs and is folded back on itself and closed with cuff links. French cuffs have a very noticeable look and we usually pair them with our more refined collar styles or formal shirts and black-tie or a tuxedo.

2- Barrel Cuff

A traditional Barrel cuff is a style of men shirt cuff. It’s commonly noticed in the business world and even on the street in casual wear. The corners of the cuff are square and the fastening can be secured with one or two buttons. They work well for shirts when paired with jeans and a blazer or sports coat.

3- Single Cuff

The single cuff is similar to the barrel cuff, however, instead of buttons, it is fastened with cufflinks. This makes the cuffs much smoother than French cuffs and is perfect for formal white-tie occasions.

4- Convertible cuff

The convertible cuff is a mixture of both the barrel cuff and the french cuff. A convertible cuff is a versatile choice and has square corners. It gives you the opportunity to dress up your shirt for the evening by turning to cufflinks. Unlike French cuffs, the convertible cuff is a single layer and doesn’t have a fold-back.

5- Rounded cuff

The rounded cuff style appends a level of formality to your shirt. The outside corner of the men’s shirt cuffs is rounded to a gentle curve. If you work in an office, rounded cuffs for men may provide you more durability than a square cuff, as it may wear out less from connection with the desk.

If you should create your own tailor-made shirts with your favorite shirt cuff styles. Then come to Shahzeb Saeed menswear online store to purchase your desires men’s shirts.

Why a Man Should Dress to Impress

There are different types of occasions where you’d want to dress to impress. Whether at a job interview, on a dinner party, or formal event. Menswear is often built around unbreakable rules and strict codes, nowhere more so than formal wear. But what if you fancy revamping things up now and again by adding a piece of character to your formal looks?

The way you dress is surely important to the impression you make at work and in business. People will estimate the way you present yourself and use it to make judgments about how you will be to work with and your level of professionalism.

When you go ready to leave your house, how do you dress? Do you put on a t-shirt, cargo pants, baseball hat, and flip flops? A pleasant polo shirt and stylish jeans? Or khakis trouser pants and a Wrinkle-free shirt?

Men’s accessories were made to excite and individualize your outfit. Make sure that you’re not burdening your outfit. Standing out in a crowd in a minimalistic way can break the continuity of style. Carrying statement brooches or lapel pins and Pocket squares with your coats or shirts will bring the charm for the day. The right balance is different for everyone and for different occasions, but you’ll need to avoid too many accessories.

When you dress to impress it’s not approximately impressing other people. Rather It’s about being comfortable in your own epidermis and knowing no matter the situation or who may walk with you. You’re confident and strong with who you are. Feeling comfy in your attire that reflects your impression. People see through your dressing, to lack of confidence. These things hold you back in every phase of your life.

The great news is that the limitations of tailoring and formal dressing are actually strengths. Sartorially speaking, a good suit is a blank canvas for you can customize. After all, if you look good and feel good, you’ll likely perform better and can conquer the world, get that promotion, or get the people’s attention, whether it’s a possible mate or your current spouse. When you feel good, you feel like nothing can stop you from doing and achieving.

If you aren’t clever, dressing to impress won’t work well for you. People will see right it, and you won’t build any valuable business relationships. So, before you go out and start spending money on men’s clothes and men’s’ accessories make sure you know what you’re buying? Whatever you want but must-have dress to impress.

How to Achieve Succeed Button-Down Shirts For Men

Button-Down shirts are not different from your regular shirts. They are only your normal collared shirts with two small buttons underneath. The source of these shirt records back around the 19th Century. When Polo Players was confusing to the flapping wings of the Collar. Then buttons helped them fasten the collar to the shirt for better image and comfort. Although they are not used practically in the modern epoch, Button Down shirts for men are one of the most common and desired menswear clothing.

How & Where To Wear It

These versatile buttons down shirts are commonly kept for casual wear. But, it can be dressed up or down depending on the need of the occasion. When worn casually, keep the top button of the shirt open or closed and pair it with pieces of denim or chinos and keep things comfortable.

Button-Down Shirts for men are considered to be suitable for business or formalwear and short sleeve work shirts. They are also called dress shirts with special buttons down the collar. They are the perfect allies for your blazers, formal jackets and even with your ties.

Features Of Button-Down Shirt for Men

Learn some of the unique features of a Button-Down collar Shirt:

  • Button-Down shirts are casual and formal dress shirts designed for office wear.
  • They have two small buttons under the two wings of a collar.
  • By buttoning them up to the shirt, a finished look is created from your neck to the waist.
  • Button-Down shirts appear in matching or contrast colored collars.
  • They can keep your tie in place, without having to settle it often.

How To Care For It

Fret not, caring for your shirt collar is as easy as it is to carry. You only release the buttons when wearing a tie. You keep it fastened down, while washing, laundering, and drying. Always let for a soft collar, and reserve a stiff collar for more formal shirts. Avoid thickening and excessive ironing – you don’t want the roll off you collar sitting flat. Classic, simple and multifunctional, a button-down shirt for men is your go-to for every type of the day.

Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Style for Attractive Look

Accept it or not, the styling makes a great impression on your daily lifestyle. It affects how people approach you or at the very least what they should expect from you. The best men’s style can be pivotal progress for your career or any serious future possibility. It offers the essential outcome, as it can change you from looking different to tedious in a second. So never underestimate the power of different styling. We are starting with some of the dos and don’ts of men’s styling elements that can rescue your sense of fashion.


1- If you choose to hold with the two buttons suit, you don’t have to worry about, it is in style and fashion.

2- Your belt should always suit your shoes in both color and texture; it confers you finished and well off look.

3- Try some pastels color. Try a button-up shirt that isn’t blue, gray or black. So you should find stylish and energetic shades that are to improve your personality.

4- Make it your fashion statement that your shirts must be fitted and suitable for a casual or formal occasion. Make sure there are no poofy shoulders or long-tailed shirts or loose around the waist.

5-   You have two pairs of shoes, one for casual use, and one a good formal. Because your outfit is never complete without the right kind of shoes.

6- One white dress shirt that is specifically tailored out for you, it is one of the most basic men’s style fashion staples that will never go out.


1- Do no wear your dress shirts untucked.  Because dress shirts are specially designed to be tucked in, so keep it that way.

2- Avoid using the outside pocket of your jacket, because the pocket will become bulky and throw off the clean-cut line of the suit.

3- Never wear together with a tie and a pocket square in the same outfit.

4- Avoid the shirts with the big bold logo on them.

5- Avoid wear baggy pants unless you are at home, those big baggy pants make you look short.

6- Wearing boots with cuffed pants or chinos are not suitable together.

Even though we are here to help you and guide you with meticulously selected tips and tricks of what you should and shouldn’t DO, You don’t have to spend lots of money to have men’s style. It depends on better choices and being creative. Although, you should be careful about mixing and matching the prints and additionally the colors that you wear, once in a while don’t be scared to experiment with something new.

The fashion industry has always put men’s fashion and trends right next to the women’s, and over the ages, all the loved personalities were known for their iconic and individual styles, their fashions have become the motivation for others.