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Shahzeb Saeed Menswear online shop offers beautifully designed men’s eastern wear. To ensure that you get the best ShalwarKameez, Kurtas, Pajama, and Waistcoats in Pakistan at an affordable price. We complete your fashion needs. You can buy these elegant collections from our online shopping store in Pakistan.

Eastern wear is basically identified as Pakistani clothing in Pakistan. Pakistani dresses represent the value of our culture with beautiful colors and designs. These Pakistani suits wear in different seasons and occasions. Even different regions of the country have peculiar styles. That helps us understand the identity of those individuals who wear them.

Pakistani designer clothes for men and their pleasant clothing styles and fashions can be identified easily. Nowadays, fashion magazines and new designers are providing outstanding chances to find modern and stylish Pakistani eastern dresses online. It is very simple to see the latest fashions presented by the top fashion designers.

Most of the men’s clothing choices include shirts, pants, suits, salwar kameez, kurtas, pajama, waistcoat, trousers, and t-shirts are available with distinct designs and styles. We focus on the attractive eastern wear designs and Men’s eastern garments in Pakistan.

Eastern wear is more of a modern phase for Qameezshalwar suit which is the national dress of Pakistan. We are continuously updating Kameezshalwar and kurta with pajama, or jeans according to fashion trends with seasonal colors, fabrics, styles. People who prefer to wear Pakistani Islamic dresses on Eid, Ramadan, Nikah, Wedding, Valima, parties, Friday prayers and so many other festive occasions.

If you are looking for ShalwaarKameez, KurtaPajama or Waistcoats. You are the right place, we present everything for you under one roof. Because we are the best clothing brand in Pakistan. We offer a wide range of men’s ShalwaarKameez, Kutrashalwar, and waistcoat for men. If you need a ShalwaarKameez for office, Masjid, Nikah, Wedding, Valima or just to wear casually, you will find the stylish collection here. We have men’s Kurtashalwarkameez and vest coat in many different colors and unique designs. We have chic men’s waistcoats that you can wear over shalwar kameez to get a more dapper look.

Shalwar kameez and kurtas are clothes worn usually by men of Pakistan and other Eastern cultures. These clothes are a symbol of our heritage and a reflection of our culture. They come in different varieties for men of all ages and body types. Shahzeb Saeed offers a comprehensive collection of Pakistani men’s eastern wear to keep you looking elegant. So buy the right one for yourself and be a proud Pakistani.

Latest Designs of Formal Kurta for Men By Bonanza

Every Pakistani prefer to wear shalwar kameez for formal clothing. Fortunately, we have several brands which consider men’s clothing needs and working to make Pakistani men more effective. Recently, Pakistani men have been listed in the top ten most attractive men in the world. But when they wear formal kurta shalwar.  They look more dashing and elegant. So, we were discussing men kurta brands of Pakistan.

Bonanza is the first and superior men clothing brand of Pakistan. It has been in the business of designing Pakistani men attires including formal, casual and western dresses. Bonanza’s formal suits are the most popular clothing line in Pakistan. The most prestigious and top-selling product in men clothing line is Bonanza Men Kurta. 

Latest bonanza kurta shalwar 2019 offers a stylish and sophisticated collection for men and boys. In Pakistan and India, kurta is not only the casual or informal gear. Rather, we can also wear for formal occasions like mehndi, a wedding event or Eid and Jumma prayers. Bonanza garments product line adds men ethnic wear, men formal shirts, informal shirts, casual T-shirts, men suiting, sherwani outfits, boys collection, and girls collections.

The latest colors of formal kurta for men have beige white, chocolate brown and simple brown kurtas. These are super cool colors and will inspire you. And if you are young and modern and wants to attach some glamour and style in your formal clothing. Then, Bonanza men kurta collection will give you freedom of choice in kurta designs and stylish super cool colors. Pick your favorite color men kurta as we have dark blue, shiny blue, maroon and red color kurtas.

In men collection, you can choose from casual men shalwar kameez for daily use, fancy Shalwar suits for formal events, paint coats for business and formal gathering, sherwani dresses for grooms. These are the pure quality fabric in beautiful colors. They are used complicated embroidery patterns on neckline and sleeves. Boys can also use such kurtas with jeans. Bonanza stores are located in major cities of Pakistan. And for online shopping, you can visit Bonanza’s fan page and website.

5 Countries Where People Still Wear Best Traditional Dresses

People in a few countries around the globe keep their cultural traditions very close to their hearts. These individuals prefer wearing their best traditional dresses, eating traditional food, and living a simplistic life. Discussing the ethnic wear of a few cultures, we can see that they are extremely sumptuous.

  1. Traditional dress of Pakistan

Traditional dress of Pakistan is shalwarkameez. This is suitable for all men, women, and children of Pakistan. It is equally popular in all five provinces, cities and villages of Pakistan. The shalwar kameez keeps equal importance in both formal wear and casual wear. Kurta is also an important traditional dress in Pakistan. It can be worn with pajama, jeans or a shalwar. Men also love to wear waistcoats with the kurta and kameez shalwar.

2- Traditional dress of India

The most common and popular traditional wear of Indian women are sarees, ghagra choli, and salwar kameez. The most widely worn traditional clothes for men include sherwani, dhoti-kurta, Bandhgala, kurta-pajama, angarkha, and lung.

3- Traditional dress of Turkey

Men may wear the traditional loose coat, called a Jubba, over the şalvar. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk changed the dress code in Turkey in the 1920s as part of his reforms. However, men and women still wear the şalvar in many regions of Turkey, indifferent to social status.

4- Traditional dress of China

Mosuo and Hmong are popular ethnic groups in China. They have their own collection of traditions and beliefs. You can easily find some of the most colorful and pretty Mosuo and Hmong Dresses in China. The regal headgear associated with the Mosuo and Hmong dresses is unique and catchy. Similar dresses can also be seen in the northern parts of India, especially Jammu and Kashmir.

5- Traditional dress of Bhutan

The Bhutanese dresses Gho for men and Kira for women are quite popular in the country. Several people, even in urban establishments prefer wearing these best traditional dresses on a daily basis. These dresses are made from thick woolen materials and are helpful in the cold and windy environment that Bhutan has to offer.

Sherwani and Shalwar Kameez Suits are Ethnic wear for Men

It is essential to consider the event before choosing an attire. Ethnic wear for men is kameez shalwar, kurta pajama or sherwanis. They can improve the complete look by adding some other layers to the outfit too. It is important to understand that many factors like fabric, color, work, pattern, etc. Also, check the weather of the place before deciding on an outfit. Opt for a shalwar kameez or sherwani but make sure it accommodates your body type. Up your fashion game this wedding season with our styling tips. Most dresses from Pakistani need a touch of styling to improve entire the look. Here are some useful tips to enhance the look of men’s traditional wear.

Traditional taste in men’s style

Pakistan has been the place of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, it has rich and distinct cultures. The ethnic style and fashion is a kind that shows the culture in a colorful manner. Men who want to show their eastern heritage, are preferred to wear salwar kameez and sherwani suits. Pakistani and Indian men’s clothing is attractive and comfortable. Men commonly use dresses made with cotton fabric for casual use. These men’s shalwar kameez suits reflect integrity and grace and keep the traditional taste with them.

Attire for a formal occasion

There are many types of Pakistani ethnic wear for men available. The most common is salwar kameez. If you want to wear clothing for a formal event, then you can always opt for a Sherwani. This is a completely formal and elegant dress that is very suitable for a wedding or similar formal events. Pakistani sherwani is produced from superior fabrics such as Silk, Jamawar or suiting fabrics. The fabric is embellished from top to bottom with style. So that it gives a royal look to the wearer. A Kameez or kurta wear under the sherwani. And bottom wear includes pants, a shalwar, churidar or straight pajama.

Combination of elegance

On the casual party of men’s dressing, a kurta or salwar kameez has the perfect, because of being lightweight, comfortable and cool summer outfit. In summer, we should prefer light colors like white, off-white, cream, sky blue, ivory, lilac, and yellow. Another formal outfit is Prince Suit or jodhpuri. A Prince suit includes a coat with fine hand embroidery on the front portion. You can pair with straight pants. Jodhpure is a more western dress with ethnic and transitional style components. The colors, style, and embroideries ensure that these dresses are Pakistani.

Pakistani dresses for men online

Buying Pakistani ethnic wear for men online is the easiest option. One can choose various colors, sizes, and styles from Shahzeb Saeed online store. We offer made to measure clothing for men where you can choose any standard size or enter your own sizes. Our specialist tailors will stitch sherwani or shalwarkameez exclusively for you. Shahzeb Saeed menswear clothes reflect Pakistani culture and traditions. Our free shipping offer on men’s clothing will keep you coming back for more.

The Changing Trends of Male Fashion in Pakistan

There was a time in Pakistan when fashion was solely female-centric and only a few choices available for male fashion. The most traditional culture of this region, fashion was not seen as something that can be connected to men. Passage of time men’s fashion revolutionized in Pakistan and we brought new things and trends in male fashion. Today, men’s fashion has been radically from formal to casual, eastern to western and traditional to party wear.

 Revive Ethnic Wear

If we look back some few years ago, our ethnic wear was stuck with a few primary colors and plain fabrics. Even youths were more oblique to wear western-style clothes on traditional occasions. But now we have a lot of choices in our traditional wear. New designs, patterned and printed menswear available in multiple colors with custom-fit stitching. Today at our festive events like Eid or Wedding functions the classic shalwar kameez and kurta pajama considered suitable.

Introduction of Energetic Colors

For years, a few basic colors were associated with men and nobody dared to go beyond these. But now the trends in male fashion and wear is not bound by a certain color circle. In fact, some energetic colors have been inducted that were not so common before. For instance, Royal blue is the popular choice these days. Pink, green, black and purple and so many other colors are available in men’s wardrobe.

 Men’s Designers Wear Trend

Designer wear trend in Pakistan is getting popular in menswear. And so many numbers of men’s designers have been introduced in the fashion industry. So it is easy for men to make variations with their clothes according to the new trends. It also helps in elevating men’s fashion sense in Pakistan and now men are well aware of what fashion is for them.

New Brands Trends

There were only a few brands in casual, formal and ethnic wear for men and these were not budget-friendly. Now the new brands and trends have developed in men’s clothes. These are easy on pockets. They brought fashion what men desire for their everyday attire or occasional outfits

Freedom in Style

Freedom in fashion is, what always to make your own style. Today, a number of styles going resemblance with each other with little trims, cuts, and folds give all the more freedom to men. The brands are introducing these trends of male fashion in clothes. And men are wearing it with confidence that was seldom seen before.

Find out 6 Kind Of Fabric for Men’s Shalwar Kameez

We have been dressing generations of men for over decades with stylish shalwar kameez fabrics.  We are constantly providing generation after generation with the most elegant quality of salwar kameez fabrics with a unique turn on traditions. Our Collection for men promises just that, featuring a wide variety of shalwar kameez fabrics fit to suit every occasion. The perfect styles are suitable for every occasion. And you are a must-have wardrobe essential for all men’s shalwar kameez this season. So, no matter who you are and where you’re from, satisfy in exploring the traditional side of your image with the graceful Shahzeb Saeed collection for Men.

Here we discuss the different types of men’s shalwar kameez fabrics.

Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is popular because it’s easy to care for and comfortable in hot, wet weather. Lightweight cotton is best for shalwar kameez, kurta, shirts, and dresses; medium-weight fabrics are fitting for pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, curtains, sheets, and children’s clothes. The heavier fabrics use for pants, outerwear, window treatments, and work clothes.

Silk fabric

Silk fabrics are common in every country. Its low conductivity stays one warm in the winter, while its great absorbency wicks moisture away during summer. It is a lightweight satin weave fabric. Generally, they are made with polyester fiber. The smooth touch, elegant sheen, and high ability make the silk fabric ideal for lingerie and elegant evening gowns. The silk fabric is clear, smooth and luxurious.

Poplin Fabric

Poplin fabrics plain-woven horizontally ribbed fabrics. It composed of Polyester, Cotton. And its combinations and the strips are heavy and prominent. As common weft yarns are used. Poplin fabrics use for jackets, raincoats, shirts.

Khaddar Fabric

Khaddar is a great fabric for shalwar kameez in winters that will always give timeless comfort to the wearer. This fashionable fabric is beautifully expertise. An unfashionable shalwarkameez fabric that defines a class. The fabric is known for the gentlemen of the east.  The latest khaddar trends are a must-have for every gentleman closet.

Polycotton Fabric

This is a combination of polyester and cotton, 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Ordinarily, it’s a lightweight plain-weave fabric which is very durable and crease-resistant. The downside is that it’s less breathable than cotton so can be sweaty if worn next to the skin. Uses add aprons, children’s clothes, and non-iron shirts and skirts.

Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is a combination of 55% linen and 45% cotton. it is a natural fabric with the mixed characteristics of linen and cotton.  This fabric has many attractive qualities. That linen tunics and dresses, linen shirts or clothes are really unique in summer when traveling and or in the hot and wet climate.

If we talk about top line men’s fabric in Pakistan, it is the only place where you’ll find such variety at a nominal price. From cotton to Boski, poly-cotton, jacquard, mix cotton, and a lot more. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance yourself with Shahzeb Saeed’s comfortable and classic men’s shalwar kameez collection.

Top 10 Mens Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Here I have listed most admired men’s clothing brands in Pakistan recognized for trendiest kurta shalwar kameez designs that are offering complete wardrobe solutions for man, boys, and gents equally.

Pakistan might be contemplated to be an undeveloped country.  But we are not at all backward in many fields like science to arts. The fashion industry in Pakistan is the most effective-growing industry. Fashion industry of Pakistan is the most intriguing change in today’s epoch.

Following are Top fashion clothing brands in Pakistan who have captured the bulk of Men’s clothing demand.

1- Bonanza

Bonanza is manufacturing high-quality fabrics for men like Latha and simple cotton and printed cotton. These are stylish and elegant which complete the needs of its diverse customers. Bonanza is one of the best menswear traditional brand in the market providing quality clothes.

2- Edenrobe

Edenrobe is a famous brand for men clothing that is offering highly fine quality kurta & shalwar kameez for gents. And this is providing more stylish and elegant dresses that are not only traditional yet contemporary.

3- Junaid Jamshed J.

J. Junaid Jamshed is a classic brand they are focused on all type of class. They deal of casual and formal clothes along with the groom’s wear which offers sumptuous, traditional and chic looks.

4- Khaadi

Khaadi is the most reputable clothing brands in Pakistan. It is one of the leading brands when it comes to women fashion, but their traditional menswear is something that has always be prominent.

 5- Gul Ahmed

The brand of Gul Ahmed stands compatible with quality, innovation, and reliability. ShalwarKameez is one of the innovation and quality of Gul Ahmed.

6- Alkaram

Alkaram is another stylish brand if you’re looking for heterogeneity yet simplicity in your collection of Kurta wear.

7- Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan is a famous Pakistani designer. We can find an ultimate collection of shalwar kameez, kurta, waistcoat for gents with peculiar guidance. All party wear, wedding wear can be found on Amir Adnan accumulation.

8- Sapphire

Sapphire leads something for the men and boys with a modern collection of traditional menswear. Sapphire’s Kurta collection is up for clutches on their online store and it’s a comprehensive combination of class and style.

9- IsmailFarid 

Ismail Farid brand is distinguished for its high-quality fabric and its colors and patterns since long as a leading brand.

10- Charcoal

Although Charcoal is more well-known for its western wear in recent years their kurtas have really caught the eye, their stylish collection isn’t up yet but absolutely one to look out for.

All these designers and brands are the treasure of our nation. Their services to the fashion industry are numerous and one statement does not do justice to their achievements and impact around the world.

Why You Should Choose Ready Made Formal Wear For Men

Men often confuse to choose ready-made or tailor-made when it comes to formal wear. While the people who wear tailor-made clothes will always have something missing or not according to their requirements. We’re here to disclose the myths and the reputation surrounding ready-made clothes and formal wear for men.

Here are Three reasons why Ready Made Formal wear is surely an option to consider!

1) Comprehensive Variety of Designs

Choosing the right make of fabric and design can be an intimidating task when selecting fabrics for men formal wear. This trouble is more or less when you select the readymade outfits. Since they are refreshed with every season, keeping in mind current fashion trends. When old patterns like checkered, pinstripes shirts are re-design then it gives a contemporary look. So all you have to choose a style that suits your taste.

2) Made for Everyone

Ready to wear formal dress realizes the importance of the people needs. And for this, they have introduced different fits in shirts, trousers and other items of clothing. Shirts are now accessible in styles such as Slim Fit and Regular Fit. And they are comfortable and highlight your body type in the most subtle way possible.

3) Lower Wait Times (Perfect for those in a hurry)

When you’re in a hurry to get everything together get yourself ready and get out the door. You should pick ready to wear outfit, which is functional, fashionable and comfortable. It seems like too much of a stylish in your formal wardrobe. So that you can handle your time. A readymade suit with minor modifications can do the trick.

Regarding online shopping, it is only helpful when you know a brand offering. If you are a consistent customer to a brand, and you know their fittings. Then only you should visit for online to purchase with them.

With Shahzeb Saeed‘s you can get the best of both worlds with the readymade clothing, we offer. So, you can be sure of receiving the best quality of fabrics, and a bang for your buck! Check out our range of readymade clothing, formal, polo shirts and casual shirts for men. We offer everything for everyone.

Men Kurta Pajama is Stylish and Attractive Attire for the Wedding

Mens Kurta Pajama is a stylish and attractive attire for the wedding.  Weddings in Pakistan are beautiful events. There is an important thing a certain dress for most weddings. A man wears designer kurta pajama and women wears frocks or lehenga. Our designers are introducing new styles on kurta pajama. We get many designs in different material. So, when we select one for our marriage make sure, to choose the best because it is once in a lifetime

Just like the women, men even have the same wish that he looks unique on wedding occasions. Now for the function of a wedding, men have so many choices through which they can surely make their personality stylish with the elegant and attractive dress. By looking inside the fashion market you can see so much about the latest and newest trends of Pakistan wedding dresses for men

To get wedding occasion satisfaction Shahzeb Saeed has added best men Kurta designs for the wedding event. We guarantee you that subsequent to wearing our designer kurta pajama, nobody can restrain themselves from giving you perfect compliments on your kurta and traditionally you will look like a stylish figure at the wedding.

Have you been looking for some of the latest styles and trends of Pakistani wedding kurta pajama for men? Shahzeb Saeed is considered one of the best Menswear brand. They are the largest company of designer clothing in Pakistan. Our leading and famous men’s fashion designer introducing latest and elegance Premium quality Kurta pajama or Shalwar for men in a wide range of designs and color’s.You can check new arrival Menskurtapajama for wedding collection on our online shopping store Pakistan.

Printed Blue kurta pajama is a stylish kurta pajama for wedding design. It is a printed type blue dress with beautiful embroidery on neckline and backside. It comes with black pajama. This is a simple design with style and beauty.

KurtaPajamawithJamawarBanarsi Waistcoat is stylish and attractive wear for the wedding. It’s a beautiful red kurta with cream color pajama and the waistcoat is beautifully designed with it. The men’s kurta waistcoat and pajama would definitely attract attention, compliments from guests. Wear this and look be stylish.

Full embroidery Kurta with white pajama is a designer kurta pajama for the wedding. It is the latest Pakistani design that you can choose as wedding wear. It is a creamy color men’s kurta with full body embroidery. And with white pajama, you look stylish in front of others. To wear this attractive dress on your special day.

 Plain Art Silk KurtaPajamais an extraordinary choice as wedding wear. Kurta is a copper color one and pajama is maroon color. Collar and body are embroidered. This dress makes you a stylish groom and you can glow to your wedding.

Banarasi KurtaPajama: It comes to an excellent wedding men kurta pajama design in Banarasi Jacquard silk. It is a red color kurta with beautiful works on it. Embroideries and prints make them excellent. It comes with a golden pajama combination which is really attractive. It is a unique design and stylish too.

Designer Silk kurta pajama is a trendy kurta pajama for marriage. It is a traditional design with embroidery on it. The cream color is the common color for most marriages. The neckline is embroidered and is made of silk material. Prefer this one to wear at the wedding and give yourself a superb look.

Grey KurtaPajamais a stylish men kurta pajama for the wedding. Elegant embroidery and fiber works make it stylish. You can pick a grey maroon combination as your wedding wear. You can be a star by choosing the best.

These are the best stylish designs of wedding kurta pajama. To look lovely for the wedding, pick the best attire that suits you. Always catch new trends and design. So that you can look always be versatile, stylish and different from others.

Buy from Shahzeb Saeed Latest Men’s Designer Kurta Pajama for Special Occasion

Designer kurta pajama is a fabulous combination of casual and semi-casual events. There are also elegant varieties which can be worn for parties and special occasions. This is a very comfortable Pakistani fashion dress for men, famous for the loose and airy fit of the pants, shalwar or pajama. At the same time, the use of stylish color combinations and ethnic embroideries can improve the glamour part of these outfits.

Latest designer kurta pajama is the perfect wear for those who want to look distinct in the crowd. It is a perfect wear for the family’s special occasions. Everybody needs to appear to be elegant and engaging on occasions, regardless of whether it’s a wedding function or an extraordinary event. Shahzeb Saeed is the perfect place for men to be always trendy. The enthralling collection of Shahzeb Saeed includes Designer Kurta for Men which gives a complementary look on one’s personality.

Designer kurtas give a more soothing and comforting look for men. They seem more gentle and classic in their appearance. It can be worn on special occasions and it will never lose its charm. As the people say that” Being classy is never out of fashion”. Same is the case with kurtas pajama that it is never out of fashion.

Men kurta and pajama are considered as the cultural clothing in Pakistan. And you can say kurta for men is another modern style to retain yourself close to cultural. It has been a traditional dress for men living in Pakistan, since ancient times, in past, poet, scholars and especially Muslim leaders wore the kurta pajama, it has become their signature.

Designer kurta pajamas for men are worn at on special days, like Independence Day or Pakistan day. Pakistani men wear traditional green and white kurta pajama or shalwar kameez at freedom day. So designer kurta pajama grow up your patriotic look. Pakistani men basically like to wear their kurtas with salwar or pajama. But there are some kurtas that can actually be worn with jeans as well. These are a bit different from the simultaneous kurtas, as they are a bit shorter in length and are a kind of long shirt. This style of kurta is very much in fashion these days.

Almost designer kurtas for men are made with cotton fabric. As it accommodates the weather. Because the weather continues hot for almost 8 to 10 months in Pakistan. Kurtas are made with different fabric like silk. But usually, they use for festive or formal events. Today’s men`s kurta is considered to be a versatile attire, and they are fitting for daily wear.

Shahzeb Saeed online shopping store has a wide range of men`s designer kurta of a different fashion. We have kurtas that are suitable for every event and weather. You can buy designer kurta for men, men`s shalwar kameez, men`s waistcoats and other men clothing items from our online shopping website. An exclusive collection of designer kurta pajama or shalwar is available too. So hope you will like these designs or want to make a part of your wardrobe. We believe in providing the fastest online service so you don’t have to miss any event because of the stylish and elegant outfit.

Wear Stylish Gents Kurta Design with Shalwar on Eid to Enhance Your Festive Look

Gents Kurta Design with Shalwar for Eid collection by Shahzeb Saeed menswear. Shahzeb Saeed introducing sumptuous trends in men’s clothing by providing stylish traditional wear of men in elegant designs and colors.  Amazing designs and colors give you a prominent look with style. We are one of the best and stylish men wear clothing brand, is presenting stimulating menswear in a wide range of chic gents Kurta design with shalwar.

Gents Kurta Shalwar is a traditional attire of men in Pakistan used as formal or casual wear in various style. Men like to wear simple kurta shalwar in a formal day. Because these are reliable attire or Men’s feel comfort in it. But if you want to attend a function or use on any occasion when you wear a stylish piece of Kurta you look different than others.

But those who work in the office and corporate sector. They are wearing this traditional dress on festive and special occasions. Every man has a different choice, so many like to wear simple dresses of cotton and some likes wash n wear with simple stitching style. But on a festive and special occasion, they like to wear a little touch worked on Kurta. Light touch working on neckline and collar of kurta like by men. Nowadays fashion is growing update. So our designer is introducing the latest stitching style in men clothing like on collar work, doing some embroidery on neckline. These stylish and latest Kurta Design for Men enhance your look and occasion happiness.

An innovative collection for your festive days. That time of the year when people are seen busy shopping for the most auspicious occasion of the year. With all the blessings and happiness, Eid ul-Fitr brings to us, it also brings with worries for, that wardrobe we need to update. Though these are not troublesome for the women, because they know how to do shopping. But for men shopping is always a challenge as they are busy in their work. But we solve your every problem and offered stylish, elegant and fashionable gents kurta design with shalwar for your Eid festival. It doesn’t only have appealing colors and neat style but also certainly have a confident outlook.

The kurtas with embroidery give a more tropical look than the normal kurtas. They basically represent the glowing and charming quality of the person who wears them. They are often worn on formal occasions. The embroidered kurta can wear on marriage ceremonies like mehndi or nikah. They can also wear on special events like Eid or Shab e Barat etc. You can buy the latest gents kurta design with shalwar at our online store in Pakistan with a big discount.