5 Indulgent Styles Of Collar Men Polo Shirts to Look Dapper

5 Indulgent Styles Of Collar Men Polo Shirts to Look Dapper, Menswear designers try to improve their polo t-shirt designs with style in this era. The trends come like zippered collars, longer button plackets, and unlimited color choices. The polo is your glorifying casual wear. Polo shirts have a collar and an elective pocket on with a button placket. The men polo shirts are produced for comfort and casual impact. They are normally made from knitted material. Such type of shirts completely cool for those men’s who has a fitness and athletic body type. Polo shirts are a traditional fashion piece that has many styles, colors, and patterns, which designer style suits you best?

Polo Shirts with Different Collars and Colours

Are you crazy about the collared shirt or want to take experimenting? Here’s we offer a style guide! Let’s try out 5 easy styles to look dapper even in a collared t-shirt.

1- Ribbed cuffs and Collars Polo T-Shirt

Mainline Menswear ribbed cuff and collar polo shirt is comfortable and suitable for the body. A plain polo t-shirt can pair with black jeans to achieve a confident style. You can match it with a brightly colored jacket to evade clashing patterns. Because it is a classic design so it can be coordinated with anything in general.

2- Striped Collar Polo Shirt

Twin striped patterns are trendy and stylish and many brands are ratifying this design into their designs, including Alkaram, Shahzeb Saeed, Diners, and Dockers. Shahzeb Saeed Menswear is displaying a chic look of the striped collar men polo shirts. For a casual fashion, a navy blue shirt with red stripes is a perfect match with a varsity-style jacket.

3- Dry Collar Men Polo Shirt

You can prefer this men’s polo t-shirt with a dry buttoned collar. The cotton collar is made like a shirt style and this gives it dressier look. This is perfect for business casual wear to gain a professional look along with the casual style.

4- Slim Fit Plain Collar Polo Shirts for Men

The slim fit look is always a favored choice of men and women. Ralph Lauren’s slim fit polo shirt is completely perfect for you. Its stretchy material gives comfortable and appends a more structured look to your outfit. This style is very casual and can be paired with denim jeans or trousers. And we are bringing new trends in all types of men’s clothing fashion.

5- Black Collar Polo t-Shirts

Pair this sporty orange and a white polo shirt with black collar for a vibrant, summer look to match shorts or denim jeans. The white block and the white sleeves create the best impression of broader shoulders. Don’t wear this shirt with another patterned clothing because it will be to mismatch. You can wear this polo shirt for the beach gathering and catch your summer’s style.

Bottom Lines

Men polo shirts are definitely a style statement. You will truly like the color and smart collar style of polo shirts. It’s suitable for all ages of men and women. There is a diversity of styles to suit everyone. From simple classics to outlandish designs of a polo t-shirt is available with a specific design pattern.

How To Match A Mens Dress Watches To Your Outfit

A classic mens dress watches are an important accessory. It is not just your everyday timepiece, but the sophisticated finishing touch to your outfit. Matching a watch to your clothing can be both simple and difficult at the same time. You can get swung up on refining outfit highlights while also forgetting to be practical. If you’ve freshly bought an expensive, high-quality timepiece then you might even want to match an attire according to the watch.

Also, there a huge collection and types of watches for men, therefore anyone could confuse while buying a choice. Here we are sharing an expert guide for men on how to match a watch with any outfit like a pro fashion guru.

1- Dress formal

Choosing a watch to wear with formal clothes is the most important effort because here you would need to pick the right one and it would need to combine well with the attire. Formal dresses would be a full suit with tie or bow tie and it would be appropriate to wear a men’s dress watches which would have a dial that would match the suit. A watch with a leather strap would be the best for a formal occasion. For a fully professional dress or business clothes, dress watches are a classic match. For slightly business dresses, dress & diver watches are a perfect match.

2- Dress casual

If you are wearing a complete casual dress, the best match for a watch would be any style. That’s the attraction of casual dresses that you can wear any watch type and it would match the style of your clothes. If you are a guy who likes to wear casual dresses more often, there’s not much effort you will need to do while matching a watch with your outfit. All types of casual clothes including men’s polo shirt, casual shirts, denim jeans, trousers, and pants do complement any kind of watches.

3-While wearing Shalwarkameez or kurta

Pakistani traditional attire such as men’s kurta or shalwarkameez is most popular. It is a traditional Pakistani dress for men and is highly stylish. You need to match a watch that’s super classy and gives a touch of royalty with traditional clothes and could wear on all special occasions. A good thing is that most of the watches can be easily matched with a kurta or kameezshalwar. However, take into mind the color of your dress and color of your watch.

4- Match with shoes

If you are confused about what should be the excellent match for your outfit, don’t worry we have the solution for that too. Simply match the watch with the shoes. Men Shoes in Pakistan are available in diverse styles so you can experiment out the best with your matching accessories and style. You can also match your men’s dress watches with other accessories such as a belt, outwear such as jackets or hoodies.

5- Sports Watches

Although the main contrast between a casual dress and sports watches, like a chronograph is simply a timepiece that can be used as is that one is for casual events while the other is for sport. Turning metal for a leather strap on a casual watch can, for example, make it formal event ready. This isn’t the case with sports watches.

The 7 Best Polo Shirts Design You Can Buy In 2019

The best polo shirts design is made with breathable, versatile fabrics and available in charming colors that are subtle, stylish and definitely not too bright or loud. A great polo shirt can enhance your style. Although a slim-fitting T-shirt can even serve with a suit nowadays. You can rock a polo on its own with chinos and white sneakers. Or you can pair with pieces like your favorite pair of slim chino shorts. Here are 7 excellent versions for all tastes and comfort levels to dress you reacquainted with the resurgent classic.

1- Merino Polo Shirt

Merino Polo is one of the best men’s polo shirts. You can spend your money on this versatile merino fabric for extra breathability and moisture-wicking qualities. From the casual to the formal occasion, so Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo can get the perfect look.

2- Linen Polo Shirt

When it comes to choosing the perfect polo shirts design to conquer the summer heat, a lightweight linen option is as good as it captures for optimum breathability with a relaxed-yet-sophisticated vibe.

3- Vertical Stripe Button-Down Polo Shirt

This retro vertical-striped polo makes a modern twist with the full-buttoned front and color-blocked design.

4- Pattern Polo Shirt

The Merino 150 Pattern Polo Shirt, a subtly chic yet effortlessly fashionable take on the polo t-shirt, made with a classic fit that complements your best Sunday brunch chooses easily.

5- Wrinkle-Free Polo Shirt for Men

Ideal for the guy on the go, this wrinkle-free select will look fresh even after you pull it out of a grip. The master fit will give you that desired untucked-look.

6- Stretch-Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt

Ultimately, choosing for pique fabric is a great way to achieve a more formal look without being forced to sprinkle off your long sleeve button up. It’s sophisticated, but not old-fashioned.

7- Jersey Polo Shirt

Jersey knit polo shirts have a smooth surface that is related to a t-shirt or fine sweater. It simply creates a different look, and it all depends on your taste. In terms of breathability, an open pique knit is superior to any Jersey knit.


  • The brand of the polo shirt is also more of a peculiar choice. Buying a polo shirt design from a well-known brand assures good quality of the garment and the pride of wearing a famous logo. Some favorite names in the realm of polo shirts are Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and many others.
  • Overall comfort and functionality of the polo t-shirt depending on the fabric used. Polo shirts of today are made of various types of fabrics with different sets of benefits and shortcomings.

The Complete Men’s Polo Shirt Pakistan Guide

Today, the men’s polo shirt can be worn in almost any situation where an open collar is replaced for a dress shirt and tie. Many industries have adopted polo shirts as a uniform, from the traditional polo fields and tennis courts to the country club and offices. Polo shirts are everywhere though you are tradesmen, exterminators to retail stores. We look at those t-shirts for men are very popular in every field of life.

The polo shirt is almost 100 years old. And there are many aspects to this classic garment that can change its appropriateness for different occasions. Shahzeb Saeed Menswear will guide you in search of the perfect and classic polo shirts.  And offers outlines all of the fundamental features of the polo shirt design. That how should you look for in the perfect polo t-shirt? Our primary guide to polo shirts is complete. You can wear a polo shirt with any classification of trousers/pants, chinos, jeans, and even suit trousers.

How a Men’s Polo Shirt Should Fit

Today, many brands offer different kinds of fits, like a slim fit or regular fit. Slim vs regular fit are general cuts and with Knot Standard’s custom clothing you can arrange either to suit your individual structure, size, and shape. Choosing a slim or regular fit is not only about size but also depends on personal taste and style.

If you’re proceeding to go for a vintage look, keep these tips in mind:

  • The soft collar of polo can wrinkle and collapse behind the collar of your jacket, so make sure you keep it upright and straight with its points inside the jacket lapels; collar supports them.
  • Only pair a polo with a soft, relaxed, unstructured jacket, ideally in a natural fabric like Egyptian cotton or linen. Structured wool jackets will jar too much with the polo’s casualness.
  • Wear a polo with a solid color or crafty pattern. Stripes or heavy patterns are too casual and formal to be paired with a jacket.
  • A polo with longer placket buttons (up to 4) looks especially nice under a blazer, as it attends more to the dress shirt.

Purchase Polo Shirts for men at ShahzebSaeed online store

Now that you know how a men’s polo shirt should fit. It’s time to build out your casual and formal shirt wardrobe. Include a variety of fabrics and styles in your collection. You can buy pure cotton polo shirts from Shahzeb Saeed online shopping store in Pakistan.  With short and long sleeve polos available in a variety of colors and patterns. Shahzeb Saeed’s Menswear is a great place to start building your polo t-shirt collection.