Best Men’s Shirt And Tie Combination Guide

Best Men’s Shirt And Tie Combination Guide, Fashionable ties are necessary elements of a man’s formal wardrobe. A tie makes your neck and shirt more stylish and elegant for the office look. When you wearing a colorful and ready to wear silk tie according to style, you look stunning and prominent among the crowd. It can be a little difficult to match a perfect shirt and tie along with your suit color. So choosing the right color combination can make you look classy, chic, and attractive. Hence Shahzeb Saeed formal men shirts and ties are ideal for business work, formal parties, and office meetings. When you’re dressing for the office or a formal function, then you must focus on color. Fortunately, we’re here to pull out you from this tricky streams of creating a solidarity ensemble. Our Pakistani designer guide and combination style will make you awesome for any occasion.

Know the Colors Blending

The first thing you require to do before starting to combine your tie and shirt in different colors and designs is to understand what colors go well together and which ones you should shun combining. To better understand you must know about the color wheel. Because the color wheel is the base of all color combinations. The color wheel is doled into two parts: vibrant colors and cool colors. Cool colors are blues, purples, pinks, and greens, and warm tones include reds, oranges, and yellows. Practicing this color wheel scheme, we can build such combinations that will match together properly. Below you can check the exact patterns and schemes list that we can utilize to achieve the best match.

1- One Color Tones Scheme

In this color scheme, we use the same color combination of men suit, shirt, and tie. It’s the most comfortable and easiest scheme to get a formal fashion.

2- Parallel Colors Scheme

In this scheme, you wear coordinating colors that are similar to each other. It means that the tie will be slightly warmer than the shirt and the suit.

3- Contrasting Colour Scheme

Contrasting color scheme combinations can bring balance to your appearance but is quite often difficult to match. The best fashion requires matching a darker tone of each pattern.

4- Complementary Colour Scheme

These colors scheme are opposite to each on the color wheel. They are most difficult to match them together and require a lot of fashion sense to pull off a stylish look. For example, match a grey suit, orange tie, and a soft blue shirt.

Matching Ties To Shirts Based

Here we give you a guide to the best men shirt and tie combinations to save you time and trouble. You can try these styles in a sure-fire way to look the best at work daily.

Try a light tint of blue to enhance your darker colored tie. There are many choices for tie and blue shirt combinations. When you wear a light-colored blue shirt with a burnt orange or green tie. These combinations will give you an excellent glimpse.

  • Pink Shirt 

You can combine your pink shirt with a navy blue tie, with or without patterned. Purple and green are parallel colors, you can, therefore, combine your light-colored pink with a dark purple, green, or khaki colored tie and you will stand out from the crowd

It is very difficult to combine a checked shirt with a tie. But you can combine with many different patterns without running wrong. Only remember that your tie must have a bigger pattern than the checked pattern on your shirt.Mens Checkered shirts online

simple or block color ties look perfect when you wearing a striped shirt. Despite the colors are similar, contrasting, or equivalent shades. With a striped shirt, you have many options, you can also wear different patterns like polka dots or paisley ties.

The white shirt is very classic and you can combine with any tie color and fabric. The men’s white shirt goes with almost any combinations. Combine with spots, stripes, dots, or tartans, and it will be an easy way to add something a little different in the office without moving out of your comfort zone.

Best Shirts For Men 2020 Can Revamp Your Wardrobe

Best Shirts For Men 2020 Can Revamp Your Wardrobe, The perfect stable of your wardrobe, formal dress shirts, business shirts, and casual shirts that look sharp and stunning. Everyone wants the best shirts for men if you are looking for a suitable branded casual men shirt or formal shirt men you can easily find it at offline and online stores. There are a lot of branded stores that sell high-quality men’s shirts so you can buy whatever you want at the best prices and according to your personality.

The symbol of fashionable elegance for men, ready-made shirts are the most satisfactory iconic fashion item. You can add a variety of styles, fits, and colors to achieve the precise look. With gingham, tartan, and bold checks, explore our collection of shirts to take you from your week to weekend in great style. For a formal look, style your shirt with pants trousers, or wear a t-shirt for a relaxed casual look.

Best men shirts make you perfect with Zero effort

There comes a time in every men’s life when they want to look something stylish and unique in their wardrobe. While your main focus is to be carrying sharp and chic shirts. This eager drives us to the popular men’s shirts. Today it is not difficult to complement looks by a good shirt. So having a good few hanging up shirts for all styles and occasions is necessary. There’s always a need for a good quality shirt in Spring, summer, autumn, winter – office, casual, luxury, evening dress. Here we have selected a few standout shirts for men that will keep you looking fashionable both when you work and when you enjoy– because life is all about classy, just like your wardrobe!

1- Premium Quality White Shirt

These shirts are crafted from premium, imported material, and are made to keep you chic and comfortable. Men’s white cotton shirt is perfect for office work. Cotton fabrics give a cool and stylish effect in summer.

2- Men Checkered Shirts 

This checkered shirt can be worn with or without a tie, and You can add a unique, stylish touch to your everyday office look. Wear with pride, open or buttoned up micro-check shirts to win your formal race.

3- Striped Shirts For Men

A button-down eye-catching, playful, and impeccably stripes shirt with long sleeves is an awesome choice for formal work. This men striped shirt has been tailored from lightweight cotton-poplin and its cutaway collar design fit for a tie. It is perfectly suited with a navy suit.

4- Designer formal shirts 

Best designer shirts for men are ideal for a dapper look. These classy and elegant men shirts with the finest cuts will make you a crowd-pleaser. Regular and classic-cut shirts give a little fresh room.

5- Men Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are excellent for professional and formal wear. They are plain and versatile. A tie adds a classy touch in your dress shirt collection. And Oxford dress shirt fabric is useful and fit for everyday wear. You can go ahead and wear them with your preferred khaki pants, belt, and leather shoes.


These are the best formal shirts and business formal shirts to cover you for every occasion. When you need to arrange closet staples, these are the best shirts for men to catch the right fashion way.

Latest Men Winter Fashion Trends And Style Guides

Latest Men Winter Fashion Trends And Style Guides, As every season approaches you and then leaves. So it is a very special thing that what your style of wearing in every season is. Winter is a stunning season in Pakistan. It is the season when you reveal your wardrobe for comfortable attire. Same as when cool mornings become rare with a strong and hot cup of tea. So that you need to want some outstanding in men winter fashion. When it comes to men’s dressing for the cold weather, certain items are considered absolute must-haves, so you can stay warm and look amazingly stylish. You can wear a beautiful and attractive color style leather jackets, Wool overcoat, vest coat, Blazer.

Many people combine winter design with dull and distressed hues. But this is not the right and accurate color combination for men’s clothes and style. You can add in winter dressing so many natural tones of dark-colored, red-orange, camel, beige, and other amazing tones. The colored go from refined natural to heavy and fascinating shades.

Best color combination for men’s clothes

Here are a few colors for men’s dressing that you could wear this winter season.

  •  Blue

Blue, especially comes with more reflective hues like naval force, cobalt blue, or ink blue. It is remarkable for the winter collection. Try dim shades in trousers and pajama with splendid Mandarin neckline shirts, and kurta pajamas with a waistcoat.

  •  Grey

This color used less in clothes, which is only so off-base. You know that dim is a superior hueing and when paired with specific oranges, reds, and yellows, that makes a great statement. It has a downplayed style that earns the confidence and raise of your dressing sense.


Slight growth in a dark-colored camel is refined with a rich tone. It works best for winter men fashion suits, bottoms, and embroidered kurtas and shalwar kameez.

  • Red

Tones and shades like Claret, orange, coral, maroon take the prominent role in ethnic wear. And it meets formals to light up the dull season. A splendid red Gingham check shirt or a maroon business’s shirt combined with beige jeans, and red kurta with white pajama will give you a complete easy-going style.

  • Yellow

Colors of yellow, be it in softer hues or more distinguished ones like chrome, mustards, and ochres, are perfect to leave the monotony of winter.

  • Red

It is softer hues. Colors of yellow are more distinguished ones like chrome, mustards, and ochres. They are perfect to leave the dullness of winter.

What is accurate as to your personality?

Now, wearing the right color isn’t only enough for plausible design and styling. As a man, you require to understand what has best for you. If you have a slim body structure then the lighter shades of yellow, camel, and cream are best for your personality. Darker shades are perfect for men with a heavy and chunky body.

The Latest Men Winter Fashion 

As the temperature falls and snow begins to fall, it’s not unusual to see men’s fashion go along with it. Winter is really a great time to move up your personal style and start experimenting with layering different items of your wardrobe. From hats, gloves, scarves, and sweaters, jackets you have many things in your place. Enjoy the latest Shahzeb Saeed collection of men’s winter outfits. That serves you to stay stylish while out in the blizzard.

Best Branded Shirt Colors and Ideas

  1. Check it

A modern style to wear flannel shirts is by keeping the front buttons open and wearing a white designer plain shirt underneath. They have more texture than cotton shirts. This specific design is also popular in western brands and is usually imported in Pakistan. Most young people like to layer their clothing. These flannels are readily available online and there is a wide range of flannel styles and colors you have the choice of.

  1. The French tuck

A very popular style of tucking in your shirt is when you just tuck in the front middle of your dress shirt and leave the rest out. This makes you look less bulky and leaner.

  1. Pure white

White designer formal shirts are necessary for any guy’s wardrobe. There is a lot you can try with a white shirt for men. You can wear a white shirt and tie to create a formal look, or you could leave it be and pair it with jeans for a casual look. Even the color combination of the shirt and tie can really make a statement.

  1. Digital prints

Printed shirts are available in many designs. They create diversity in men’s dress shirts and make them more fun and different. The designs range from different types of stripes to digital prints to checkered shirt. Printed shirts can be worn on formal and casual gatherings, both. Mostly, colorful printed shirts are worn by the younger generation in Pakistan.

  1. Pocket x two

Most branded shirts in Karachi have a pocket on only one side of the shirt. A few, mostly informal, cotton shirts even have pockets on both sides. This makes the shirt more convenient and user-friendly. Double pocketed shirts usually have smaller equal-sized pockets on both sides, giving the outfit a modern look.

  1. Blackout

It’s a universal rule that you can never go wrong with black! Commonly a t-shirt design is black but very few people wear a black shirt dress. A great look to pull off is an all-black pant shirt combination. You can even top it off with a black jacket/coat. Stylish shirts for men are mostly the ones that are simple, basic and comfortable. It is even better if they are designer dress shirts.

  1. Light and bright

Branded formal dresses, especially in men’s wear, are more often pastel-colored to give a more formal and expensive look. There is a large variety of clothing brands that sell dress shirts in Pakistan that can be brought through online shopping.  Pastel colors like light blue, pink and green are often seen as office shirts and are worn by aged people more often.

  1. It’s too dark

Dark blue, grey, purple or green, all most liked and repeated shirt colors and make choices so hard. Dark dress shirts can be worn in any kind of setting. Whether you are going to a birthday party or a business meeting, the right kind of pant shirt pairing can create the desired look one wants.

  1. Softie

Although cotton shirts are more expensive than blend material shirts, these are the most comfortable shirts there are. They are light-weight and breathable which makes the experience so much easier going. Cotton shirts are made of pure cotton and this allows them to be thin and airy.


  1. Denim

Denim shirts are casual type dress shirts. These are similar to the jeans material but way thinner and airier. It is preferred to wear denim shirts with black jeans to avoid a “denim over denim” situation, which is hard to carry for most people. Denim shirts make you look way younger than your age, which is why a lot of older men in Pakistan like to wear them.

  1. Blends

Its always is a good idea to try different blends. They are widely appreciated because there is a large variety one can decide from. you can choose from when it comes to blending shirts as they are greatly available.  The second reason is that these are cheaper and way more durable.

Why men opt for formal dress shirts?

Why men opt for formal dress shirts? Formal shirts are worn all over Pakistan on many different occasions. It is always trendy to wear dress shirts for weddings, parties, offices, and schools. Formal shirt dress make individuals look professional in settings where they require to be taken seriously and as an authority figure. A shirt and tie if contrasted and matched correctly can make a person look both professional and graceful.  In fact, most offices and schools require the employees and students to avoid casual and easy-going looks and wear proper dress shirts, ties and suits. This is why men are forced to opt for dress shirts in Pakistan even if they don’t prefer it. The reason why a lot of organizations keep dress shirts as their dress code as they make all the employees look uniform and disciplined. Moreover, formal dress shirts also look neater than other clothes like a t-shirt, which are usually worn by the younger generation in Pakistan.

As there is a high demand for dress shirts in Pakistan, there are many good stores. Even online shopping in Pakistan is a good option when looking for dress shirts. There is a large variety of designs, materials, and colors that you can choose from which makes it easier to shop and own more clothes. Dress shirts are readily available so you can even find the sale on brands in Pakistan make shopping much cheaper and reasonable, and possible for people from all socio-economic classes.

Another reason why Pakistani men prefer to use dress shirts because they can be transformed into formal or casual attire by simply wearing it a specific way or with specific things. For example, if you wear a dress shirt with a dress trouser it will look formal and professional, but if you wear it with jeans and leave it un-tucked, it automatically looks causal to semi-formal. This means you can repeat clothes without it even being noticed. Men love to wear clothes that are comfortable, and if you buy clothes such as dress shirts from good brands and stores, such as shahzeb saeed, you will be more than happy with your outfit.

Dress shirts are also very comfortable to wear. For many people, they are in their comfort zone when they wear dress shirts. Cotton shirts are especially known to be very very soft and comfortable so many men in Pakistan prefer them over t-shirts and other shirts. They are breezy and ideal for summer wear because they let air pass through them very easily. Believe it or not, dress shirts are actually much easier to wash. As they are light in weight and mostly in color, they are convenient to clean and dry, which is a big plus for men living alone in Pakistan and really hate doing laundry.

Moreover, collared dress shirts look amazing with sleeveless sweaters or any sweaters at all, which makes the outfit look both graceful and comfortable in winters. By wearing plain sweaters with printed shirts, or plain dress shirts with printed sweaters gives the outfit a great amount of dimension. It has been seen that dress shirts also have a better shelf life, that is they last longer so are a better investment. This means you don’t have to run from shops to shops looking for the replacement for your favorite shirt when it gets worn out way too fast

Top 10 best Dress Shirt and Tie Combinations

  • Black over white

The most cliché and classic tie and shirt combination is a black-tie over a white dress shirt. This is the evergreen formal wear in men. It makes you look stylish and classy ay the same time. Moreover, it is a safe option if you do not want to try something risky or daring.

  • Funky ties

Although, there are more creative options available if you try online shopping in Pakistan. Funky ties have consisted of different colorful and silly patterns. They are more appropriate for young people and for casual and semi-formal events. There are a large variety of fun and exciting options to choose from, online and in-stores which bring color to your life.

  • White over colors

A white tie with different colored shirts looks very decent and is fit for formal and semi-formal wear. The color of the shirt can be bright like red, dark like blue and green or pastel-like light pink. White ties are less commonly worn and hard to find. This is why the look they create is unique and original.

  • Black over black

Black tie over a black designer dress shirt is an extremely underrated look in formal wear for men. This can be a go-to look for a wedding, farewell or even a meeting. Although it is a simple look, it is easy to pull off and look graceful with minimum effort.

  • Red over white

This is also a very common look, even worn by grooms on their wedding days in Pakistan. A black or white dress shirt with a red tie is a timeless Pakistani dress style, which never goes out of fashion and enjoyed by people of all ages. This is not only limited to formal dress and can also be worn on casual events that require ties.

  • Skinny

A skinny black tie is an instant fix to an otherwise ordinary dress. This choice of dressing is usually made by the younger generation for school and college formal and casual events. Skinny ties are a contemporary style of formal dressing for men.  They are usually available in plain and basic colors. Patterned skinny ties are less popular, but they look great if you can find them.

  • Patterned over plain

Another Pakistani dress style that looks amazing is a decently patterned tie with a plain shirt. These patterns include lines, stripes, dots, and other designs. This is the most common type of combination usually worn in offices and conferences. There are many sales on brands in Pakistan where you can find reasonably priced ties that you can buy in large amounts to create many different combination options.

  • Plain over pattered

Just as you can wear a plain shirt with a patterned tie, if you have the confidence, you can also carry the vise Versa. That is a plain tie with a patterned shirt. By pattern, we mean decent monotone patterns like light blue lines or white checkers and also colorful flowery patterns. Whatever floats your boat.

  • Brown and blue

The best shirt and tie combination is blue and brown. This means, both, blue tie with a brown shirt and brown tie with a blue shirt. This looks stylish and makes you look well dressed and effortful. It really puts the dress together by the simplest effort

  • Bow tie

If you get bored with the neckties you wear every day, you can make an extra effort to get yourself a bow tie that makes you look dressed up and also very modern. Bow ties come in different prints, which go with black and white shirts and plain ones can be combined with different dress shirts for many looks.

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