5 Best Men Suit Colors Trends Are In Summer Fashion 2021-22

Stylish 3 piece suits are the ultimate weapon of men to get an elegant professional look at any time. So it can be a bit tricky to match a perfect dress shirt and men’s tie along with your pant coat color. Because picking the right men suit colors combination can make your personality classy, elegant, and smart. Since first impressions are the last ones. In fact, your single-breasted suit‘s color is the main thing that anyone notices, even before the brand, designs, cut, and the number of buttons. So It is very important how to match your finest three-piece suit for men with a shirt, tie, and shoes.

Men’s suitings are always sizeable fashion because 3/2 piece suiting style never gets out of fashion even if trends, styles, and seasons also changed from time to time. While the summer season has all arrived and so came the latest fashion trends as well. Just like women, men are quite fond of changing their fashion trends and becoming the center of attraction. That’s why choosing the best color three-piece coat pantsuit is essential for you.

Stylish Men’s Suit Colors for different occasion

Let’s gaze at some of the most ordinary colors used in tailored made suits and how to match them for different occasions with a shirt and tie. And stay in mind that the weather and occasion play a key role in choosing a color for formal attire.

1-Navy Color Suit

The navy blue suit is a vital staple in your formalwear closet. They’re perfect for almost every occasion, whether you going to the office, attending meetings, going to a wedding party. That colour is ideal for those people who want to stick with a dark color and make a more exclusive impression. So navy blue color turn up to be the best choice for men belonging to all age groups. Hence, all online stores specializing in men’s suits carry a navy-colored one. Because this color is so simple and straightforward.

2- Charcoal Grey Suit

Charcoal grey men suit colors are just about as versatile as navy. It is the best color for the summer and suitable for teenagers and young boys who work in offices. And you can easily match a shirt and tie with a charcoal grey color. When it comes to formalities – this is suitable for work, church, weddings, funerals, or meetings.

3-Black Men’s Suit Colors

Black is always gripping as one of the best colors for men’s suits in both the summer and winter seasons. Therefore it must be added to your formal repertoire. Because it’s still the best and most classic choice for any occasion. That’s why you want to have different types of black suits in your wardrobe. A blackwork suit is great, but a tuxedo is even suitable if you’re catching the red carpet or launching a black-tie event. So don’t kick out your black suits, just add some more versatility of the color.

4- Dark Brown Men’s Suit

A dark brown suit is a significant formal aside from light or bright blue. However, it is a great piece that must-have in your formal closet. A brown suit really works best for those who have a darker skin tone or have more of a tan or olive hue to their skin. Moreover, you never wore a dark brown suit to a formal event or those places where the professional dressing is taken very solemnly.

5- Fawn Color Suit

A fawn color suit is a great addition to your formal attire collection. Like the light grey color ready-to-wear suits, a tailored made khaki/tan suit is also a perfect summer suit. If you want to attend business casual meetings or get together with a friend then the fawn 2 piece suit is for you.

These are the some of best men suit colors which can be taken as summer fashion season. Now if you want to look well turned out for other functions and parties then choose these above-mentioned colors in the best way.


What’s The Difference Between Bespoke And Made To Measure

The quality of a suit or shirts is heavily inspired by its material, style, and the way that it is tailored.  Often frustrated with made-to-measure and bespoke has become an over-used term in the retail industry. Loosely driven around to indicate anything custom-made, just like the word haute-couture is used clumsily for any piece of clothing that may be expensive, it’s time we throw some light on the difference between bespoke vs. made-to-measure garb.

Made-to-Measure (MTM)

A made-to-measure suit or shirt starts with a pre-existing pattern that is then modified to fit the client’s specific measurements. A tailor or retailer will carry a size range in one or more fittings of the original garment and will try to find the closest fitting from which adjustments are made to give you the best possible fit. Most made-to-measure services permit you to select not only the fabric and style, but also the features that make the men’s shirt unique, such as collar linings, ticket pockets, button styles, and hidden cell-phone pockets. More often the whole process takes 5 to 6 weeks. But Shahzeb Seed menswear tailor requires only 2 weeks to complete your order.

A made-to-measure brand will actually use this base pattern and modify it if your measurement rests outside the range of what a 40 size shirt was made to. A little bit of sharply of patterns are all made-to-measure includes but ensures a better fit than its ready-to-wear complement. It’s considerably expensive than Bespoke, requires less fitting trials and still gives you a piece of clothing in your size.


Bespoke, as regular readers will know, involves creating a suit or shirt from the ground up. It can take any form, any shape, any material, and is normally handmade by two or three tailors. The process begins with a primary discussion as to your needs.

Drafted from scratch, every pattern of bespoke clothing is made to an individual’s precise measurements. No use of mark patterns is involved. The master cuts a unique pattern for every customer. Unlike M2M, bespoke is a reasonably lengthy process and involves a number of fittings. And this leaves scope to achieve the perfect fit. Since every pattern is individually drafted, bespoke clothing comes at with a higher price tag.


While both, bespoke and made-to-measure are customized services. They differ in the degree to which the measurements can be accommodated, leading to a difference in the costs. Now, you know why a made-to-measure brand might be able to offer a better-fit at affordable prices. While a bespoke one would charge you a premium for a perfect fit. Menswear can be any form like formal shirts, casual wear, men’s suits, trouser pants, and shalwar kameez. They all prepare on bespoke and made-to-measure rules.

7 Formal Wardrobe Essentials for Men Must Have

Essentials for men a formal clothing set must have in his lifetime. If you bought smartly, it can serve as a good base for building your formal wardrobe. It is said that “Clothes represents the man’s personality.” A formal occasion where the way your stylish dress can receive an appreciation from the audience.

Men’s formal wear collection has always an important matter in gent’s wardrobe. Now, there is no formula to dressing well, but following a few simple guidelines can help you stay at the top of your closet.  We list down a few basic formal wardrobe essentials for men that must have.

  1. White Dress Shirt

There’s one thing every person has in his closet. It’s a plain white dress shirt. Not only does it go with almost everything can you wear. But it’s one of the best ways to transition from work to play.

  1. A suit 

The classic ready-made suit is an essential outfit. It’s perfect for work and meetings as well as more formal events such as weddings. Grey and black are some of the stylish colors to match with a white shirt or plain tie. Light blues and pastel pinks classic formal shirts are best with a plain black suit. Choose between a three-piece and a two-piece suit depending on your comfort levels as a three-piece suit includes a vest.

  1. A Blazer

The right blazer is a super-versatile essential for men item that no man should be without. A classic staple blazer is similar to a suit jacket. Get one dark, solid-colored blazer and you can wear it with your shirt and trouser combinations, dressy, business casual, and more events.

  1. Tie or Bow Tie

The tie is essentials for men’s formal suit. Nothing compliments a formal suit as a beautiful tie or bow tie. Use these accessories to add a burst of color to a formal suit. You can change your complete look by simply changing the material or color of your tie or bow tie.

  1. Flat Front Trousers

Flat front Trousers are the standard for men’s formal wear. Most young men will rarely sport pleats in their formal wear. Flat front trousers give the wearer a sharp and young look. Though some would say pleats are more formal looking.

  1. Pocket Square

Just like the men’s tie, the pocket square is a classic formal style for a man’s suit. It is not only highly fashionable but also appends a sense of sophistication and worth to your formal attire.

  1. Black shoes

Formal essentials for men must-haves shoes that every man should own. You should have a pair of simple, and elegant looking black dress shoes. These can perfectly match most of your office wear and formal occasions.

Inspiring Colours in Your Summer Formal Dress Wear

Is your summer formal dress wear wardrobe failing to carry men’s summer fashion and style? Or are you simply in need of a little warm weather inspiration? We’re here to help you to choose cool and stylish colors. Through a discussion of which color combination of formal dress wears in summer. Shahzeb Saeed menswear offers the best ways to look perfect in June, July, and August.

Colour in menswear is usually limited to a palette of grey, black, white, brown and navy. This is because, of course, a drab look is easy to pull off and requires minimal morning effort. And most men feel that experimenting with anything brighter can be a sleek slope in formal dress wear. And colorful men’s accessory could have to leave a smart impression on your colleagues. Your bright pink pocket square will chic rather than your presentation.

But while you keep your wardrobe in a traditional and modern way. You should completely avoid bolder shades. To move away from dullness, try to wear Shahzeb Saeed eye-catching light and dark colors. You should try to choose some new hues to get inspired. Here are our top color commandments in dress shirts which enhance your formal dress wear in summer.


For a semi-formal look, try a Bengal striped shirt in a sky blue, a navy tie, and a light grey waistcoat is a classic combination.


To style your dark suit for summer, pair a patterned yellow tie upon with a blue poplin shirt or a pale yellow pocket square.


For a dressy business look, accessorize a navy suit and white office wear shirt with a light green tie and a patterned green pocket square.


Contrasting a light pink dress shirt with a navy suit and tie is a sure-fire, winning combination.


Purple is perhaps the most complicated color to get right. Select for a white formal shirt paired with a plain tie in a deep plum shade.

For something more adventurous, a lilac shirt with a dark aubergine tie works great with a light grey suit.


You can try a bright red formal dress shirt which like dark maroon. It’s easy to pair it with any trouser like you have black, cream, navy blue or khaki cotton trouser for men of Shahzeb Saeed collection.

If you are bored of wearing normal black and whites colors. So take the experiment and add different colors in your wardrobe. It is a sure-shot way to look trendy and stylish. So it’s time to update your formal wardrobe with Shahzeb Saeed fabulous colors.  And enhance a more contemporary look in formal dress wear.

ShahzebSaeed Menswear - The Seasons Suiting and Flavors

A suited booted clad with a perfectly fitting suit never fails to cast an everlasting impression

A gentleman adorning a perfectly fitted, crisp suit, matched-tie, and amazing fragrance is such a lethal combination that it can easily entice anyone. Formal wears are usually very tricky and a lot of people are very hesitant to adorn them because of the fact that either they don’t know how to carry them, fitting is the issue or they are not well aware of which kind of suit will suit their physique the most without making a loud statement but nevertheless suits are one of the prime choice of apparels in a professional environment. Offices, meetings, professional parties, and even wedding receptions require an individual to be dressed in such a suit which exuberates the professional, intimidating vibe and yet be in synchronization with the latest fashion trend. To be honest, such suits are firstly very difficult to find and if you are fortunate enough to find them, then they would definitely cost you a part of your body. Moreover, there are not many places especially in our setup where you have a chance to get a customized, bespoke suit because majority of the outlets offer pre-fitted suits which may or may not fit you.

In order to find the suit which is closest to being idealistic I set out on a mission like literally a mission because trust me it’s not easy to find a suit which is edgy, oozes professionalism and sass yet fits within your budget. Designers which are renowned for their suits are so expensive that they are hardly affordable for anyone except the elitist of the class, therefore I wanted to find a brand which not only is affordable but caters all my demands of fitting, quality of fabric, stitching and even the texture and style. Striped and checkered suits are still easy to find but finding a solid color suit with slim fitting can be quite a task especially if you are wanting them in formal colors. While few brands almost were able to satisfy me up to certain extent, the designer brand which caught my attention was of Shahzeb Saeed. Though I visited its official website due to a recommendation by a friend I never thought it would prove to be a number one shopping destination for me in near future and thus would make my life much simpler. For a person like me who adorns suits not only because of professional obligations or any strict dress code which I have to follow but I genuinely enjoy wearing suits as it enhances my persona and make people look at me with a more serious approach. In my personal opinion a suited individual will always have an upper hand on the ones who are casually dressed as it makes you look formal, decent yet being stylish and fashion forward, this is also the reason why people opt for it in wedding receptions and formal family gatherings. Coming back to the Shahzeb Saeed’s brand, the suits which I witnessed on their page seemed very well curated and designed keeping in consideration the norms of office wear. The elegance and sophistication of these suits were quite visible as they were in solid block hues and undertones which made them a perfect choice to wear at formal office meetings or a family wedding. The color options are numerous to choose and quite honestly I was allured by all the colors which quite a bit added to my confusion. Styles of these suits were trendy and looked straight from the current vogue. All these features along with the mind boggling price on which they are available makes them a steal. Can you in your wildest dreams imagine a fully fitted suit with amazing style and color that too of a renowned brand starting from just Rs.5999? Well its true, due to the amazing sale going on the prices of suit are just peanuts. Even without sale the suits starts from Rs.7999 which I don’t think is a bad deal at all.

My previous shopping experiences with this brand certainly make me assure everyone of you that not only are they affordable, but the quality of fabric and stitching which are the prime determinants of any suit are exceptionally good. The size and fitting of the suits stays true to the size guide and you don’t need to size up or size down while ordering these suits. Delivery and packaging were as expected quick and ensured the suit was delivered without a scratch or stain. Trust me when I say this there cannot be a better destination to shop for suits that doesn’t compromise in quality and doesn’t cost you thousands of your hard earned money. My personal shopping experience proved to be great, therefore I without any hesitation would recommend it to all the men who are required to suit up for offices, meetings or events.