15 Stylish Shalwar Kameez & Waistcoats Combinations For Men

Eid is all about wearing ethnic outfits, getting all dressed up and having the time of your life with friends and family. Many men are confused about the right length of the Kameez so to answer this question, a longer length is better for formal occasions like Eid. For casual wear, you can prefer to wear your short kurtas and jeans but for Eid, it is best that you go for a kameez that is at least reaching your knees.

The next question that grows up is whether you should wear light colors or dark ones on Eid. The easiest answer is that you can wear light shades of shalwar kameez for Eid namaz or other daytime gatherings and dark colors with a more bling style for night time functions.

When it comes to shalwar kameez, both Pakistan and India are the top places that people look for the latest designs, trends, and colors. The shirts are ornamented with beautiful embroidered work which men usually wear on occasions and festivities. You can wear ShalwarKameez on any occasion.

Waistcoats can also be made from different fabrics and stitched well according to the fitting. Shahzeb Saeed also launched Jamawar Fabric with Zarri Works of his waistcoats collection and the designer has put together all the current and fashionable cuts. Many celebrities too like have been spotted elegant waistcoats on different occasions.

So if you are looking for designs on “how to wear a waistcoat with shalwar kameez” or “the latest and trendy waistcoat shalwar kameezcombinations” then stay tuned because Shahzeb SaeedMenswear is an abundance of the great co

llection for men so that you look more stylish and elegant. It’s the best combination for men.

When you want to buy a waistcoat, start with the base color of the shalwar kameez that you’re wearing. Then, think of what sort of waistcoat you would want to go with that – would you want a matching waistcoat or a contrasting one? Or perhaps you would like to go with the latest trend of color blocking?  Shahzeb Saeed combinations for men collection to solve your all problems and offers different dress color combination for men waistcoats those can help you make more fashionable and stylish.

White color shalwar kameez is a wardrobe main collection that every guy or men has a favorite choice. With your waistcoat, you can easily make your white shalwar kameez reach out from the rest.

Maroon shading shalwar kameez clothes for Pakistani weddings. You can furthermore wear on Eid festivity.

Grey color Men ShalwarKameez is the most brilliant and in vogue.

Blue colorKurta Shalwar is another charming and wonderful. You can wear this color in every season.

Brown shading kurta shalwar best for Eid days. This color is perfect for the winter season.

Dark brown colored shalwar kameez design for men. You can wear this color in your party functions.

Light brown color exotic style of kurta and shalwar design image for your university parties.

Creamy color latest and cool kurta and white shalwar design for boys. This is perfect for wedding ceremonies.


Most wondrous and stylish black colored shalwar kameez with waistcoat design for your partywear collection.


A pleasantly customized waistcoat can have such a great amount of effect to your regular shalwar kameez. It makes such a grand search for Eid. Still, you are confused about how to style it then come to look at Shahzeb Saeed combinations for men. Add a touch of elegance to your traditional Shalwar Kameez suit with our modern and luxurious men’s waistcoats. Men’s waistcoat is a sumptuous complement to a sophisticated personality. The use of few bright and dark colors adding with white, brown, grey and black, blue.


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Top Eid Fashion Trends from leading Designer menswear brand Shahzeb Saeed

Ramadan did not even start, but many of us are now thinking about Eid. Eid is one of the most important Islamic festivals, and every Muslim woman and man want to look stylish, fabulous & festive. Even if you are not going outside because you are spending Eid with your family. You still need to put together a nice outfit. Check out Shahzeb Saeed online shopping website for perfect ideas and getting your desired outfits.

Even though men are not generally used to paying much time window shopping for their desired items. They are certainly quite picky when it comes to making decisions. For men, stylish items and accessories are the embodiment of awesomeness that they envy to apply consistently. This new men fashion fixation has gathered heavy steam during the countdown to Eid day which urges the question: which brands are suitable for men shopping.

It is a fact that men are not only attracted to the quality and stylish clothing wear. It is also the brand name. And the power it carries that they use to become influential and fancied in their own right. In Pakistan, there are high-quality brands that take the production of men’s kurtas and shalwar kameez designs. Those attractive so they fit well up to the high standards of their customers of which men hold a solid position.  

When it comes to contemporary clothing for men, there are the best designer menswear brand is Shahzeb Saeed. That adhere to the elegance and simplicity that is mandatory for Eid shopping. Both formal and casual men wear is, however, in demand as men need them for different events ranging from modest ones to night parties. Shalwar Kameez and Formal shirts are bought of Shahzeb Saeed brands. Which design high-quality clothing. That is quite remarkable. There is also the new stylish kurta and waistcoat collection with traditional dresses that are based on a simple Eid theme.

Men are not always that into simplicity; nor do they require a complete embroidery set on their fancy salwar kameez. Designer menswear brand Shahzeb Saeed is the best brand which gives a wide selection of clothing from its extensive collection that is the perfect blend of formal and fancy at the same time. The slightest tinge of embroidery around the collars and the placket.

If you want to go a different path this Eid and cross the gateway between traditional and customs men wear. The right answer is Shahzeb Saeed menswear brand. You resemble the absolute zenith of stylish in Kameez Shalwar and kurtas for men and has a uniqueness, that is unavailable on other Pakistani brands. All the men out there just get ready to look trendy on this Eid because of best designer menswear brand Shahzeb Saeed available according to their desire. Shahzeb Saeed Menswear Eid collection is all set inside the fashion market! Shahzeb Saeed has good designers. These designers have brought a new turn in the fashion industry that why become one of the reputable brands. Shahzeb Saeed brings the offer of a big sale& great discount on Eid collection. This Eid collection by Shahzeb Saeed will surely be going to drive all the men crazy for it. Don’t forget to get hold over this.

Shalwar kameez mens

What you should buy this Eid? Shalwar Kameez or Kurta

Eid is a very special festival in the life of Muslims after Ramadan Kareem. It is a very special day so that the dress must also be special. The Holy festival is all set to click the cursors of life. It is time to replenish the lost clusters with the tranquillity of life. To make this auspicious festival more special Shahzeb Saeed has brought a variety of such Premium quality fabric of traditional shalwar kameez and kurta for men. Extensive range of beautifully crafted attires for men is available. The clothes are designed keeping in view the urgency of the occasion.

We stay on top quality so you can be on top because Quality never goes out of style & Quality dressing is a way of life.”

Men have always developed and hoped to achieve better in the fashion class generally by instinct. It is an attractive phenomenon that has carried on for hundreds of years, changing their attitudes, impressions, and boosted their confidence allowing them to do the incredible and accomplish the impossible. For this sole reason, men fashion has become the centrepiece of attention during the various occasions either traditional or religious. In Pakistan, fashion trend in men arises to a high boil during the Eid event that is celebrated in this country two times every year and is considered the biggest shopping occasion for men as well.

What you wear is how you introduce yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instantaneous language.”

It is hard for them to choose between the different designs and fashionable clothing which incorporates a wide variety and assortment of men’s shalwar kameez and kurta for men which are highly perceived as the general Eid wear that is compulsory for men. For men, every single item and clothing need to be set just right; it must have a specific combination of style and finesse that gives them the main spotlight in their respective circles. Such is the adoration and addiction for this shalwar kameez and men’s kurta shirt for which men forego even the sturdiest of price tags just to fulfill their fashion dream.

As we all know women & men always want to wear a dress which is unique and beautiful. On the occasion of Eid, they are crazy about their clothes. For this Shahzeb Saeed has originated new Eid Collections. In these collections, we are providing high-quality products. We are giving special Eid Dresses with special discount offers. Hope you likeShalwarKameez or Kurta of Eid Collections by Shahzeb Saeed. We have a huge variety of men dresses at our online store in Pakistan.

Formal dress shirts for mens

How to Know Trendy Fashion of Menswear

How to Know Trendy Fashion of Menswear

The fashion of Menswear is how you dress up & how can help you enhance only your strongest points. Fashion is not only about following the latest fashion but being trendy comes with emphasizing your individuality. With all the fashion knowledge taking the rounds everyone wants to be trendy, men and women alike. Fashion does not endure anymore. Fashion is changing at a fast step, and what was once on-trend a 12 months ago, is often no longer tolerable in the fashion scene. Here are a few things to keep in mind to be the trendy fashion menswear.

Anyway, cutting right to the chase, here are your best bets for the fashionable shirts for men. We have created a set of all in-trends styles that will satisfy every man’s requirement. Men seem trendy in black & white color mostly use for professional & casual events. It’s considered that inactive colors such as light brown, white, black and camel, navy blue are fully on trend. Trendy formal shirt designs are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. The classic way of carrying the best formal shirt is to pair it with Shahzeb Saeed menswear collection of wrinkle-free trousers. Take loose long pants and some long-sleeved shirts for comfortable traveling.

To look taller and thinner, try a pinstripe suit. Tall men are always queried out in fashion. Long sleeves should hit just at the wrist bone. The length of the sleeves can turn into a fashion blooper easy. One of the accessible ways to stay trendy is denim. Denim is a fashion line that never goes out. You can find it in trousers, Denim Jeans, formal dress shirts, and Casual shirts and even kurtas & Shalwar KameezFashion is not only being trendy but being trendy according to your personality.

Of course, if you’re not fashion knowing, you will wear the same clothing until it falls aside. But, if you need to have the best of what’s a current trend, and you wouldn’t be held dead in last year’s clothing, it’s helpful to know what’s hot this year, and what will continue to be next year.  When it comes to men’s fashion trends, to avail Shahzeb Saeed menswear collection because it’s trendy so that you can move towards wearing a remarkable style of men’s clothing.

Pakistani party wear salwar kameez

Gents Shalwar Kameez is an Elegant Suit

Gents Shalwar Kameez is an elegant Suit in South Asian civilization. Islamic culture and our society both teach men to dress up in a powerful way and not to follow west. With an improvement in knowledge, every male is seeking the web and looking forward to gents shalwar kameez styledesigns, and colors.

Shalwar Kameez designs

Women are more involved in clutching fashionable and fashionable outlay that is why we are going to supervise all the men and boys who want to look modern and more involved in their cultural outlay so far. See our new gents Shalwar Kameez designs.

With Shalwar Kameez growing really into an enormous trend of attraction. Ladies have themselves all astounded in the knowledge of experience that no other trend. Which missing from the past has returned with such an impactful entrance? The point is that men can’t help themselves in choosing their wardrobes with it. Shahzeb Saeed has the latest fashion trend in men salwar kameez.

Pakistani Fashion

 Everyone is conscious of the gorgeous range of designs in the women class, but Pakistani fashion allows unbelievable options for men as well. Pakistani men’s clothing is versatile and there are a bunch of options for numerous events. Once it was imagined that men’s dresses are only for special functions. But now they have grown into a broader range, suitable for office wear, parties, sociable and weddings. Pakistani men’s dresses have unique cuts, fabrics, and ethnic feel that shows the culture anticipates of several regions in the country.

Types of Shalwar Kameez

Shahzeb Saeed collection for men offers a stylish and elegant kurta and shalwar kameez. Everyone prefers to wear light colors in summer so this collection is the best apparel solution for all men and boys. If you want to attend more gregarious, check Shahzeb Saeed categories such as casual men shalwar kameez, fancy Shalwar Kameez for formal events, and pantsuits for the business & party.

Shalwar Kameez is the most obliged dress for Pakistani young men and old men. But immortal men Shalwar Kameez designs are besides available in the market. For the most important part, choose the slightly aged men to wear Shalwar Kameez as carefree wear and Formal or Party wear too. In this way, the market for Gents’ kameez shalwar suits is constantly growing.

You’ll attain numberless glorious and eye-catching designs of Men Shalwar Kameez. Shalwar Kameez has been a proverbial dress for Pakistani people. It is also the national elegant outfit of our country. But it didn’t present in our country as it has been around for centuries. From Turkey to innumerable European countries, from Arabian to Indian Sub-continent, this dress has its own importance and is used constantly. For various events, we used these dresses in different styles. For example, it is the national clothes for us; still, every culture’s tale is significantly different. Shalwar is usually stitched into an A-shaped with narrow bottoms around the ankle and Kameez is usually a longer shirt in most variants. You could have noticed a radical difference in different provinces.


Kurta  Pajama

When we viewed Pakistani best designer Shalwar Kameez for gents then observed that white color kurta pajama/salwar kameez is so popular and looking graceful. Black kurtas among light embroidery stitches with the ban or the collar and even shirt style collar with vibrant black, skin color waistcoat of Jamawar is into the fashion. Meanwhile, long & short kurta with jeans is amazingly looking beautiful and becoming more famous in youngsters.

The most important thing is the price limit for these outfits. Prices always depend upon the quality of the cloth. https://www.shahzebsaeed.com is the great online menswear store of Pakistan. Where you can buy the best men and gent Shalwar Kameez with a very suitable price range.

Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez and Kurta for Men are becoming Trendy & Famous

Shalwar Kameez and Kurta for men are becoming more trendy and famous in Pakistan. Fashion is developing every day from the runway to merchandising, and as gregarious. Women’s and menswear have outgrown from the fabulous silhouettes and dived into combining everything that makes fashion worth talking about. And with the Pakistani fashion industry, we’ve also been observing a change that’s been tilting a bit towards out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new to keep up with the trends. But there are some brands that have created a niche in the world of fashion. Because they’ve been in business for decades and their sole mission is to bring the granular in fashion. And today we have our eye on such trustworthy brand that’s been keeping up with the ever-changing trends, but hasn’t lost its character, Shahzeb Saeed

Women have always been very careful about dressing sense. In recent times, men are also getting conscious of the fact that they should give care to the clothing and follow the latest fashion trends as well. Shalwar kameez is the most common attire for men in South Asia consisting of Indian and Pakistan. In the case of exclusive events, men’s shalwar kameez is a sanctioned choice. Groom like to wear transitional clothes like shalwar kameez, kurta or sherwani.

Shahzeb Saeed doesn’t need any enlightenment in the fashion industry. Shahzeb Saeed Men Shalwar kameez collection is just impressive. Which introduces kurta and salwar kameez with beautiful half ban collars looks just as remarkable. The color key in this collection is really attractive and decent. Because it’s very difficult to find the right color according to the season or occasion. ShalwarKameez and kurta come with different length, you can decide according to your taste. So guys what are you looking for? Just go and grab your favorite one.

If you’re haunting for superior quality, fine craftsmanship and observation to details, then look no further, Shahzeb Saeed is a brand that symbolizes menswear in Pakistan. His tag offers a wide range of men suiting, shalwar kameez, kurta, waistcoat, and shirts. Which keeps up with a design aesthetic that is up-to-date and offers the best in amenities because of the use of the finest fabric. He holds a talent that recreates designs with modern cuts that suit men of all ages. So whether it’s a creek coat style waistcoat with metal buttons of a plain shalwar kameez or a pant pajama. Shahzeb Saeed works elements that intrigue to the modern man of today and keeps him in the spotlight.

Men’s shalwar kameez suits are accessible in numerous colors. In summer white, off-white, sky blue, peach, and cream lighter tones are used. But in the winter season, darker tones are more common. Ban collars are mostly applied in summer, side pocket should always be there in these suits. Fabrics like cotton and wash-n-wear are practiced in summer. Pakistani shalwar kameez design for men are more valuable if you buy from famous brands. But at the same time, you get the top quality products. The neckline area is embroid. But these patterns are very precise and elaborate as parallel to work on women clothing. Not bold colors are used, just a suitable amount of work done to enhance the personality of a man. Some designers that only make ladies suits are now actively making men’s shalwar kameez suits. Kameez Shalwar is the national dress in Pakistan and men arrogantly wear it. The politician and famous personalities also wear shalwar kameez to show their sincerity and solidarity with the country.

Do you know how people look over Prime Minister Imran Khan that how he is handsome and well dressed? And as a head of state, whenever he enters a room, all eyes ordinarily are on him. And naturally, people take special attention to what the Prime Minister is wearing. our Prime Minister Imran Khan wears ShalwarKameez and due to the same reason, a lot of our younger generation have also started to wear ShalwarKameez. Prime Minister Imran Khan swings his white shalwar kameez with black waistcoat effortlessly.

Imran Khan Wearing Shalwar kameez


Mens Personality Goals by ShahzebSaeed

Our Reply to Your Questions for Affordable yet Trendy Men’s Clothing (Part 2)

Continuing with the last article about how we Desis have that sparkle forever!

Despite Pakistani men being the sexiest and the hottest, still, they require to have a sense of style which makes them choose the right apparel for their body type and personality. The main question which has baffled a lot of men and their better halves are where to get such right apparels which enhances looks, physique and personality yet be affordable? To be extremely blunt and frank our locally made clothes which we get in our native markets doesn’t match up to the international quality garments despite being affordable and in range. Moreover, the international brands or local designers have amazing quality and stitching but are so expensive that they might cost an arm and a leg for a middle-class individual who earns every penny of his salary with his blood and sweat. So where can we get clothes which don’t compromise on quality and fits within the range? The answer as intriguing as it may seem is quite simple, find a brand which lives by the motto of affordable clothing and targets people from all classes and background. Fortunately, I encountered such a brand which is tried and tested by me myself; the brand is Shahzeb Saeed. Shahzeb Saeed clothing is known to be for the masses and offers extremely high-quality apparels with apt stitching, style and trend that too in a range which will sway your mind.

Shahzeb Saeed is a one-stop clothing destination for all men’s wear, whether it’s their extremely traditional, fashion-forward, oomph radiating shalwar kameez, elegant, classy waistcoat, formal, sophisticated bespoke suites, trendy and in vogue formal shirts, quirky and sassy casual shirts or snuggly warm t-shirts, you name it and they have it. Traditional, formal or casual wear that this brand offers are of an amazing quality which will last you more than you can imagine, furthermore the textures, patterns, designs, styles and solid hues in which these apparels are curated ensures that you find a garment which will suit your persona and choice to perfection. Despite such supreme and top notch quality, fine stitching and breathtaking styles all these clothing items are extremely pocket-friendly, their prices are moderated and alotted keeping in consideration the general public and the masses which makes them within everyone’s budget. Class and quality matching international standard within such price is such a deal that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. These apparels are worth more than every single penny that you pay for them. Therefore at least give this brand a go, I am cent percent sure you won’t regret for a second and will end up having a great experience.

Mens Coat Goals by ShahzebSaeed

Our Answer to Your Prayers for Affordable yet Trendy Men’s Clothing (Part 1)

Pakistani men are considered one of the most good looking and enticing ones according to a general perception of people around the world. As per a survey conducted in the year 2015, Pakistani men were placed at the third spot on the sexiest and hottest looking men’s list in the world, and with the likes of Fawad Khan, Shahid Afridi, Adeel Hussain, Ahad Raza Mir amongst others I absolutely agree with the standing. Pakistani men are blessed with such features and physique that they are envied and drooled upon by the women around the globe. Whether it is their natural glowy tan, drool-worthy beard, amazing height or brawn, muscular physique they grab all the eyeballs with their alluring good looks and enticing personality. The distinctive appeal of Pakistani men is also because of their unique yet bold sense of style and the way they dress up. In a usual Pakistani Household, men adorn apparels which are traditional, ethnic yet formal and contemporary, Pakistani men’s sense of style is a perfect blend of Traditional and contemporary fashion which makes them more alluring and distinguishing.  Our clothes and garments are not restricted to being either ethnic or formal; they are a fusion of both worlds which makes its wearer stand out from the rest of the crowd.

There will be an out and out consensus and affirmation when I say that a Pakistani hunk regardless of physique or looks will look dashing and extremely hot in a Pathani shalwar suit as the way they carry this traditional apparel is beyond awesome. Not only Shalwar kameez but the fusion garments which amalgamate the desi touch with the more contemporary or formal suit without being effeminate are quite popular with Pakistani men and to be honest, make them look gorgeous. Suits and formal shirts also make a huge part of the closet of a lot of men who are office going and love to adorn stuff which makes them feel authoritative and ceremonial; these formal apparels further enhance the raw and intimidating persona of Pakistani men. Moreover, even with casual stuff like t-shirts and casual shirts our men and boys manage to look like a bomb because obviously we have been blessed with a persona that can even carry off a sack!

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Men's Ethnic Wear Festive Collection - ShahzebSaeed

The Complete Guide of Mastering the Art of Dressing Up (Part 2)

Our working class sector who are designated with positions and authorities in office have a more formal outlook when it comes to dressing up. These men love the intimidating vibe and the authoritative persona that comes with wearing a suit or an official shirt with a tie. Most of the girls are seen crushing over such men who adorn formal clothing along with wearing a sweet scent and therefore it is also one of the reasons men like to wear these apparels. In professional life, most employs are given dress codes to follow hence they opt for suits and formal dress shirts which are not only comfortable but affordable too. While engaging in an informal survey, it was revealed by most men that to look more professional and responsible they always prefer formal suits and shirts in offices and so does their employing firm. Other than offices, wedding receptions and formal meetings also require formal dressing, hence suits again become the first choice for such events.

Youth is the foundation of any nation and a lot of brands and companies design and curate their inventories and garments keeping youngsters into consideration as this generation follow the trends and fashion very religiously. Boys in their teens or twenties are usually into colleges or universities, and for that, they need more casual, comfortable, not over the top, laid-back clothing essentials. They opt for t-shirts and casual shirts which are so cosy and comfortable that they aid them in functioning and hanging out round the clock. Our youth loves adorning fancy yet casual stuff as they want to make a style statement among their peers and college or university crowd.

Regardless of the traditional, formal or casual choice of apparels, almost every individual is juggling between all of them interchangeably. It is essential to make the right decision while splurging on any garment. You need to make sure that it is of high quality, durable, in sync in recent fashion and most importantly affordable. All these qualities amalgamated in one brand seems quite impossible, at least that is what I believed until I encountered a designer brand called Shahzeb Saeed. It won’t be misguiding to say that it is a heaven of all men’s wear. Their inventory has a massive collection of all sorts of men’s apparels and garments along with accessories which makes it a one-stop shopping destination. Perfect quality fabric, beautiful stitching, everlasting durability, multiple textures, colours and patterns, trendy and fashion-forward clothes along with affordability are a few of its plusses. Delivery time and costs are also extremely reasonable. Having tried quite a few of their garments, I would say that this brand can prove to be a game changer for you.

Any brand or garment cannot make your personality but they can enhance it, therefore be confident and a good at heart person along with dressing well to outshine anyone that tries to dim your light.

Men's Ethnic Wear Shalwar Kameez - ShahzebSaeed

The Complete Guide of Mastering the Art of Dressing Up (Part 1)

Desi culture, especially in countries like Pakistan and India which comprises the majority of the desi population, is thought to be extremely patriarchal and biased specifically regarding looks. It was a preconceived notion that women or girls regardless of age need to tick all the boxes of beauty that society has standardised but truly speaking my opinions have drastically changed. After engaging in talks with multiple people from different schools of life I have concluded that it’s not only women who are dissed by their physical appearance but men also are denigrated and belittled because of how they look. Hence, due to our society pressures, all genders from all walks of life are burdened to look their best because of the fear of being ridiculed or judged. Desi hunks are supposed to have a leaner, muscular physique with above average height, lighter tone skin if not fair, a well-groomed beard,  a designer haircut and a highly expensive adorned apparel to be considered as good looking. This entire notion is preposterous as in my opinion an individual’s personality should be more of a criterion to define his image rather than his physical appearance. Pakistani men are blessed with amazing persona and looks, the beard that most of the men wear already enhances their sex appeal and desirability quotient; they do not need any further measures to look great except being well dressed and smell good. Being well dressed according to occasions and your body type is an art, and if you master this art, then you can carry the most risqué outfits and still manage to look a bomb. Just wear anything which is comfortable for you as you can never be stylish without being comfortable, so always opt for clothes which doesn’t make you feel awkward or unsure. Moreover always splurge on clothes and accessories within your budget, never try to extend your range because you think that certain clothes will make you stand out, personality is significant clothes should match to that not vice versa.

In an ordinary Pakistani household we usually encounter all sorts of men preferring a different choice of apparels. While few prefer to get dressed up in their traditional self, others opt for more suited and formal attire, and some prefer to ooze their laid back vibes with casual stuff. Men usually in their mid 40’s and so on are seen hooking up to shalwar kameez as obviously, it is one of the most breathable and easy to carry garment. Whether it’s for offering a prayer in a mosque or attending a family gathering shalwar kameez becomes the first choice of apparel. The pros of shalwar kameez outwit its cons, firstly its extremely comfortable to wear and carry, it never lets the heat get to you, makes you look extremely desirable and doesn’t need a lot of accessories to go along with it. Not only men in their mid-life swear by it but many individuals love to adorn it on festivities, weddings, Eids and occasions, not just to look their traditional best but also to look different than their usual self. Shalwar kameez endorses Pakistani culture and Muslim traditions, therefore people from all sects and classes wear them with pride and warmth.

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