A Modern Fashion Win through Navy Blue Shalwar Kameez Gent Styles

A Modern Fashion Win through Navy Blue Shalwar Kameez Gent Styles, Navy blue colors indicate the festive mood. ShalwarKameez and men KurtaPajama is the common and traditional wear for all seasons and occasions. A navy blue color is the best choice in today’s trendy and fashionable market for all ages. So pick the right choice in men’s ethnic and eastern wear to look great at special moments like different parties and wedding events. Over the modern times, shalwar kameez gents are available in different fabrics like 100 % cotton, wash & wear, poly viscous fabric, khaddar, Kirundi fabric, and silk, those all of the best material for winter & Summer.

Latest And Beautiful Navy Blue ShalwarKameez Designs For Gents

Choose the best Shahzeb Saeed’s men shalwar kameez and kurta pajama collections with the perfect size for your elegance comfort.

  1. Plain Navy Blue KameezShalwar

This is an ethnic men’s kameez shalwar that is comfortable to wear. Its attractive plain design will help you to get endorsements for your strong sense of style. These are available in blue kurta and white pajama, which will help you to look smart and greater. So, the main purpose is that you can wear them everywhere. Hence pick a fashionable salwar kameez and kurta according to your graceful look.

  1. Royal Blue Jacquard Silk KurtaShalwar

The royal blue kurta shalwar for men is an attractive style. The dressing mixture is of Jacquard Silk and Cotton. And more attractive and noticeable part is the mandarin collar with a tiny placket with beautiful buttons. A white churidar or salwar along with brown Shoes or Kolhapuris complement these royal blue Kurtas well.

  1. Printed Blue ShalwarQameez

There are endless patterns and designs for printed blue ShalwarQameez. Floral printed dark blue suits are very elegant. These types of long shalwar kameez have both sides’ pockets. Loafers and Slippers can pair with these fashionable men’s clothes and achieve an outstanding look.

  1. Designer Blue ShalwarKameez Gents with Waistcoat For Winter

In the winter season, a blue shalwar kameez with the same color waistcoat or jacket is a comfortable option. Wear it for any traditional occasion or party in this season. The nice blended suit assures a soft touch and a regular pleasant fit. White Shalwar or pajama is the best pair for these types of kurta and Kameez.

  1. Embroidery Blue KurtaPajama or ShalwarKameez

The navy blue embroidered kurta pajama or shalwar kameez is special for a wedding or broad types of occasions. You use this style of kameez shalwar with foliage embroidery all over and on the placket that will make you sumptuous. It’s completely tailored with pure silk ranges of the most exquisite kind.

  1. Solid Blue Cotton ShalwarKameez and kurta

A need perfect kameez shalwar and kurta to make the men swing any gathering. This is a solid blue cotton style to look impressive and gorgeous. Two chest pockets with tags and chic buttons promote elegance.

  1. Casual Blue ShalwarKameez

Kurta and shalwar kameez is a graceful Pakistani dress. It has no identical while performing ceremonies or worship. As casual wear, it is comfortable for modern evening-dress, morning or night walk or for the business. Full sleeves blue kurta pajama and shalwar kameez gents with standing collar, round neck a bit extended towards shoulders that will take help you winning the style game.

Latest Men Winter Fashion Trends And Style Guides

Latest Men Winter Fashion Trends And Style Guides, As every season approaches you and then leaves. So it is a very special thing that what your style of wearing in every season is. Winter is a stunning season in Pakistan. It is the season when you reveal your wardrobe for comfortable attire. Same as when cool mornings become rare with a strong and hot cup of tea. So that you need to want some outstanding in men winter fashion. When it comes to men’s dressing for the cold weather, certain items are considered absolute must-haves, so you can stay warm and look amazingly stylish. You can wear a beautiful and attractive color style leather jackets, Wool overcoat, vest coat, Blazer.

Many people combine winter design with dull and distressed hues. But this is not the right and accurate color combination for men’s clothes and style. You can add in winter dressing so many natural tones of dark-colored, red-orange, camel, beige, and other amazing tones. The colored go from refined natural to heavy and fascinating shades.

Best color combination for men’s clothes

Here are a few colors for men’s dressing that you could wear this winter season.

  •  Blue

Blue, especially comes with more reflective hues like naval force, cobalt blue, or ink blue. It is remarkable for the winter collection. Try dim shades in trousers and pajama with splendid Mandarin neckline shirts, and kurta pajamas with a waistcoat.

  •  Grey

This color used less in clothes, which is only so off-base. You know that dim is a superior hueing and when paired with specific oranges, reds, and yellows, that makes a great statement. It has a downplayed style that earns the confidence and raise of your dressing sense.


Slight growth in a dark-colored camel is refined with a rich tone. It works best for winter men fashion suits, bottoms, and embroidered kurtas and shalwar kameez.

  • Red

Tones and shades like Claret, orange, coral, maroon take the prominent role in ethnic wear. And it meets formals to light up the dull season. A splendid red Gingham check shirt or a maroon business’s shirt combined with beige jeans, and red kurta with white pajama will give you a complete easy-going style.

  • Yellow

Colors of yellow, be it in softer hues or more distinguished ones like chrome, mustards, and ochres, are perfect to leave the monotony of winter.

  • Red

It is softer hues. Colors of yellow are more distinguished ones like chrome, mustards, and ochres. They are perfect to leave the dullness of winter.

What is accurate as to your personality?

Now, wearing the right color isn’t only enough for plausible design and styling. As a man, you require to understand what has best for you. If you have a slim body structure then the lighter shades of yellow, camel, and cream are best for your personality. Darker shades are perfect for men with a heavy and chunky body.

The Latest Men Winter Fashion 

As the temperature falls and snow begins to fall, it’s not unusual to see men’s fashion go along with it. Winter is really a great time to move up your personal style and start experimenting with layering different items of your wardrobe. From hats, gloves, scarves, and sweaters, jackets you have many things in your place. Enjoy the latest Shahzeb Saeed collection of men’s winter outfits. That serves you to stay stylish while out in the blizzard.

Sherwani For Men is The Best Pakistani Festival Outfit

Sherwani For Men is The Best Pakistani Festival Outfit, Fashion is indeed a captivating word that has been alternating from time to time, but there are some trends and styles that come to stay and amuse. The Pakistani and Indian groom looks very beautiful and charming in the exceptional wedding sherwani for men or Jamawar waistcoat with all the accessories like Neckwear, Rings, and Brooches, Kalangi on this special and wonderful occasion. Weddings are an important element of Pakistani culture. We celebrate them with all happiness and attention. In these special events, we want the best Pakistani dresses. When Pakistanis designers make astonishing clothes are keeping in mind all the new trends. Also, during the whole occasion, the bride and groom are the center of attention for everyone. Those what they are worn like jewelry or every little ornament is under their eyes.

What did you know about the Sherwani?

A Sherwani is a long coat-like jacket or blazer up to the knee. We can wear bottoms usually Churidar or Salwar pants. A sherwani for men is normally worn for formal occasions at weddings. Sherwani suit is a traditional garment that is utilized for ceremonial events. The coat is usually worn over on a men’s kurta or a shirt for men.

Different Styles for Men to Wear Sherwani

Royal, comfortable, elegant, classy, smart Sherwanis have become the most favored attire for festivals and wedding events. Sherwani suits have remarkably elegant and very beautiful styles. That enhances the beauty of your event.

1- Sherwani with Dupatta style

Sherwani for men is evergreen and lasting style. But dupatta with sherwani is a refreshing style. That is developing slowly and firmly in the grand fashion world and winning hearts energetically. You can pair with a choice of the bottom like churidar, dhoti, or Pyjama, shalwar, pants, and jeans. Dupatta style adds a backbone to your complete ethnic look. On any occasion, your outfits will incomplete so pick dupatta with dignity.

2- Classic Sherwanis Style

This type of sherwani is accessible in all fabrics and colors. From most valuable appearances like brocade, velvet, silk, satin to more reasonable stuff like cotton silk, Jamawar, polyester variants of fabric. Mostly grooms favor wearing a classic style. This sherwani shows pure Pakistani craftsmanship with traditional designs and patterns.

3- Modern Sherwani Style

Modern sherwani is the best available choice if you want to look striking and feel up-to-date. It is possible in a variety of colors and designs, the style goes beyond the conservative limits. Black pure Jamawar sherwani paired with the same embellished design and turban is the complete combo of self-reliance and attraction.

4- Angrakha Style Sherwani

This style sherwani is in great demand among the groom. Because we can attach any types of accessories. Angrakha style sherwani gives you an extraordinary look in your ensemble if it is paired with a jacket.  This sherwani for men style gives you maharaja looks.

Slay The Festive Season With Latest Trends in Mens Ethnic Wear

Slay The Festive Season With Latest Trends in Mens Ethnic Wear, men’s ethnic wear online, The women have many options for ethnic clothing that is never-ending. From Ghagras and lehengas to sarees, women have always had the extravagance of amazing clothing possibilities. But the men cannot be avail many opportunities. Apparel for men has always been restricted and there was no scope for experimentation. But nowadays our latest men’s ethnic wear trends 2019-2020 to all those, who consider that they don’t have numerous choices when it attains to dressing up for a traditional festive. What they don’t understand is that today a man’s wardrobe collection is quickly moving on from primary blazers, shalwar kameez, kurta pajama, waistcoat, and sherwanis. So don’t worry things are slowly changing in the men’s fashion landscape.

Festive Season With Latest Trends, Every year, there is a rebirth in the fashion loop. Some trends which you never dreamed would be the comeback. But now the new fashion industry trends we will be able to make a revival. Thankfully, the only thing permanent in fashion is changes in lifestyle. So men can now throw a huge sigh of relief that they now can slay the new fashion and walk from the ramp to the runway with their female counterparts. Some pleasant colors and unique cuts all combine to make the best ethnic wear for men. The time went away when men wore only dull and stuck to distinct color codes. Now the choices are more playful and favorable.  Check out Shahzeb Saeed men’s ethnic wear online and meet extraordinary great styles and trends in old shopping.

  1. High Low Hemlines Style

Unbalanced kurtas are a grown-up fashion trend. You can style for basic high-low hemline pulled with Pyjamas, dhoti pants, or shalwar.  Wear an embellished blazed kurta with fitted ankle-length pants and give the ethnic elegant style of competition on the face.

  1. You Can Never Add Wrong with White Bottom

White is a reliable and trendy color. You can never add wrong with white bottoms. This is because, in the enormous colors, white goes along with almost everything. Whether they are bright colors like red and yellow, green, or lighter ones like cream and grey, white is an ideal match. When you are in uncertainty condition then choose white.

  1. Try Pastel This Festive Season in Men’s Ethnic Wear

If you are looking for something new that gets people’s attention. Primary colors have long gone out of fashion. Red, orange, yellow, green and blue can surely make a kurta look great but they are simply overwhelmed by the pastel colors. Considering that most people wear regular colors, pastels are perfect for you to stand out on an occasion. A simple Pyjama pastel-colored kurta can achieve attention. This one of the most trustworthy men’s ethnic wear designs to display.

  1. Traditional Separates Trends

You can wear a silk kurta with a waistcoat. Waistcoats can be plain, printed and Banarsi, are usually worn with dhotis, churidars, or Patiala shalwar. Wearing a conflicting waistcoat performs a classic look for weddings and festivals. This is one fabulous style to show predominant in traditional ceremonies.

  1. Swing Style Up with a Dupatta

Dupattas can enhance the beauty of many outfits. When you felt that a dress looks boring, then pairing it with a brighter dupatta. This style can make it a distinction. Adding a unique color dupatta with a bright kurta, sherwani or shalwar kameez can be perfect for any ceremony. It is one of the latest mens ethnic wear that makes your appearance attractive yet elegant.

Be A Show Stopper With Shahzeb Saeed Men Kurta Pajama

Be A Show Stopper With Shahzeb Saeed Men Kurta Pajama, Everyone wants to look fashionable in everyday life. It would be so tedious and wearisome if you have not the trendy and stylish collection. It is crucial how we prove our style and how we carry ourselves. And to consider the style, you need to be a comfortable and unique choice. Men always want to show the best in wearing, but they have very fewer outfits to select from. But don’t worry anymore, because we at Shahzeb Saeed arrogantly offer a solid color men kurta pajama for you. This is an amazing opportunity for your menswear style. Make the decision and look showstopper on any special occasion and for the expected festivals.

Only if you want to achieve a traditional style. It does not mean you have to say goodbye to modern dressing fashions. One way of making the best is to choose Shahzeb Saeed men kurtas in metallic hues. It is the typical and perfect desi attire with a modern twist combination. To move up the stylish look, pair your kurta with a waistcoat and solitary strap shoes. To look at your more elegant, mix a blazer with a silk kurta and casual chinos and beautiful watch how you are the core of heart everyone’s attention.

Our kurtas are uniquely designed to give you a classy look. The line pattern men kurta pajama gives you a notable look. Kurta is a fabulous piece of attire, you can wear it with a dhoti and get the ethnic look. Try to mix and match with a pair of denim and feel the stylish touch, or you can pair it with any contrast bottom or trousers pants and perceive the trendy look.


Shahzeb Saeed tailored kurtas are made of Cotton to give you a smooth yet comfortable feel. These are classical outfits that perfectly accommodate any occasion and any season. Wear it in summer as it absorbs the heat and sweat, feel homey during winters. Be the showstopper and get an awesome look. Let people appreciate your outfit. Get to know how this kurta can change your lifestyle and make you the trendsetter

Obtain the ideal choice to look great in everyday routine. We at Shahzeb Saeed Menswear understand your requirements and believes in our collections. So we always endeavor to deliver the best to you at affordable prices with unbeaten quality. We convey to you different in style, class, and fashion and to give you the best. We are offering beautifully designed men kurta pajama and shalwar kameez at an amazingly reasonable price. So don’t wait anymore, come to our outlets or online shopping stores. Being stylish has never been easy before Shahzeb Saeed so let get the pick.

Top 5 Pakistani Ready to Wear Mens Brands

Top 5 Pakistani Ready to Wear Mens Brands, Pakistani fashion brands that have been all the variety since their beginning. Whether they’re old set brands or new professionals. They all have something new stylish, bizarre and fashionable to offer. Most of them are reasonable and have reliable online websites where you can shop online for according to fashions. Whether you choose unstitched cloths or Pakistani ready to wear eastern clothes, all famous and renowned men and women brands have dressed you covered.

Ready to Wear Men Brands

When it comes to female fashion, they are unlimited, you can catch anything and apply it into fashion, and that will become a new style. However, when it comes to the men’s clothing fashion brands in Pakistan, they are very committed and have limited choices in fashion. Why do we feel this? Because men’s collection is only of black, white and grey, whether it casual and formal shirtsdenim jeans, pants trousers, kurta, shalwar kameez, or ready to wear suits. They love the tedious of dark colors. They also know to wear it carefully.

Clothing brands reflect the weather conditions of every region. That is methods of living and distinctive style which provides it an outstanding position among all societies. Pakistani clothes 2019 introduce to the ethnic attire that is usually worn in all national and the general community. You can check our designer’s social attire for men at Shahzeb Saeed online store in Pakistan and outlets in Karachi.

Following is the list of Pakistani ready to wear brands. Those are performing their great role in the fashion industry for many years. And they are transforming the latest trends to keep us with fashion. They try to bring distinguished collections for men and women all the time.

1- Kayseria

Kayseria is offering ready to wear Pret and unstitched fabric collection. They are low priced and come to the style and designs of nature. They never compromise on quality.

2- Ideas by Gul Ahmed

This is one of Pakistan’s oldest fashion brands. These originally only bought with unstitched fabrics. But, now Gul Ahmed has offered ready-to-wear, whose popularity has never decreased since. For those who want to have a part of Pakistani culture, these have fond of this collection.

3- Firdous

We are providing high-quality fashion fabric for the last 4 decades. They offer Pakistani ready to wear and unstitched men’s clothes. We carried marvelous designs with vibrant colors. Our prints are matchless and cool.

4- Naushemian

NaumanArfeen’s mission and vision are simple. He wants to create something that is wearable, convenient, reasonable and distinctive. Likely possibilities that he will to try best and will be achieved the trust and loyalty of clients and their demands.

5- Uomo Attire

Uomo Attire is a great established and well known Italian brand. In the custom-tailoring fashion field, Uomo Attire is recognized for a classic signature line in dressing for men. We realize that the delight of dressing is an art. We are the producer of customized and ready to wear Men’s wedding Sherwanis, Men’s Suits, Waistcoats, Shirts, Tie Sets, Shoes, Turbans, Khusa& Lapel Pins, cufflinks, Brooch according to client’s demand and fitting.

Main Points

These brands have made it possible for introduced new and fresh designs in men’s fashion. Pakistani fashion brands are known for their legacy of innovative and contemporary clothes. Make surety that you will have these brands in your mind for the next time you need a formal, casual, party or Pakistani ready to wear clothes.

New Pajama Kurta Design for Boys and Men At Wedding Occasion

New Pajama Kurta Design for Boys and Men At Wedding Occasion, Men and boys can’t ignore the importance of kurta pajama, when festive occasions start stacking up one after another, then they search the stylish wardrobe collection. They want to look out stunning in all their events Mendi, Barrat, Walima. So they need a new fashionable and stylish PajamaKurta design for boys and men. Kurta pajama has not forgotten its charm in today’s atmosphere and with little ornamental changes, designer kurta pajama collections have appeared as the leading and the most popular outfit for Indian and Pakistani society. Shahzeb Saeed offers a designer kurta pajamas collection for you to choose a set suitable for your needs.

Importance of PajamaKurta for boys and men at the wedding

A wedding is the most beautiful occasion for anyone and an important change in life. There are many wedding get-togethers. Each gathering and events have their own demands. Especially at the mehndi event, boys are very eager to wear kurta designs for the wedding. So some Pakistani new kurta designs for boys and men can catch the attention. Kurtas are the primary needs of boys in India and Pakistan. So everyone wants a stylish kurta design for boys. These are the traditional and best peer on mehndi and wedding celebrations. Boys, Men, and women are a symbol of attraction at weddings. So they make himself, so pretty and much attractive by wearing the latest styles of cloths.

Best Wedding New KurtaPajamaShalwar Design

Kurta men’s ethnic wear designs aren’t any limited to antique patterns. Nowadays, you can avail of numerous men kurta online patterns too which may be worn for occasions like engagement parties, Sangeet functions, wedding events. The foremost applicable style to wearing kurtas are to try it up with a pajama or shalwar.

1- Pistachio green silk kurta

The pistachio green silk kurta with jacquard design print in gold color is a royal color fusion. This kurta pajama is a perfect classic collection for a wedding. It has a long-sleeved, banded collar, slim- fit kurta shalwar with brocade lacework on the placket.

2- Double Pocket KurtaPajama Design

The double pockets under the shoulders style have a unique attraction. Its favorite and popular one nowadays. The trend has come for dual pockets of new designs for boys and men on tops. These are growing much quickly for the wedding function.

3- Kurta Design for Patiala Salwar

The Indian best traditional style is now becoming popular in Pakistan. Patiala Shalwar is an elegant combination with kurta for wedding events. Angrakha Style Kurta designs and dhoti kurta dress are also a reflection of this style.

4- Off- White Silk Kurta with Waistcoat

The long-sleeved off- white silk kurta with mandarin collar and churidar pajama is simple yet elegant. This designer white kurta pajama is classic with a beautiful sapphire blue Jamawar/cotton jacket with a Nehru collar and a stylized pocket. The elegant style of new design kurta for boys is necessary for wedding collection.

5- Black KurtaPajama for Men

Become a middle of attraction of any party when you wear this marvelous and charming black silk kurta pajama arranged from designer kurta pajama collection. A black kurta can be improved with silk thread embroidery all over the front side.

Bright Orange Color Silk Kurta

The bright orange color silk embroidery kurta with Chinese collar and white blend silk churidar pajama is a perfect choice for festivities. The designer’s new pajama kurta design for boys can improve your presence on any occasion.

Winter Mens Shalwar Kameez Trends Fashion in Pakistan

Winter Mens Shalwar Kameez Trends Fashion in Pakistan, Winter is one of the perfect seasons in Pakistan for every sort of get-together. Both men and women confused about their dressing on party and wedding occasion. This year, don’t worry and catch the new MensShalwarKameez Trends, fashion, and styles for every your events. Because we have many outstanding and precious fashion designers in Pakistan. That is offering stylish and fashionable attire according to your desire. In Shalwarkameez appends multi-colored trends looks beautiful. The shirts or kameez can embroider if they wore for party wear. Then you can combine of Waistcoats also. Some shirts have a collar or a neck and pocket design. These shirts designed for traditional cloth or simple striped or other patterns. The designs of shalwarkameez 2019-20 will very distinct from your wardrobe collection. In general, MensShalwarKameez trends are completely fashionable and traditional. That can wear by men of all ages.

Ittehad is a well-known name with honor to textiles in Pakistan. It produces fabrics for men, women, and kids. The company is famous for providing high-quality fabrics for people in Pakistan. It afresh released many fabric collections for women and men. Its khaddar dresses collections are beautiful, stylish and amazing. It is perfect for your formal, semi-formal, and casual gathering. Before that, it had offered many other ideas of different fabrics like cotton and lawn. The company presents its fabrics through retailers of fabrics in Pakistan. Thus, it is very easy for people in different cities of Pakistan. They can receive in their hands these wonderful fabrics of Ittihadonline.

ShalwarKameez Trends and Design

KurtaPajamas and KameezShalwar trends with a waistcoat are always appealing. They can wear any sort of party and wedding events. These menswear dresses have embellished with a little embroidery and beads. The patchwork is also given a wonderful look. The bright colors such as White, Beige, Ferozi, Black, Maroon and so many others have a beautiful impact on Men. They all can be wear for casual and party both.

There are many attractive and appealing brands in Pakistan. If you are in a mood for enduring the most modern and most stylish trend. Then you will have to emulate the many fashionable and contemporary collections. Unique and chic brands for Men can help to choose the best variety. Nishat Linen, Khaadi, Cambridge, and Shahzeb Saeed are completely extraordinary and excellent brands. They having popular with their superior fabric and sophisticated styles. They have introduced vibrant MensShalwarKameez trends and designs. That is in keeping pace with different styles of today. The demand for glossy colors is increasing nowadays. And now people are becoming trendier to opt for the winter clothing on the reckoning of the sunshine.

Latest And Traditional KurtaPajama for Mens

Latest And Traditional KurtaPajama for Men’s, A large variety of Pakistani designer kurta and pajamas are available in a lot of stuff like from casual cotton to heavy formal branded kurta pajama collection. This KurtaPajama for Mens is more comfortable to make a decent personality. Boys and gents like to use this type of style to make a rich feel in a traditional way. Sherwani, PathaniKurta, Dhoti kurta, long Kurta, designer kurta, Punjabi kurta, and short kurtas are the most suitable deal in the market nowadays. Each and every type of attire suits a special deliberated occasion.

  1. Formal White Cotton KurtaPajama

The formal cotton kurtapajama is the classic wear for a party or ceremony. The Pakistani attire is prepared from 100% pure cotton that is white in color. White is supposed great and excellent for summers and special occasions. You can choose the kurta with the pockets of both styles.

  1. Checkered Chic Maroon KurtaPajama

A cool and fashionable kurta would surely come in your mind while you have nothing to wear in remarkable conditions. Checked KurtaPajama for Men’s is smart and crafty to make you stylish and modern when you paired with a beige or grey color pajama, Shalwar, or Jeans. It is usually suitable for all kinds of situations and occasions.

  1. Stylish Linen KurtaPajamaFor Men

No one thing prevents you to choose such a unique and decent range of gentskurtapajama design and style. A grey color Linenkurta with a touch of embroidery on its neck area and full sleeves which makes it so good and beautiful. Most of people like to wear such kurtas on different occasions.

  1. Light beautiful Orange KurtaPajama

You can choose your favorite light color of kurtapajama design for men. It is made of natural cotton. And you can feel the comfort and attraction by wearing such a type of light material in your favorite color. This attire, in total, is very convenient and suitable wear for casual and formal.

  1. Beautiful KurtaWith Patiala Pajama

Catch a stylish and pretty appealing kurta which is most suited for a wedding function. The gray silk  Kurta and the Pajama are of Punjabi style known as Patiala look much stylish and beautiful.  And the pink shaded kurta is suitable and very well matched with the beige color Patiala pajama.

  1. Yellow Ethnic Wears KurtaPajama

Most of the men feel uncomfortable to wear this color. But you can choose yellow as a bold color. But it is a lighter shade of yellow that is chosen by the people who are fashion pests, who desire to look always unique. This special stylish KurtaPajama for Mens is very fresh and light to carry.

Top 10 Waistcoat Brands In Pakistan

Top 10 Waistcoat Brands In Pakistan, Men’s style is one of the most important points that are infrequently discussed. Here, we suggest the topmost popular waistcoat brands in Pakistan and designer clothes for men. Waistcoat designs for men are the most wanted attires when it appears in fashion. And since it’s the era of the year when famous brands release the most stylish and trend-worthy design, it will be tough to choose only one out of all the amazing designs. Collections are obtaining popularity among Pakistani men as the foremost choice of the closet for occasions like Mehndi, Valima, Weddings, or any other formal events.

1- Brumano

Best Men’s clothing brand that amuses a modern audience who wants a fresh and tailored look. Brumano offering a complete range of men’s wear clothing and stylish waistcoat collection. Buy Brumano products online at the best price in Pakistan.

2 – Charcoal

Charcoal is a fashionable company. It is being overwhelmed by the business of manufacturing, import and supply/sale of all varieties of men’s clothing like a waistcoat, formal and casual suit, shirts, and trousers.

3 – Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed is famous for casual and formal both attires, and they also launched their perfume line as well as halal cosmetic line. Though the brand is known for its elite status, the middle class can also shop their luxuries with ease.

4 – Lawrencepur

Lawrencepur grows itself as per the tardiest fashion inclinations and renders a one window solution for a perfect men’s closet. This brand is broadly recognized both in local and international markets.

5 – RiwajMens Wear Brands in Pakistan 

This is Pakistan’s supervising Men’s clothing branding which is acknowledged for its choicest fabric quality and traditional designs. The brand is considered as a purpose setter in the market’s fashion and providing decent and standardize men’s clothes.

6 – Cherry

Cherry is the most salutary and quality brands in Pakistan. That provides you tremendous quality service and excellent tailoring. Here the most elegant fabrics for men’s clothing of traditional beauty and perfect cut are available.

7- Focus

Focus is the latest clothing brand with the ultimate choice for men, kids, boys and girls’ clothing. We provide the best proper attires that are reasonable, trendy and high quality.

8 – Ultra Club

That is the best Men’s wear brand and converted into one of the dominant manufacturers and retail sales chain in Pakistan. We are rendering the innovator and stylish men’s formal and casual wear.

9 – Perennial

In Pakistan introduces a myriad of brands, but Perennial brand recognized formal shirts. You can shop online stores and in for premium tailored shirts, suits and ethnic wear with ease way.

10 – Chapter 2

This brand proposes to encourage intimate confidence by offering fresh, reliable and stylish attire to make the Chapter 2 woman, men feel comfortable in own body.

Top 10 Waistcoat Brands In Pakistan, Shahzeb Saeed offers the latest fashion of top clothing brands in Pakistan. They offer you a more comprehensive variety to choose between men’s waistcoatsdesigner kurta for menmen’s shalwarkameez, men`s ethnic range. Our leading fashion designers collection will always have the very best collections for you.