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Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Style for Attractive Look

Accept it or not, the styling makes a great impression on your daily lifestyle. It affects how people approach you or at the very least what they should expect from you. The best men’s style can be pivotal progress for your career or any serious future possibility. It offers the essential outcome, as it can change you from looking different to tedious in a second. So never underestimate the power of different styling. We are starting with some of the dos and don’ts of men’s styling elements that can rescue your sense of fashion.


1- If you choose to hold with the two buttons suit, you don’t have to worry about, it is in style and fashion.

2- Your belt should always suit your shoes in both color and texture; it confers you finished and well off look.

3- Try some pastels color. Try a button-up shirt that isn’t blue, gray or black. So you should find stylish and energetic shades that are to improve your personality.

4- Make it your fashion statement that your shirts must be fitted and suitable for a casual or formal occasion. Make sure there are no poofy shoulders or long-tailed shirts or loose around the waist.

5-   You have two pairs of shoes, one for casual use, and one a good formal. Because your outfit is never complete without the right kind of shoes.

6- One white dress shirt that is specifically tailored out for you, it is one of the most basic men’s style fashion staples that will never go out.


1- Do no wear your dress shirts untucked.  Because dress shirts are specially designed to be tucked in, so keep it that way.

2- Avoid using the outside pocket of your jacket, because the pocket will become bulky and throw off the clean-cut line of the suit.

3- Never wear together with a tie and a pocket square in the same outfit.

4- Avoid the shirts with the big bold logo on them.

5- Avoid wear baggy pants unless you are at home, those big baggy pants make you look short.

6- Wearing boots with cuffed pants or chinos are not suitable together.

Even though we are here to help you and guide you with meticulously selected tips and tricks of what you should and shouldn’t DO, You don’t have to spend lots of money to have men’s style. It depends on better choices and being creative. Although, you should be careful about mixing and matching the prints and additionally the colors that you wear, once in a while don’t be scared to experiment with something new.

The fashion industry has always put men’s fashion and trends right next to the women’s, and over the ages, all the loved personalities were known for their iconic and individual styles, their fashions have become the motivation for others.