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Fashion 2020 in Pakistan

Fashion 2020 in Pakistan, One of the latest outfits gaining attention in fashion circles of Pakistan is the shalwar kameez. These gorgeous traditional outfits have been around for centuries and are most commonly worn by men and women all around the world by Pakistani communities. This Eastern garment has come to stay in the hearts of Pakistanis all over the world. Shalwar kameez is the first choice of any Pakistani around the globe, no matter which social strata they are from, kameez shalwar” stands as the symbol of tradition, culture, and religious attachment.

Indulging in traditional shalwar kameez in high fashion

The floorshow beauty of the Pakistani kurta shalwar evokes the magnificence, nobility, pomp, and regality of the Mughal courts. They have caught the attention of the public and of high-end designers and trend-setting celebrities. It is the next big style statement in the ethnic fashion industry of Pakistani designer clothes. Amongst all the varieties of Pakistani dresses, shalwar kameez is the most well-known and widely appreciated attire. Though the salwar kameez in itself is commonly worn across the Indian subcontinent, the Pakistani shalwar kameez design is uniquely beautiful and graceful. There are many beautiful varieties of Pakistani shalwar kameez for women to explore. The traditional version is typically quite ornate, coming in rich colors and adorned with heavy embroidery and embellishments made by many clothing brands. Many of these brands are selling the Pakistani dresses for sale online


There is nothing more alluring and enticing as a desi man adorning a classy, posh and cuffed black shalwar kameez especially on festivities and occasions like Eid, independence day, wedding and cultural fests around the world.  Even the foreigners are so fascinated by this attire that they end up buying it! Kate Middleton set an example by stepping out in a stylish shalwar kameez look during her visit to Pakistan. Kate looked elegant in a turquoise Pakistani dress by Gul Ahmed.

Stay trendy in Pakistani salwar kameez

The kameez shalwar style is essentially a vintage item of east clothing that has been around for many years. However, it is enjoying a huge level of public interest at the moment with more and more designers featuring this unique style in their catalogs and several celebrities embracing the medieval elegance of these outfits. One trendy way of donning this outfit is to wear it as Western wear, without the shalwar style and replacing it with jeans. This adds a modern vibe to the look while still letting you enjoy the beauty of salwar kameez designs.

Straight trouser shalwar style is frequently seen in fashion magazines and it looks ethereal, especially when paired with other luxurious fabrics like velvet and satin. This takes the luxury element of the outfit to the next level and makes it a perfect choice for weddings. For parties, the more modern styles may be a hit, which combines a royal styled kurta design with maybe a nice Patiala shalwar that looks classy on all occasions.

Choose what seems right on you

When dressing up in a Pakistani shalwar kameez for any occasion, the appropriate jewelry and accessories are a must. Pick out elegant watches and rings for a traditional look. Choose the fabric according to the weather and your body type. Do not go for too thin fabric in the winters and too thick ones in the summers. Moreover, choose colors and fabrics that suit your body types. Choosing fabrics such as mixed cotton or mal which are not only light but will also make you feel at a higher level of comfort and ease