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Five things men need to avoid while wearing shalwar kameez

Shalwaar kameez is Pakistan’s national dress and many people love to wear it all over the country. Any occasion like Eid or weddings is meaningless without the traditional kurta shalwaar. Men all over the country opt to wear the national dress because it is the most commonly worn eastern dress in the country. Many Pakistani designer clothes are now focusing on retailing and designing kameez shalwaar in different styles and designs to meet the ever increasing demand of the attire. However, there are five main things that need to be avoided to be done while wearing this Islamic dress.
  1. Say no to silk

Remember that shalwar kameez is an Eastern garment and these always come with a sense of decency while keeping the Islamic perspective in mind. This is why it is best for all men in Pakistan to avoid silken and shiny materials of the salwar kameez. Fabrics like cotton, malmal, and mixed cotton are the best ones to get your kurta shalwaar made. This will help you stay in line with the Pakistani norms and cultural trends without sticking out like a sore thumb.

  1. Avoid the pomp

Your shalwar kameez design should not be too feminine or very intricately embroidered or lavishly covered with gem buttons.  It is important to keep your kameez design sober-looking. Never get heavy embroidery or shiny buttons on your shalwar kameez. Stick to basic styles and designs instead of going for the highly overstated heavily embroidered ones. Let the thread of the embroidery be the same color as of the kameez itself to make it look somber.

  1. Remember you are not a peacock

The shalwar kameez men wear needs to be in light or dark colors. Do not go for brightly or neon-colored kurta designs as it looks very odd. Also, make sure that your shalwar matches your kameez. In case you wish to have it a different colored shalwaar style then go for a while colored shalwar with any colored kurta. Even then stay assured that a brightly colored kurta will make you look quite comical. Make sure you avoid bright girly colors like pink, yellow, purple, red, and orange while sticking to the traditional white shalwar kameez and black shalwar kameez.  Remember that this advice is for men and only men need to take it.

  1. Do not go offboard with the shalwaar designs

While choosing your shalwar dizain, men need to be sure that they do not go off-board with the style. Some men in Pakistan like to go really wild with the shalwar style and end up using yards and yards of fabric to create a Patiala salwar that looks quite ugly and… unmanageable.  Another style that men like to go for and look horrible is the really tight churidar style which looks very absurd and unappealing. The best shalwar style is one that is made with the average amount of fabric and looks good just like that.

  1. Do not go for fusion looks

Kurta shalwar is an eastern dress and you need to maintain its decorum. Many clothing brands will suggest to you to create and wear the fusion style shalwar kameez but it never looks good. Many people wear kurtas with jeans or throw over a leather jacket over their shalwar kameez but it never really looks good. Another unappealing style that you need to avoid at all costs is the fake brand embroidery. Trust me, nothing looks worse than a fake Gucci label on your kurta.


Here were a few things that you need to be mindful of when wearing shalwar kameez. Remember these and you are sure to amazing flaunting your new shalwar kameez.