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How to Achieve Succeed Button-Down Shirts For Men

Button-Down shirts are not different from your regular shirts. They are only your normal collared shirts with two small buttons underneath. The source of these shirt records back around the 19th Century. When Polo Players was confusing to the flapping wings of the Collar. Then buttons helped them fasten the collar to the shirt for better image and comfort. Although they are not used practically in the modern epoch, Button Down shirts for men are one of the most common and desired menswear clothing.

How & Where To Wear It

These versatile buttons down shirts are commonly kept for casual wear. But, it can be dressed up or down depending on the need of the occasion. When worn casually, keep the top button of the shirt open or closed and pair it with pieces of denim or chinos and keep things comfortable.

Button-Down Shirts for men are considered to be suitable for business or formalwear and short sleeve work shirts. They are also called dress shirts with special buttons down the collar. They are the perfect allies for your blazers, formal jackets and even with your ties.

Features Of Button-Down Shirt for Men

Learn some of the unique features of a Button-Down collar Shirt:

  • Button-Down shirts are casual and formal dress shirts designed for office wear.
  • They have two small buttons under the two wings of a collar.
  • By buttoning them up to the shirt, a finished look is created from your neck to the waist.
  • Button-Down shirts appear in matching or contrast colored collars.
  • They can keep your tie in place, without having to settle it often.

How To Care For It

Fret not, caring for your shirt collar is as easy as it is to carry. You only release the buttons when wearing a tie. You keep it fastened down, while washing, laundering, and drying. Always let for a soft collar, and reserve a stiff collar for more formal shirts. Avoid thickening and excessive ironing – you don’t want the roll off you collar sitting flat. Classic, simple and multifunctional, a button-down shirt for men is your go-to for every type of the day.