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How to Tailor A Men’s Polo Shirts For Every Occasion

If you think men’s polo shirts are the best style for out the door and run jobs. Then, you’re losing out on a great fashion opportunity. A classic example of there being more than meets the eye, polo t-shirts are extremely versatile and elegant. Cotton polo shirts are the best for summer, a game of golf, an outdoor get-together or a formal event. You take a look at these three distinctly separate occasions that you can take the fashion of polo neck t-shirts.


You can definitely wear a men’s polo shirts for a smart occasion. If you think a summer wedding or dinner date. And you also don’t want it to look like a school uniform. So the best is to skip the formal black trousers.

Instead, a looser fit blazer and dark-colored chinos are the best options if you want to create a smarter and chic look with a polo shirt. Ensure it’s tucked into your cargo trousers.

Opt for a crisp white polo shirt, ensure the collar is ironed flat and doesn’t crumble at the edges and have all the buttons done up. You finish up your look with espadrilles for a summer wedding or slip-on loafers for everything else.

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  • White polo shirt
  • Cargo pants
  • Espadrille shoes


If your office has this dress code in place. Then a polo shirt is an ideal item to pair with dark denim black jeans. They are easy to wear and always look good and stylish.

You can get away with more than a crisp white polo shirt as well. Choose a pair in a deep shade of brown to lend a formal vibe to your ensemble. You have a little fun with colors and don’t worry about the style up to the top. Leave the polo shirt untucked and finish off with suede boots.

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  • Polo shirt
  • Black jeans
  • Suede boots


Men’ Polo shirts are easy to style. So pairing them with slim-fit joggers for the weekend is perfect if you want a casual look. Pair a longer, looser fit polo shirts with your slim-fit joggers. Trainers are perfect to finish off this look.

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  • Printed polo shirt
  • Slim fit joggers
  • Trainers
  • Hoodie

Polo shirts are a primary style for men. Characterized by their short sleeves, collared neck, and two or three fastening buttons, the vintage style is both athletic and comfortable. This classic design has been done by nearly every brand to ever make menswear. Shahzeb Saeed offers to your favorites style in polo t-shirts.