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Long Sleeve Shirts That Will Make You Stylish and Chic

Long Sleeve Shirts That Will Make You Stylish and Chic, Long sleeve shirts fit with professional and formal wear. They build a smart, stylish, and fashionable look. That cannot achieve by a half sleeve or sleeveless shirt. Whether for men or women, these shirts are the best method to wrap up their arms. Especially that works great in cold and windy weather.

Shahzeb Saeed Menswear offers versatile designs and attractive hues of formal dress shirts, semi-formal, and casual shirts for men. You can check out these stylish collections of the best full sleeve shirts in the market and online store in Pakistan.


Benefit Of Long Sleeve Shirts

Why are the long sleeves very popular? There are several factors in this style. These shirts accepted to being suitable for workwear. Especially Oxford dress shirts are fit for office wear. Long sleeves have been the foremost wardrobe item since fashion.

Also, people who want their arms to be too soft or too skinny can cover them up with a Long sleeve shirt. Shahzeb Saeed’s formal and casual long sleeve shirt is also an all-weather shirt. You can select it in full length for winters, or roll them up for hot summers. Both styles are very awesome.


Latest And Comfortable Long Sleeves Shirt Designs

Let’s have a look at these formal, semi-formal and casual shirts with long sleeves for men.


Brown Long Sleeve Formal Shirt Men

Wear this Brown long sleeve shirt for royalty look. Brown is a perfect and classic choice for those who want to build a professional look. The elegant glaze of this shirt makes it a supreme choice for office wear and even for gathering parties. You can try pairing it with black or navy blue colored dress trousers.

– Dark Maroon formal long Sleeve Shirt

Looking for a change in the formal men’s shirts to wear for your office. The dark maroon red shirt is plain and decors with a simple red and white line design on the button side. This style gives it a different look. The dark maroon shirt is more attractive in black trousers pants.


White Printed Casual Long Sleeve Shirt

White considered being the succeeding best color. This white long sleeve printed casual shirt looks crushing on a toned body. Blue strip at the collars gives it a fantastic and classy look. It can pair with grey trousers to improve your casual appearance.

Yellow Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt

This shirt in yellow given white horizontal lines with the smallest thickness. The shirt can pair on any dark pants with a relative strips style.



To have any occasion the long-sleeve shirts can never go unsuitable. These types of shirts attach more look and are never out of fashion, so once got will use for a long time.