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Mens Formal Shirts Smart Ideas for Everyday of The Week


Very infrequently will you come across men who work in offices that do not require them to follow a dress code? For the rest of us, looking fresh and at your stylish best is another challenge altogether. Expanding your style can be tough, and with various options to choose from, picking the right men’s formal shirts that are also suitable for the Pakistani weather. It can be even harder to choose the right. Let our guide show you the suitable way.

If there was an upside to the Don Draper age of menswear, it’s that you didn’t have to think much about what you wore. Gray or navy suit, white or black shirt, tie, and wingtips boots during the week; chinos and an Oxford on the weekend.

The downside, of course, was that until you retire and move to the pattern shirts. Where you can exchange your suit for pastel-colored men’s pants and some fancy white shoes. You were basically stuck in a clothing routine, day-in, day-out.

Today, a much more relaxed attitude comes about men’s formal shirts. This means there’s more freedom to have fun with your wardrobe. Unfortunately, with that freedom comes the difficulty of choice. But Shahzeb Saeed menswear solves your difficulties. You can select men’s formal wear shirts for your every day of the week.

Monday – Start with bright Colours:

Continuing the first day of the week, start on a bright tone. Going for a bright and eve-catching color plain formal shirt.  Pair it with a simple suit. Brighter shades of blue, pink, orange, red are the recommended choices. It expresses loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust. It is also known to have a calming effect on the personality.

Tuesday – Choose Elegance, Look, Royal:

Check prints are back in style and are generally preferred as a choice for formal wear. They are universally recognized and if paired correctly, can give your outfit a sophisticated look. A classic red and white checkered shirt will emphasize your behavior. The color Red is said to represent physical energy, passion, and desire. It signifies action, confidence, and courage.

Wednesday – Casual & Relaxed:

Striped shirts in different colors can help to make your look formal. They can pleasure to your mood and life to be relaxed. Choosing a blue striped shirt that will make you cool, stable, unity, and in moderation.

Thursday – Offering a feeling of Calm:

If you consider the weekly stress is getting to you and want to feel calm and at peace. Opt for a white dress shirt with blue trousers. White is said to be the color of strength and encouragement, offering a feeling of peace, calm, and comfort.

Friday – Drag a Pink:

The days are gone when men’s formal shirts (formal shirts) meant to stick to dull and boring colors. Opt for a shirt made of any light or dark shade of pink. And don’t be afraid to break the myth and pull off the look with confidence by pairing your pink gent’s dress shirt with Khaki Trousers. Because pink-colored considered only for women’s hues

Saturday – Weekend invites for black:

If you’re looking to get a statement and stand outside the crowd then, this is your moment to shine. A black shirt with grey trousers will give you a classy look. Black is formal, elegant, and distinguished. Dressing up in black will ensure you to end the week on a powerful note.

Sunday – feel free:

Opt for a light grey printed shirt pair with black trousers. It gives you a classy vintage look. This outfit can easily be worn to social events that might take place at the end of the day.

You can pick chic men’s formal shirts from Shahzeb Saeed’s online store in Pakistan. A suitable shirt will not only make you look stylish it will also add elegance to your final look. So that, pairing your formal shirts with the right pants trousers and shoes is equally important. Hope our guideline will help you to pick the right choice.



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