Dear Customer,

Kindly note that here at Shahzeb Saeed, we ensure that quality is maintained from our end to customers end. Therefore, if you find something falling under the below mentioned points about your shirt, please know that our replacement policy will apply.

The replacement of the shirt will be dependent upon these key factors:

· The shirt you have received is not which you had ordered*.
· The measurements you provided are different than what has been made.
· The shirt’s fabric lost its color in the first few washes.
· The Collar and Cuff fusing has shown signs of puckering after the first few washes.

In either of the following issues, you have the right to have a replacement from us along with our full cooperation.

The replacement of shirt(s) is not applicable for those who fall outside these factors.
Thank You.

Note: Should you find any difference (look-wise) in the shirt which you saw in the image and the shirt you have received; please know that there is always a difference as the picture of the shirt in the image was taken under ideal conditions.

*A replacement will be made after telephonic conversation and mutual consultation.

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