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Shalwarkameez styles in Pakistan

Shalwarkameez styles in Pakistan, One of the most worn eastern garments in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is said to be kameezshalwar. Not only is it appreciated and liked by people all over the country as their dress of choice but also is worn in many variations and styles, by people of all ages and social strata. People are seen wearing many different kurta design and shalwar style according to their region and preference. The Balochis are seen to be wearing the patiala salwar more while the Punjabis wear the traditional broad shalwar more. Many Pakistanis like to wear shalwarkameez made from light and airy cloth-like ‘mal mal’ while others like the more stiff forms of the fabrics like cotton or mixed cotton for their salwar kameez.

For official events and public gatherings, the elite class like to get their shalwarkameez crisp and stiff by using a special form of starch while ironing the clothing. It is also common for grooms in Pakistan to wear a special type of kameezshalwar, which is known as a sherwani. This is part of the traditional east clothing and is a deep-set tradition that has carried on for years and years. Many men like their shalwarkameez to be embroidered and embellished with beautiful thread-work and gems. When we talk about gents kurta designs Pakistani, there is a huge variety of looks and styles that come to mind. One of the main styles that is now trending is the churidar style, which is worn mostly by younger people. The typical uni-color shalwar and kameez is also one that many people wear.

One of the things that are brought to notice by most people is that all Pakistanis will like to wear kurta shalwar for events like Eid, marriages, and also for solemn events like funerals. It is also the preferred form of attire in the country for men and women alike but the shalwarkameez menswear in Pakistan is typically in colors that are not too bright neither too dull. Colors like red, pink, and orange are usually despised while the white shalwarkameez and the black shalwarkameez are known to be the most commonly worn ones sold in all over Pakistan’s shalwarkameez markets.

There is also an abundance of online shopping now so you can easily find pakistani dresses for sale online.  With the ever increasing trend of wearing kurta shalwar, many Pakistani fashion designers have jumped into the market to fulfill the needs of the market for the ever increasing demand for new shalwarkameez styles and designs. As this is a fusion dress, many clothing brands are now being inspired by indian dresses to create the perfect traditional style kurta shalwar that is liked and preferred by many elites in Pakistan.

Long gone are the times when the man’s attire used to be less adored than the ladies. Today, men wear eastern dresses with lavish designs, intricate embroidery, bedazzling gems, and heavily embossed fabrics. This is one of the reasons why the market for eastern garments for menis seemingly hitting a huge boom in the region on Pakistan. More and more designers are now seen to be working on ideas that will help in creating and fostering the ideas of their clients for their kameezshalwar needs.

Mens ShalwarKameez

Maintaining a strong sense of style with a vital effect of decency that this Islamic dress is meant to withhold is something that comes off as a challenge for most designers but this is where their immense craftsmanship comes in to present to them the perfection and style that they wish to satisfy their client with. In a country like Pakistan where so many cultures and styles of wearing the same national dress exists, it is not hard to create fusions and styles that will make sure that men wearing the dress look spectacular without looking too pompous.