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Smart Casual for men How to Pull Off the Perfect Smart Casual Look

The smart-casual outfit for men is one of those styles that allows you to truly express yourself. While it does need a specific level of elegance above casual wear, smart casual is nowhere related as formal as the business professional style.

There’s a distinct line between casuals and smart casuals. You need to dress smartly, and that won’t happen if you just pin on a pair of cufflinks or grab any shirt.

Smart casual men wardrobe basics: 5 essentials items to perfect your look


Because the smart casual style is relatively stable, it’s less impacted by short-lived fashion trends. It’s thus easier to upgrade your wardrobe with a few selected items that every man should own.

1- Shirts

A few well-fitted long-sleeve shirts are absolutely essential to your wardrobe. For a more informal look, you can roll up the cuffs. A solid-colored shirt is most popular for the smart casual look. However, you can choose for patterned shirts to enhance your personality. Striped and checkered shirts will reveal the monotony in your wardrobe. When opting for a smart casual statement, try to keep the top-most button undone shirts. Choosing suspenders over your casual shirts is a fashionable option.

2- Blazers

They are a must-have because they are completely versatile. Make sure they are fit and suitable for your body shape. If you can’t get a perfect size, opt for a customized service such as Shahzeb Saeed tailor-fit service. Remember to balance your blazer with more classic pieces. You can pair a v-neck t-shirt, rather than a crew neck t-shirt, or even a polo t-shirt. Buy in a navy blue blazer which you can pair with jeans or beige trousers. For a formal look, you can even pair it with a formal trouser.

3- Shoes

The shoes that you wear when dressing up smart casual will have a big impact to finish up your look. A pair of elegant sneakers and loafers can dress you down while a pair of classic trainersane Oxford leather shoes will dress you up. You can pair with jeans or cotton trousers or chinos or shorts. These shoes have evolved into everyday wear, we recommend having both – black and brown pairs.

4- Kurtas

The way you protect your body depicts 50% of your personality. A well-stitched and high-quality kurta will look smart and stylish on any man. Moreover, you can choose simultaneous kurtas to enhance the charm of your personality. Add a stole to your kurta for a spruce look.

5- Trousers

Trousers are the backbone of the informal outfit. A pair of grey slim trousers, paired with a white T-shirt and Shahzeb Saeed menswear gives you a spontaneously cool outfit that you can wear to your business casual office. One thing to remember is that if you’re wearing trousers with a suit then you don’t really need a belt as the trousers should fit you perfectly.

6- Accessories and accents

Accessories are perfect to append a touch of personality to your outfit and improve your overall look. You can stay compatible with accessories that support your look or go in the opposite way to create your own unique style.

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