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The 7 Best Polo Shirts Design You Can Buy In 2019

The best polo shirts design is made with breathable, versatile fabrics and available in charming colors that are subtle, stylish and definitely not too bright or loud. A great polo shirt can enhance your style. Although a slim-fitting T-shirt can even serve with a suit nowadays. You can rock a polo on its own with chinos and white sneakers. Or you can pair with pieces like your favorite pair of slim chino shorts. Here are 7 excellent versions for all tastes and comfort levels to dress you reacquainted with the resurgent classic.

1- Merino Polo Shirt

Merino Polo is one of the best men’s polo shirts. You can spend your money on this versatile merino fabric for extra breathability and moisture-wicking qualities. From the casual to the formal occasion, so Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo can get the perfect look.

2- Linen Polo Shirt

When it comes to choosing the perfect polo shirts design to conquer the summer heat, a lightweight linen option is as good as it captures for optimum breathability with a relaxed-yet-sophisticated vibe.

3- Vertical Stripe Button-Down Polo Shirt

This retro vertical-striped polo makes a modern twist with the full-buttoned front and color-blocked design.

4- Pattern Polo Shirt

The Merino 150 Pattern Polo Shirt, a subtly chic yet effortlessly fashionable take on the polo t-shirt, made with a classic fit that complements your best Sunday brunch chooses easily.

5- Wrinkle-Free Polo Shirt for Men

Ideal for the guy on the go, this wrinkle-free select will look fresh even after you pull it out of a grip. The master fit will give you that desired untucked-look.

6- Stretch-Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt

Ultimately, choosing for pique fabric is a great way to achieve a more formal look without being forced to sprinkle off your long sleeve button up. It’s sophisticated, but not old-fashioned.

7- Jersey Polo Shirt

Jersey knit polo shirts have a smooth surface that is related to a t-shirt or fine sweater. It simply creates a different look, and it all depends on your taste. In terms of breathability, an open pique knit is superior to any Jersey knit.


  • The brand of the polo shirt is also more of a peculiar choice. Buying a polo shirt design from a well-known brand assures good quality of the garment and the pride of wearing a famous logo. Some favorite names in the realm of polo shirts are Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and many others.
  • Overall comfort and functionality of the polo t-shirt depending on the fabric used. Polo shirts of today are made of various types of fabrics with different sets of benefits and shortcomings.