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The Complete Men’s Polo Shirt Pakistan Guide

Today, the men’s polo shirt can be worn in almost any situation where an open collar is replaced for a dress shirt and tie. Many industries have adopted polo shirts as a uniform, from the traditional polo fields and tennis courts to the country club and offices. Polo shirts are everywhere though you are tradesmen, exterminators to retail stores. We look at those t-shirts for men are very popular in every field of life.

The polo shirt is almost 100 years old. And there are many aspects to this classic garment that can change its appropriateness for different occasions. Shahzeb Saeed Menswear will guide you in search of the perfect and classic polo shirts.  And offers outlines all of the fundamental features of the polo shirt design. That how should you look for in the perfect polo t-shirt? Our primary guide to polo shirts is complete. You can wear a polo shirt with any classification of trousers/pants, chinos, jeans, and even suit trousers.

How a Men’s Polo Shirt Should Fit

Today, many brands offer different kinds of fits, like a slim fit or regular fit. Slim vs regular fit are general cuts and with Knot Standard’s custom clothing you can arrange either to suit your individual structure, size, and shape. Choosing a slim or regular fit is not only about size but also depends on personal taste and style.

If you’re proceeding to go for a vintage look, keep these tips in mind:

  • The soft collar of polo can wrinkle and collapse behind the collar of your jacket, so make sure you keep it upright and straight with its points inside the jacket lapels; collar supports them.
  • Only pair a polo with a soft, relaxed, unstructured jacket, ideally in a natural fabric like Egyptian cotton or linen. Structured wool jackets will jar too much with the polo’s casualness.
  • Wear a polo with a solid color or crafty pattern. Stripes or heavy patterns are too casual and formal to be paired with a jacket.
  • A polo with longer placket buttons (up to 4) looks especially nice under a blazer, as it attends more to the dress shirt.

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Now that you know how a men’s polo shirt should fit. It’s time to build out your casual and formal shirt wardrobe. Include a variety of fabrics and styles in your collection. You can buy pure cotton polo shirts from Shahzeb Saeed online shopping store in Pakistan.  With short and long sleeve polos available in a variety of colors and patterns. Shahzeb Saeed’s Menswear is a great place to start building your polo t-shirt collection.