The Untold Story of Pakistani Men Shalwar Kameez

Pakistan is a country that has a very strong and distinct cultural background and this is the space where has the history and origin of shalwar kamiz. We have different religious beliefs because there are people have different castes and creed here. So, People, hold different cultures dress and they have their own different tastes and styles. Pakistani people emphasize their traditional values and lead their lives accordingly. The national dress of our country is Shalwar Qamiz. And the Pakistani men shalwar kameez is the common attire of Pakistan and is known as the national dress code of Pakistan throughout the world.

Pakistan has four provinces Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, and NWFP. The multiple varieties of the shalwar qamis are differing from province to province. Each province attaches more styles and designs in the formal kurta shalwar qameez. Hence, people in every province have popular their own traditional dresses.

Trend Of Pakistani Men Shalwar Kameez in Politician

When one thinks how to Pakistani seems like, then the first image that comes to in our mind is of a man in kurta shalwar or kameez shalwar. Almost all Pakistani politicians travel around the world wearing the shalwar kamiz and conveying a strong message about the distinctiveness of the attire. If shalwar kameez is worn with a waistcoat that looks a much better than an expensive three-piece suit at political gatherings such as a NA assembly, UN assembly, foreign affairs tours, and economics deals.

Pakistan needs people who can represent its culture to the world, and send a message that not only are we notably more than what the media labels us, we also are proud of our cultural history, tradition, our dressing and every single thing that is connected with this beautiful green and white flag.

And the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has reaped this dress his symbol of identification. Wherever he goes, whether it is Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, or China; he always wears a cool Kameez shalwar with a waistcoat style. The pride that he feels in wearing this traditional attire is plainly visible on his face.

Stock Of Embellished Men Kameez Shalwar 

I agree our traditional dress has changed according to the modern trends. In every season many leading fashion brands introduce their stylish collection of men and women salwar kameez for us. And fashion designers added savor in traditional dress with different cuts and designs. And these styles make the shalwar qameez a unique and prominent.

In these modern times, the kurta pajama and Kamiz Shalwar are sold in many colors and designs. Plain and unique embroidery make this attire more superb. It is wearable on different occasions like weddings, Eid festivals, and casual parties. The Pakistani men shalwar kameez can wear along with sandals, shoes, or Khussa depending on the event.