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Top 10 best Dress Shirt and Tie Combinations

  • Black over white

The most cliché and classic tie and shirt combination is a black-tie over a white dress shirt. This is the evergreen formal wear in men. It makes you look stylish and classy ay the same time. Moreover, it is a safe option if you do not want to try something risky or daring.

  • Funky ties

Although, there are more creative options available if you try online shopping in Pakistan. Funky ties have consisted of different colorful and silly patterns. They are more appropriate for young people and for casual and semi-formal events. There are a large variety of fun and exciting options to choose from, online and in-stores which bring color to your life.

  • White over colors

A white tie with different colored shirts looks very decent and is fit for formal and semi-formal wear. The color of the shirt can be bright like red, dark like blue and green or pastel-like light pink. White ties are less commonly worn and hard to find. This is why the look they create is unique and original.

  • Black over black

Black tie over a black designer dress shirt is an extremely underrated look in formal wear for men. This can be a go-to look for a wedding, farewell or even a meeting. Although it is a simple look, it is easy to pull off and look graceful with minimum effort.

  • Red over white

This is also a very common look, even worn by grooms on their wedding days in Pakistan. A black or white dress shirt with a red tie is a timeless Pakistani dress style, which never goes out of fashion and enjoyed by people of all ages. This is not only limited to formal dress and can also be worn on casual events that require ties.

  • Skinny

A skinny black tie is an instant fix to an otherwise ordinary dress. This choice of dressing is usually made by the younger generation for school and college formal and casual events. Skinny ties are a contemporary style of formal dressing for men.  They are usually available in plain and basic colors. Patterned skinny ties are less popular, but they look great if you can find them.

  • Patterned over plain

Another Pakistani dress style that looks amazing is a decently patterned tie with a plain shirt. These patterns include lines, stripes, dots, and other designs. This is the most common type of combination usually worn in offices and conferences. There are many sales on brands in Pakistan where you can find reasonably priced ties that you can buy in large amounts to create many different combination options.

  • Plain over pattered

Just as you can wear a plain shirt with a patterned tie, if you have the confidence, you can also carry the vise Versa. That is a plain tie with a patterned shirt. By pattern, we mean decent monotone patterns like light blue lines or white checkers and also colorful flowery patterns. Whatever floats your boat.

  • Brown and blue

The best shirt and tie combination is blue and brown. This means, both, blue tie with a brown shirt and brown tie with a blue shirt. This looks stylish and makes you look well dressed and effortful. It really puts the dress together by the simplest effort

  • Bow tie

If you get bored with the neckties you wear every day, you can make an extra effort to get yourself a bow tie that makes you look dressed up and also very modern. Bow ties come in different prints, which go with black and white shirts and plain ones can be combined with different dress shirts for many looks.

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