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Why Do People in Pakistan Like Wearing Shalwar Kameez?

Why Do People in Pakistan Like Wearing Shalwar Kameez? Among Pakistani dresses, the most commonly worn among men in Pakistan is shalwar kameez. 
Shalwar kameez is worn by people of all ages and social strata. Most people in Pakistan like to wear kurta shalwar as their dress of leisure along with wearing it at parties and wedding events. Here are a few reasons to why this dress is the favorite of most Pakistanis:

It allows maximal movement

With contrast to the jeans and other formals that men usually wear, shalwar kameez gives an extra level of comfort and ability to move. One of the most important things that need to be brought into consideration is that people love the fabric that this eastern dresses made up of. The flowy material allows people to feel comfortable and move about easily without any restriction in their movements.

It does not cost much

In comparison to Western wear, the kameez shalwar costs really less. It is readily available in stores all over the country even in the smallest city. You can find Pakistani dresses for sale online at low rates. This is why many people want to wear shalwar kameez as it is more economical as compared to other types of dresses. Why invest in an expensive lounging suit when you can just buy your native Pakistani dress for a much lower price range.

It is easily available

As shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan, it is found everywhere. You can buy it from readymade or online stores. Most tailors also know how to make salwar kameez designs, as it is the mostly word dress. You can find many Pakistani dresses for sale online and the most commonly sold one is the traditional kurta shalwar.   One of the most famous shalwar style is the Patiala shalwar, which is worn by men and women alike in the country. This is easily designed by the tailors in the country.

It can be worn almost everywhere

Being a very versatile dress, this Eastern garment can be worn almost anywhere. This is why Pakistani fashion designers are making a fortune in this industry of making kurta shalwar.  It can be worn to occasions like marriage ceremonies, graduation parties, housewarming parties, family or friends get-togethers, and even funerals. While shalwar kameez is worn to mark a happy occasion like Eid or a family get-together while black shalwar kameez is worn to indicate more solemn events.

People have a cultural attachment

Most people wear shalwar kameez even after living abroad for decades. The question is that why do they still wear this old-school dress and the reason is that their fathers and forefathers had worn shalwar kameez. People in Pakistan have an emotional and culturally set attachment to this Islamic dress, which is why most people choose to wear it

It is the religious norm

Salwar kameez is generally associated with being East clothing. This also creates an unsaid statement that it is an Islamic dress. As a huge majority of people in Pakistan are Muslims, they pot to wear a dress that portrays their religion and their culture while giving them the comfort that they are looking for. Many people wear kurta shalwar to religious gatherings like Milaad, Friday prayer, breaking of fast, and funerals as well. These were a few reasons why people in Pakistan love wearing their traditional dress as it reminds them of their rich heritage, along with being easily available at lower prices as well. When asked, most Pakistani men will say that they wore their first shalwar kameez when they were probably a little boy of 2-3 months old as this is how important the dress holds its significance for the people of the region.